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Thread started 11 Jun 2010 (Friday) 17:07
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Never buy USED LENS!!!

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Location: Terrace, B.C. Canada
Jun 11, 2010 20:48 |  #16

I agree, I bought my 24-105mm f/4L used and it was the worst thing I ever did.

Wait, I meant to say it was the BEST thing I ever did, darn typos...

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Cream of the Crop
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Jun 11, 2010 20:56 |  #17

i would have loved to read the whole thing but I have to run out for some used Photography light bulbs... lol.. Does the photography lightbulb in the fridge go off when you close the door? lol

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Jun 11, 2010 21:02 as a reply to  @ post 10346470 |  #18

birdfromboat wrote in post #10346386 (external link)
thanks for this post. I was almost ready to buy a dozen pairs of used underwear.
and some photography bulbs. that was a close one.

katodog wrote in post #10346412 (external link)
Sure, thanks for posting. Thanks a lot. Thanks for ruining my chance to sell my 12 pairs of used underwear. Geez, I can't get rid of these things.

Katodog meet birdfromboat - looks like you have a mutual interest in 12 pairs of used underwear. :rolleyes:

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Jun 11, 2010 21:14 as a reply to  @ sued5320's post |  #19

MinhThien wrote in post #10345646 (external link)
This is funny read number 11 here (external link). :lol:

I guess he's never seen this:

Canon Glass (external link)

sigma pi wrote in post #10346037 (external link)
"12. Photo light bulbs: Not the ordinary light bulbs you use at home. We're talking about the light bulbs used with photography equipment. They're relatively expensive, but their life span is short enough that you likely won't get much use out of them if you buy second-hand."

crap how long is my 580 EX II going to last?

I dunno... Maybe he's old-school, talking about photofloods:

Rated for 60 hours of use (external link)

Or projector lamps...

He might just have a point.

That and the used underwear, although one wonders why he'd think it important to remind his readers about that...

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Jun 11, 2010 21:52 |  #20

john stakes wrote in post #10346019 (external link)
Haha. I read the title and I was about to come in here and defend used equipment and using proper precautions :)

haha me too!

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Karl ­ Johnston
Cream of the Crop
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Jun 12, 2010 01:27 |  #21
bannedPermanent ban

13. Mattresses and bedding: Just think: You may be sleeping with other people's mold, mites, bacteria, and bodily fluids. Besides, even the really good mattresses are only supposed to last eight to 10 years, and it's hard know for sure how old a used mattress may be.

i take it the author doesn't do a lot of traveling
never been in a hotel?
used a washingmachine?
a sheet ?

Adventurous Photographer, Writer (external link) & Wedding Photographer (external link)

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Jun 12, 2010 06:54 |  #22

What about number 9? Never buy a used digital camera. So I should stop using the used 1D I bought last year? (external link)
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Cream of the Crop
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Location: Canada
Jun 12, 2010 07:46 |  #23

What a stupid article. Yes there are valid points, most of them are "duh!! Don't buy that USED idiot!" items such as underwear :rolleyes:.

Nothing wrong with used tires, provided you buy them from a tire shop they will install/balance them and have some sort of warranty if they are bad from the start. This is especially true for saving money on snow tires (some people only use them one year and then sell them back). Also kids will "upgrade" the rims on their cars and get larger ones, and sell the factory wheels with tires.

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Jun 12, 2010 07:52 |  #24

gkarris wrote in post #10345815 (external link)
...or a store demo...

Though I have bought lots of equipment over the years and sold nearly all of it except for what is currently in my bags, store demos are one category of camera that I will not touvh. I have seen way too much abuse, bodies on shelves with lenses and body caps removed, kids flipping the mirror by hand to see hot it works, and all kinds of abuse. Store demos are almost guaranteed to have been roughly handled at some point.

Not sure why, but call me JJ.
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Jun 12, 2010 07:53 |  #25

I spend every day scanning the Sell forum and craigslist. I must be an idiot.

Mod's time to shut down the sell forum!

Some Stuff

Senior Member
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Joined Feb 2010
Location: Greensboro, NC
Jun 12, 2010 09:05 |  #26

More than half my lens were bought second hand, no problems at all.


Retired Eagle Driver.............Lon​g Live the Eagle.

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Location: Antwerp, Belgium / Louisville, Kentucky, US
Jun 12, 2010 13:23 |  #27

The whole list is pretty retarded.

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number ­ six
fully entitled to be jealous
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Location: SF Bay Area
Jun 12, 2010 13:53 |  #28

Tires? That's silly. Often you'll find three matching used tires in very good shape at tire shops. That's because one was damaged beyond repair and the owner wanted a matched set.

I sometimes buy three - two of them on the truck and one for the spare.

"Be seeing you."
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Jun 12, 2010 14:17 |  #29

Well, you guys are out of luck, I just traded my used underwear for a used 24-70mm lens and some used tires. I was at my cousin's house and picked up a used mattress for my bed, and I've got some photography light bulbs that I just dug out of the neighbors trash. I'm typing this all on my used laptop (it's a refurb so technically it counts) and my daughter is outside in our pool with her used swimsuit on.

What I keep wondering is why vibrators haven't made the list, certainly you wouldn't want a used one of those.

The only stupid question is the one that goes unasked - Photographers shoot to thrill, not to kill
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Cream of the Crop
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Jun 12, 2010 14:34 as a reply to  @ katodog's post |  #30

If you're dumb enough to NEED the advice in that article, then you shouldn't be purchasing used lenses.

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Never buy USED LENS!!!
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