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Changing Camera Brands

FORUMS General Gear Talk  
Changing your bag contents from brand A to B? Discuss problems, things to consider, things you never considered, migration procedures and experiences..
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Need help picking a camera for 4K video [page 1, last page: 2
by zorroa3 (over 1 year ago) 1
Canon or Nikon (Fair Comparison) [page 1, last page: 3
by Ah-keong (over 2 years ago) 1
Canon 7D to mirrorless; keep or sell the 7D [page 1, last page: 3
by Scottboarding (11 months ago) 1
Shooting video on Canon 60D. Need better high ISO performance [page 1, last page: 3
by FredM (11 months ago) 1
What to do with old/antique gear? [page 1, last page: 2
by IQ Zero (over 1 year ago) 1
Need Advice! Travel setup.  
by 12mnkys (over 1 year ago) 1
Canon and Sony with Sigma EF lenses?  
by randy98mtu (over 1 year ago) 1
Switch from Sony mirrorless (APSC) to Fuji: anyone did it?  
by lapino (over 1 year ago) 1
Mirrorless Camera to compliment 5DII [page 1, last page: 3
by ofafeather (over 1 year ago) 1
canon to sony?  
by kckmarc (over 1 year ago) 1
Thinking of switching from my Canon wedding-kit to a smaller non-wedding, still professional kit. [page 1, last page: 4
by chexjc (over 1 year ago) 1
Switched from 5d3 to Fuji X-pro2, what to buy next?  
by Kevinnho (over 1 year ago) 1
New Sigma Quattro ILC's announced  
by Tony-S (over 2 years ago) 1
Canon shooter's first Impressions of the Sony a9 (yes I actually own one) [page 1, last page: 16
by Jarvis Creative Studios (over 1 year ago) 1
Sigma sd Quattro  
by Tony-S (over 1 year ago) 1
How well do nikon fx mount lenses work with Sony camera bodies?  
by anthony667 (over 1 year ago) 1
The Move to Micro 4/3  
by RussellJ (over 1 year ago) 1
Beloved 1D Mark III to Sony A7RII [page 1, last page: 4
by drisley (over 1 year ago) 1
A Contemplation...  
by KenjiS (over 1 year ago) 1POLL
Moving from Nikon D7100 to mirrorless  
by broom alien (over 1 year ago) 1
Olympus TG-4 vs Sony RX100/RX100ii  
by Scottboarding (over 1 year ago) 1
Need help picking a mirrorless camera!  
by tony rage (over 1 year ago) 1
Switch or upgrade body?  
by painful100 (over 1 year ago) 1
X100F [page 1, last page: 2
by inwardphoto (over 1 year ago) 1
Possible portrait camera change [page 1, last page: 2
by Nick Aufiero (over 1 year ago) 1
Move to Sony? Panasonic? Cine?  
by danmaslanka (over 1 year ago) 1
Sony A7S II For Photography  
by AhmedAgbabiaka (over 1 year ago) 1
Sony A7ii as a backup camera or Canon 6D? [page 1, last page: 3
by Apavarga (over 1 year ago) 1
Possibly Nikon d3300 to Panasonic G7?  
by Jhenrikb (over 1 year ago) 1
Canon 600D to 6D? Or just upgrade lens?  
by sunshinelight89 (over 1 year ago) 1
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