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People (36 viewing)

Portraits, candids, group shots, people doing this and that.
Men at Work
by KT29 2 hours ago

Kids & Family (8 viewing)

The cuddly photos galore!
Post you family Sunflower pictures here!
by ksbal 15 hours ago

Weddings & Other Family Events (10 viewing)

Photo stories of family events regarding birth, love, life and death alike.
trash the dress
by ChunkyDA 3 days ago

Fashion, Editorial & Commercial

Commercial Photography sells a product. Fashion Photography sells a lifestyle. Editorial Photography sells a story.
by airbutchie 1 day ago

Performing Arts (3 viewing)

Concerts, shows, performances. Rock, jazz, rap, classical, dance, theatre, opera, mimes, magicians....
Janet Jackson
by BushWacker 7 days ago

Sports (14 viewing)

Sports photography.
General Rugby Thread
by 2bluesfan 59 min. ago

Motorsports (7 viewing)

Competitive motorsport photos.
Post your Random Racing Photos
by Emce 13 hours ago

Transportation (28 viewing)

Aviation, trains, cars, boats, bikes, submarines, balloons...
Air shows. Post your best shots.
by Digital Story 42 min. ago

Pets (9 viewing)

Meow! Bark! Honk! Hiss! Grrr! Tweet!
Dogs in Natural Light, post yours
by Lame-Duck 1 hour ago

Wildlife (27 viewing)

All of the critters that walk, crawl, hop, swim or swing that you won't let live in the house.
show me your best are you looking at me shots
by shalu 10 min. ago

Birds (40 viewing)

A forum for fine feathered friends
Post your best Bird Portrait
by Archibald 23 min. ago

Macro (13 viewing)

Macro photography
Post your BUG shots!
by collectorinfl 8 min. ago

Nature & Landscapes (30 viewing)

Planet Earth is your oyster!
Point Betsie, Michigan
by DavidWatts 1 hour ago

Underwater Photography

Snorkeling, diving, holding breath! Aquariums, oceans and all between.
Strobe help
by huntersdad 1 day ago

Architecture, Real-Estate & Buildings

Architectural photography, portraits of buildings, real estate photography, interiors and exteriors.
A thread for real estate, architectura​l, and interior design photography
by TRhoads 3 hours ago

Urban Life & Travel (15 viewing)

City life, industrial, street photography, distant places of wonder
Post photos of urban fragments (NO people or skies)
by OhLook 3 hours ago

Astronomy & Celestial (11 viewing)

Stars, galaxies, clouds, Auroras, Klaatu...
The Official Shoot the Moon Thread
by WestCoastCannuck 2 hours ago

Still Life, B/W & Experimental (16 viewing)

What do you shoot when it's raining outside?
by 2cruise 10 hours ago

Food Photography & Visual Recipes (2 viewing)

Photos of that incredible dish, ingredients and tables full of it. Post your favourite recipe step by step with photos to drool for.
Post Your Food Photography
by -Duck- 1 day ago

Competitions (8 viewing)

Here you'll find all POTN photo competitions - shoot and get kudos!
Before and After - The Weekly Editing Challenge
by Jethr0 2 hours ago

Short Films

What has the wannabe Spielberg done lately?
Sharing my Music and Sound Effects
by Eric Matyas 10 hours ago

General Gear Talk

ForumLast postThreadsPosts

Changing Camera Brands (7 viewing)

Changing your bag contents from brand A to B? Discuss problems, things to consider, things you never considered, migration procedures and experiences.
I've switched to Sony twice. Hated it. Now I'm thinking about doing it a third time.
by EverydayGetaway 23 min. ago

Camera Vs. Camera (3 viewing)

Side by side comparisons and evaluations, which is better and why?
Does mirrorless do anything for you?
by mystik610 15 min. ago

Computers (7 viewing)

Picking up the best computer system for the job. Operating systems, software, maintenance and usage.
Which Galaxy Tablet?
by Jjwheels723 4 hours ago

Data Storage, Memory Cards & Backup

Which card is fastest, which storage method has best bang for the buck, how to back up all that priceless work so that it stays usable in all the years to come?
Off-Site backup with a NAS
by Moppie 5 hours ago

Camera Bags, Backpacks & Cases (4 viewing)

