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Data Storage, Memory Cards & Backup

FORUMS General Gear Talk  
Which card is fastest, which storage method has best bang for the buck, how to back up all that priceless work so that it stays usable in all the years to come?.
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STICKY: |-Lost Files On Your Card?-| ::Click Here:: [page 1, last page: 6
by Joshua14321 (over 13 years ago) 1
STICKY: -!!BEWARE!!- of fake memory cards on ebay [page 1, last page: 29
by Ciqala (over 16 years ago) 1
What is the easiest way to get my images to a new computer and keep my Lightroom catalog intact?  
by mannetti21 (8 days ago) 1
V60 or V90 Secure Digital Cards for Canon MirrorLess  
by bigguytf (13 days ago) 1
$90 SAMSUNG T7 Shield 1TB, Portable SSD, up to 1050MB/s, USB 3.2 Gen 2  
by John from PA (1 month ago) 1
SDXC longevity?  
by ra40 (4 months ago) 1
Canon RAW file names  
by GJim (2 months ago) 1
copying photos from PC back onto SD card to be viewed on camera  
by Mare333 (1 month ago) 1
MicroCenter deal  
by John from PA (2 months ago) 1
Old file formats  
by Epicstuff (2 months ago) 1
Samsung T7 Shield at US$100  
by John from PA (3 months ago) 1
Recover formatted CF card?  
by kaitlyn2004 (over 3 years ago) 1
Suggestions for USB C to SD Card Reader  
by Bogino (over 1 year ago) 1
Interesting card reader that may be of interest  
by John from PA (4 months ago) 1
Network Attached Storage [page 1, last page: 2
by chuckmiller (5 months ago) 1
Enterprise level/quality spinning HD [page 1, last page: 2
by chuckmiller (4 months ago) 1
Recommendations for a 4 Bay Drive  
by TheAnt (5 months ago) 1
Canon 5D Mk IV card question  
by PhotoSF (over 2 years ago) 1
Auto Selection Of Folders  
by bibarnes (5 months ago) 1
CFast 2.0 card interesting concept  
by John from PA (6 months ago) 1
Suitable card reader for Canon R6? [page 1, last page: 2
by robert7111a (10 months ago) 1
Half of the images on my SD card are not readable  
by rrawl (6 months ago) 1
What is happening to my hard drives? [page 1, last page: 2
by davidoff1 (7 months ago) 1
How important is speed?  
by beatle (7 months ago) 1
Lost photos on card? [page 1, last page: 3
by jollyroger99 (8 months ago) 1
Older XQD Card reader with newer cards  
by petrolhead (8 months ago) 1
Some good prices on Samsung T7 SSD external storage  
by John from PA (8 months ago) 1
Interesting storage if you can use Thunderbolt 3  
by John from PA (8 months ago) 1
Smugmug info showing wrong lens data  
by Northroad (9 months ago) 1
It's 2022 - There has to be a better way to transfer large quantity of images and store in the field [page 1, last page: 16
by buddy4344 (10 months ago) 1
A good reason to use a UPS  
by John from PA (9 months ago) 1
Interesting article titled "Our world is not very S.M.A.R.T. about SSDs" [page 1, last page: 3
by John from PA (9 months ago) 1
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