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Thread started 04 Jun 2010 (Friday) 10:36
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CF Card Wallet options

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Jun 05, 2010 21:32 |  #16

Went to calumet and looked around Tt pixel sold out. They had some decent single card tamrac holders for straps but wasn't what I was looking for.

They had 1 gepe? That held 2 cards not waterproof kind of looked like a mini tackle box yuck.

Some lowepro ones that didn't look good. Along with they housebrand calumet wallets which were complete crap. Its just a mini zipper wallet with a page where you can put the cf in. Kind of like baseball card sleeves.

I did buy an rstrap ;)

put a reservation on a tt full size.

Might look into the pelican also

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Jun 05, 2010 21:37 |  #17

The Gepe waterproof cases are top shelf. Below is the one I have.


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Jun 05, 2010 23:17 |  #18

I use the pelican card holders. Love them.

Cream of the Crop
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Jun 06, 2010 18:42 |  #19

I have the same as Jon, since he's the one I look to for help with anything accessory. :) I also have 2 of the smaller ones, they come with Think Tank bags sometimes. I got one when I bought the UD50. I put 10 CF cards in the PPR for weddings and have a way to track the cards through the event. Very useful. And I always have it with me so if anything happens to my gear, I still have the CF cards with all the images I took. I've heard too many horror stories about pros losing all their work during events.

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Jun 06, 2010 19:10 |  #20

I have a filter holder that holds 2 filters - a lens cap and UV or cpl . I got tired of losing caps .
I bought 2 of them and keep both on the camera strap - one for filters and one for Cf cards . will hold 4 cards easy - 6 if you like to waste time . I think I got them at Adorma .

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Jun 07, 2010 13:00 |  #21

DANATTHEROCK wrote in post #10309778 (external link)
The Gepe waterproof cases are top shelf. Below is the one I have.


I use one of these too, but I have to say the fit was a bit tight for cf, in fact I had a card fail, one that I rarely used and it had somehow broken while not in use and never having been dropped, but something inside the card had come loose. Sandisk replaced it foc under lifetime warranty (it was an ultra2), but I have a feeling it was the tight fit of the case that caused the problem. i still use the case, but I did trim a tiny amount of rubber away so the cards dont feel squeezed in.. Very robust case though and watertight..

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Mostly Lurking
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Jun 14, 2010 12:51 |  #22

Another vote for the Pelican. I have 2 and love them.

Love Photography & Golf - no wonder I am broke!
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Jun 14, 2010 15:22 |  #23

Overread wrote in post #10307605 (external link)
I've read good things of the thinktank card holder, but one downside is the velcro that holds it all together. Apparently its very good velcro and tough - which is good but, makes a heck of a noise and can't be opened quieter like a clip or zipper can be.

With that in mind I've considered these two - but never made a choice:​k …uct&qid=1275758​826&sr=8-8 (external link)​k …cs&qid=12757588​50&sr=8-29 (external link)

Both hold 4 cards (what I currently have and don't plan to increase) with the first having space for 4 batteries whilst hte second has waterproofing. Anyone ever used either of them?

Shoot. I want one (or maybe two) of those Hama cases that holds CFs and AAs. Anyone sell them in the US? Can't seem to find one.

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Jun 22, 2010 20:35 |  #24

Late in this thread; but this one from lowepro is what I have; it'll carry 8 (2 in the rear pcmcia pocket)
I like it because I turn the cards vertically when they're empty (easy to grab) and put them in horizontally when full (harder to grab) when at an airshow.

http://products.lowepr​,1928,42.htm (external link)

-Tom Dragonetti
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CW ­ Jones
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Jun 22, 2010 20:53 |  #25

http://www.bhphotovide​ …Pelican_0940_01​0_110.html (external link)

Not a wallet, but worth every penny! Water tight, crush proof... no substitution for the safety of memory cards!

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Cream of the Crop
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Jun 22, 2010 20:57 |  #26

I use a $3 one from Walmart. It holds 6. (external link)

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CF Card Wallet options
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