Discuss all those things that help you carry that enormous pile of gear safely around without sweat.
Peak Design has a recall on their anchors
by Weja 2 days ago

Tripods, Monopods & Other Camera Support (5 viewing)

Discuss tripods, monopods, octapods and other methods of supporting your camera, no matter how weird.
RRS BG-E20L - Anyone else notice this issue?
by John from PA 8 hours ago

Flash and Studio Lighting (42 viewing)

Everything about lighting, flashes, how to choose them, set them up and aim them.
Using a single strobe (NOT hotshoe flash)- creative examples - mark III
by bartc 2 hours ago

DIY & Customizing (1 viewing)

Why buy it because you can make it better and cheaper yourself! Share and discuss building any kind on camera accessories and gear, pimping gear and DIY in general.
Battery indicator trick
by pat.kane 13 hours ago
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General Photography Talk (19 viewing)

General discussion about techniques, tips, tricks and how to make your photos better, shooting more fun and productive.
Attaching a rifle scope to a camera body - possible?
by icor1031 13 hours ago

Critique Corner (21 viewing)

By posting your photos here you are specifically requesting comments, advice and critique of value and merits of both photos and the photographer.
Rate the Photo Above You
by bartc 36 min. ago

People Talk (3 viewing)

Discuss photographing people at home, work and studio. What makes a great portrait, group shot, kid shot or candid?
2 parents 1 teen?
by TeamSpeed 2 days ago

Kids & Family Talk (3 viewing)

Discuss Kids & Family photography
Lighting for multiple kids?
by mike_d 1 month ago

Weddings & Other Family Events Talk (3 viewing)

Discuss photographing weddings and other family events.
1st wedding, 2nd shooter
by swbkrun 13 hours ago

Fashion, Editorial & Commercial Talk

About getting the job done.
Fashion editorial...​what is it really?
by Left Handed Brisket 1 month ago

Performing Arts Talk (2 viewing)

Discuss photographing concerts, events and shows.
Another No-Credit Project I should probably quit immediately
by Dan Marchant 11 days ago

Glamour & Nude Talk (8 viewing)

Glamour and nude photography specific talk, finding and choosing models, locations, legal stuff, props and stylistic issues.
Diffusion Filters
by tdlavigne 19 hours ago

Sports Talk (9 viewing)

Discuss photographing those fast moving sweaty and oily things.
no more 7dii's?
by Chris_71 2 days ago

Motorsports Talk (2 viewing)

Discuss photographing motorsports.
Need filter advice for shooting into sunset
by gjl711 1 month ago

Transportation Talk (2 viewing)

Discuss photographing cars, trains, airplanes, balloons, bikes. NOTE: NOT FOR MOTORSPORTS!
Aussie F35!
by davechng 10 hours ago

Pets Talk (1 viewing)

Discuss photographing pets
Pet Photgraphy as a Business?
by RPCrowe 21 days ago

Wildlife Talk

Discuss photographing wildlife
The dark side of some National Park visitors.
by Mel-S 10 days ago

Bird Talk (1 viewing)

Discuss photographing birds
Achieving Sharp results w/ 1.4x extender?
by bpalermini 1 day ago

Macro Talk (6 viewing)

Discuss macro photography.
Canon MP-E 65mm Durability
by Pigpen101 2 days ago

Nature & Landscapes Talk (4 viewing)

Discuss photographing nature and landscapes.
Iceland in early September - lens recommendati​on
by bpalermini 1 day ago

Underwater Photography Talk

"Bubble, blurb, gasp, bubble, blub"
Underwater portraits?
by FstopMiami123 25 days ago

Architecture, Real-Estate & Buildings Talk (2 viewing)

Discussions about shooting architectural photography, portraits of buildings, cityscapes, real estate photography, interiors and exteriors.
Matterport 3D camera
by jnecr 5 days ago

Urban Life & Travel Talk (1 viewing)

Discuss photographing urban life, street photography, cities, night lights, travel stories, being a photographing tourist.
4lb, 26 inch tripod too heavy for airpline/hik​ing?
by Wilt 2 days ago

Astronomy & Celestial Talk (5 viewing)

Astronomy and celestial photography tips, gear, methods, places, time and space.
Tacker advice
by CaptBob 2 days ago

Still Life, B/W & Experimental Talk

Still life ideas, setups, props, style, creativity.
Action Figure Photography
by netog 7 days ago

