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Video and Sound Editing

FORUMS Post Processing, Marketing & Presenting Photos  
Digital video recording is integral part of digital cameras. How to make better videos, how to edit, fix and present them.. To share videos on this subject, go to photo sharing forum Short Films.
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STICKY: 5D2 owners - what do you use to edit movies? [page 1, last page: 17
by Canonised (over 10 years ago) 1
STICKY: 5D2 video - why choppy editor preview [page 1, last page: 2
by KevinA (over 8 years ago) 1
STICKY: A list of Picture Profiles for use in Canon EOS DSLRs [page 1, last page: 6
by ChasWG (over 7 years ago) 1
STICKY: What more do I need to make 5DII videos work??? [page 1, last page: 6
by Blue S2 (over 9 years ago) 1
STICKY: A DUMMIES STYLE TUTORIAL for editing those 5DMKII files in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 [page 1, last page: 3
by Raginl3ull (over 9 years ago) 1
Building a Library of Images for Everyone [page 1, last page: 5
by Eric Matyas (over 1 year ago) 1
Free Music Resource for projects [page 1, last page: 21
by Eric Matyas (over 4 years ago) 1
Affordable software? because Windows Movie Maker seems "gag me" (?)  
by mdvaden (25 days ago) 1
Video Exposure: finding the correct ISO setting for video (1DXII)  
by minsoochoiphoto (5 months ago) 1
How can I stabilize a shaky timelapse?  
by Detlef Schuusch (1 month ago) 1
Converting CPI files to MOV, MP4, etc  
by birder_herper (24 days ago) 1
Hyperlapse post processing: vertigo effect  
by Justin Time (2 months ago) 1
Where is your Video Community?  
by EOlsenPhoto (2 months ago) 1
Hyperlapses post production with After Effects (tutorial)  
by Justin Time (2 months ago) 1
Remove logos in video or timelapses  
by Justin Time (2 months ago) 1
Introduction to Hyperlapses  
by Justin Time (3 months ago) 1
Time lapses: How to freeze motion (cinemagraph)  
by Justin Time (3 months ago) 1
Focal length - Endless running stand still - with moving surroundings  
by Sage (4 months ago) 1
Time lapses with drone tutorial (Hyper lapses)  
by Justin Time (4 months ago) 1
Looking for a decent mic for my 5D mkIV.  
by amairphoto (6 months ago) 1
Timelapses: Hyper zoom tutorial  
by Justin Time (5 months ago) 1
Phone editing software + budget equipment advice  
by regnis (5 months ago) 1
What's a good format for an intermediary output?  
by RDKirk (8 months ago) 1
Trying to understand Audio  
by elitejp (7 months ago) 1
Best video card for Premiere Pro CS6?  
by KatManDEW (5 months ago) 1
How to shoot day to night timelapses (advanced)  
by Justin Time (6 months ago) 1
Clean HDMI not working on 5D Mark III  
by Phrasikleia (6 months ago) 1
Videos - switching 30fps to 24fps for new videos?  
by kaitlyn2004 (6 months ago) 1
Timelapses: deeper into Holy Grail (day to night)  
by Justin Time (6 months ago) 1
Multi track mixing  
by KatManDEW (over 1 year ago) 1
Audio Analysis - Finding owl calls  
by Choderboy (10 months ago) 1
DSLR Video Monitor?  
by kcrossley (10 months ago) 1
LRTimelapse 5 video review  
by Justin Time (6 months ago) 1
TImelapses: introduction to holy grail  
by Justin Time (7 months ago) 1
Introduction to stock video  
by Justin Time (7 months ago) 1
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