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Tripods, Monopods & Other Camera Support

FORUMS General Gear Talk  
Discuss tripods, monopods, octapods and other methods of supporting your camera, no matter how weird..
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Vello tripod collar versus Canon  
by JJD.Photography (over 3 years ago) 1
Pro master tripods any good?  
by me3738 (over 3 years ago) 1
Tripod/boom arm to shoot perpendicular to the floor?  
by narlus (over 3 years ago) 1
3 Legged Thing - any good?  
by cjoprey (over 3 years ago) 1
Anyone here have the RRS BPnS Plate?  
by lsquare (over 3 years ago) 1
Yes.... another "which tripod is best for me" thread (I'm looking for sturdy and not too costly)  
by groundloop (over 3 years ago) 1
RRS safety screw?  
by battletone (over 3 years ago) 1
Do you clean your Tripod? [page 1, last page: 2
by davidfarina (over 3 years ago) 1
MeFoto A2350 Globetrotter tri-pod ?? [page 1, last page: 2
by Ronnie H (over 3 years ago) 1
Any Arca Swiss and RC2 compatible plates?  
by flowrider (over 3 years ago) 1
Support weight for a monopod Head  
by Hiker247 (over 3 years ago) 1
Removing Arca Swiss quick release  
by battletone (over 3 years ago) 1
Travel tripod recommendation to support Canon 7D mk ii with 100-400 mk ii lens  
by WebDevGuy (over 3 years ago) 1
Vortex VT PRO-1000???  
by mamaof2 (over 3 years ago) 1
Induro or Feisol Tripod? - Markins Q10 or Acratech GPS? [page 1, last page: 2
by fishbaja (over 3 years ago) 1
Manfrotto MHXPRO-2W Fluid Head - Avoid if possible.  
by seall (over 3 years ago) 1
DIY: replacing Markins Q3 plate with RSS B2 LR II [page 1, last page: 3
by kinghong1970 (over 8 years ago) 1
Revo SR-1000?  
by ShadowKingpin (over 3 years ago) 1
recommend one: Joby, Magnus, Xsories  
by TFred (over 3 years ago) 1
Secure tripod without center column hook  
by DGStinner (over 3 years ago) 1
Any good upgrade options?  
by kaitlyn2004 (over 3 years ago) 1
Wimberly II Gimbal Head vs Jobu Pro 2 Gimbal Head...thoughts  
by Methodical (over 3 years ago) 1
Gitzo systematic base Feisol  
by mpe (over 3 years ago) 1
Tripod weight with Tamron 150-600 telephoto lens  
by shamlyn (over 3 years ago) 1
I found a Velbon D600 Tripod(what do I do with it?)  
by BayExplosion (over 3 years ago) 1
Kirk or RRS L Bracket for 5DMkIII? [page 1, last page: 2
by Killjoy (over 3 years ago) 1
Where can I find a pan head for a Dynatran AT6308 tripod?  
by Ed Miller (over 3 years ago) 1
FEISOL CT-3442 Tripod : Which ballhead? [page 1, last page: 2
by xpfloyd (over 3 years ago) 1
Has anyone ever used a Gorillapod in combination with an Arca-Swiss ballhead?  
by jocau (over 3 years ago) 1
Recommend me a travel tripod. [page 1, last page: 2
by nqjudo (over 3 years ago) 1
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