Food Photography Talk

What makes that plate look so good, faking it, retouching and plating it. Which lights serve best, how do you photograph that delicious flavour and smell?
Shooting 5,000 products
by Moments 1 month ago
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RAW, Post Processing & Printing (27 viewing)

Share your knowledge and tips on how to process your digital negatives to the extreme and how to produce those great looking prints. Discuss color management, printers, inks and papers.
Found something using LR7's Auto Tone
by digital paradise 14 hours ago

HDR Creation (6 viewing)

How to make HDR and make them look good, discuss HDR conversion software, techniques and settings.
Natural Looking HDR
by danialsturge 1 day ago

Video and Sound Editing (7 viewing)

Digital video recording is integral part of digital cameras. How to make better videos, how to edit, fix and present them.
Building a Library of Images for Everyone
by Eric Matyas 10 hours ago

Presentation & Building Galleries (6 viewing)

Presenting your photos online, making albums and portfolios. Ask feedback on your online galleries. Discuss making posters and cards.
Building a Library of Images for Everyone
by Eric Matyas 10 hours ago

The Business of Photography (14 viewing)

About working as a pro. Ask questions and share words about shooting professionally, earning money, challenges of digital revolution and getting the job, job done and billed.
by Lichter21c 2 days ago

Gear Reviews

ForumLast postThreadsPosts

Camera Reviews

What is great and what sucks with cameras. Users know best!
Canon EOS M50, reviewed by artsf
by Chris_71 2 days ago

Lens Reviews

Lens user knows best! Reviews of lenses by our members can be found on this forum.
Tamron 100-400mm F4.5-6.3 Di VC USD, reviewed by Varago
by Chris_71 2 days ago

Flash Reviews

Reviews of flashes, they just flash by you. Users know best!
Canon Speedlite 220 EX, reviewed by Enfoco434
by RPCrowe 21 days ago

Bag Reviews

Reviews of bags, cases and backpacks. Carry on!
Think Tank Photo TurnStyle 20, reviewed by mike_d
by 2mnycars 5 days ago
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Small Compact Digitals by Canon (8 viewing)

A10, A20, IXUS, S20, S30, S40, S110 etc
#536: 1
by NixEre 21 hours ago

Canon G-series Digital Cameras (11 viewing)

Everything about Canon G1, G2, G3, G5, G6, G7, G9 and whatever may follow. Powershot Pro series belongs also here.
What's Wrong With The G1X Mk III
by Bassat 1 hour ago

Canon EOS Digital Cameras (95 viewing)

Everything about digital EOS cameras.
Canon EOS M5- Share your pictures, thoughts, loves, concerns....
by roseyposey 9 min. ago

Canon EF and EF-S Lenses (58 viewing)

Everything about lenses for Canon digital EOS system.
Small but wide primed for a smaller rebell?
by Bassat 2 hours ago

Canon Accessories (27 viewing)

Everything about accessories for Canon digital EOS system and compact cameras.
Why I'm switching back to Canon batteries
by TeamSpeed 2 days ago
ForumLast postThreadsPosts

Leica Cameras

Discuss Leica cameras
Leica Lovers Anonymous
by airfrogusmc 3 days ago

Leica Lenses

Discuss Leica lenses
leica noctilux 50mm 1.0
by gghy 4 days ago

Leica Accessories

Discuss Leica Accessories
Leica binoculars
by Tapeman 3 months ago
ForumLast postThreadsPosts

Sony Cameras (13 viewing)

Discuss Sony cameras
Sony Lounge Thread MKIII (All Sony cameras welcome)
by vinmunoz 49 min. ago

Sony Lenses

Discuss Sony lenses
If you shoot events, what is your lense and flash setup?
by AlanU 2 days ago

Sony Accessories

Discuss Sony Accessories
First 5 Sony A7III accesoires ordered! What are your favorites ?
by CanonYouCan 1 month ago
ForumLast postThreadsPosts

Nikon Cameras (1 viewing)

Discuss Nikon cameras
fEE error on Nikon D70
by TTUShooter 2 days ago

Nikon Lenses (1 viewing)

Discuss Nikon lenses
Anyone used a Nikon 200 f4 ED-IF with a Raynox?
by Vintage Racer 8 days ago

Nikon Accessories

Discuss Nikon Accessories
Alternative remote triggering of SB-910 Flash
by TheGee 4 months ago
ForumLast postThreadsPosts

Mobile Device Cameras (1 viewing)

Small devices become more and more popular as cameras and video recorders. What works and how to make the most of it? What is good and what is not?
Submit Your Best Pics with Mobile Camera (Mobile Cam Only)
by Terrycanon 2 days ago

Medium Format Digital Cameras and Backs

Discuss medium format digital backs and cameras.
Help with MF decision
by dmead516 1 month ago

Fuji Digital Cameras (8 viewing)

Discuss Fuji digital cameras.
Fuji Users Unite - Post your comments, questions and images here
by AlanU 51 min. ago

Panasonic Digital Cameras

Discuss Panasonic digital cameras.
Panasonic LX10
by mark2009 1 day ago

Olympus Digital Cameras

Discuss Olympus Digital cameras.
The OMD photo thread
by Robert Germans 13 days ago
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Lens Sample Photo Archive (24 viewing)

Samples of what each lens can do, style, boheh, shapness, flare etc. Please link samples to full size photos if possible.
Tamron 70-200 2.8 VC G2
by EricJrSax 2 hours ago

Camera Sample Photo Archive

Demo shots from cameras. Please give as much info as you can about shooting conditions, settings and accessories & lenses used.
-=HIGH ISO shots - 3200+=-
by Cormac 7 days ago
ForumLast postThreadsPosts

Market Watch (5 viewing)

Share information on good deals, coupon code stuff, second hand gems you see in stores, good shops, good service, best and worst places to buy...
looking for Pro-100 printer CD tray
by jimrob714 1 day ago

Classifieds: Want to Buy (1 viewing)

Looking to purchase that special piece of photo gear? Post it here. Viewable only by members who have over 100 posts and have joined over 6 months ago, for your safety. Not visible for guests.
WTB: Aquatech or Nauticam for a7r3
by ross.thomas 1 hour ago

Classifieds: For Sale (33 viewing)

When you are selling photo gear, this is the place to announce it.
FS: Several primes and 4 sets of filters. (conus)
by Bassat 1 hour ago

News & Rumors

ForumLast postThreadsPosts

Photography Industry News (3 viewing)

What is going on in world of photography. News and discussing the news.
Photrea: new photography platform
by mpke 19 hours ago

Camera Rumors and Predictions (2 viewing)

Cameras that haven't been officially announced yet. Whether you've heard rumours, really want to see one, or just want to get everybody unnecessarily excited, if the manufacturer hasn't issued a press release and ship date it goes here.
Canon Service Center in Costa Mesa, California - 7D3 possible news...
by mcoren 3 hours ago

Lens Rumors and Predictions

Lenses that haven't been officially announced yet. Whether you've heard rumours, really want to see one, or just want to get everybody unnecessarily excited, if the manufacturer hasn't issued a press release and ship date it goes here.
Big white primes getting refreshed?
by Tom Reichner 26 days ago

Other Rumors and Predictions

Other photography-related (websites, people, companies, organizations, shops...) rumors and predictions.
Watch for the "red dot"
by john crossley 22 hours ago
ForumLast postThreadsPosts

AMASS Forum Software Talk

AMASS forum software discussion, help, wishes, development and issues.
Gear database corrections
by fotoi 10 days ago

Forum Talk (5 viewing)

Announcements, new features, general tips and help on how to use the forum.
do not get notification​s on posts to my threads
by PhotosGuy 3 hours ago

The Lounge (16 viewing)

An area for subjects not appropriate for the other forums. Keep it related in some way to photography even if only in the abstract. Political and religious discussions are absolutely prohibited.
The Film Thread (Red Ring not Required) A place for Analog Photography Nuts to Talk
by medroller 1 hour ago

Member Activities (10 viewing)

Find other forums members in your area, organize and join regional photo expeditions and meets. Read and write member introductions. Share your Poutine recipes, duck spotting locations, workspaces and community spirit.
WORLDWIDE PHOTO WEEK: Part 629 - Things That Begin with "I"
by fotoi 3 hours ago

Forum FAQ

What is this " Digital Photography Forums" all about? How do I post, browse, behave and make the most of it?
-=FAQ=- Images and Avatars, How, Where and Why -=FAQ=-
by Jon over 6 years ago

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