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Thread started 04 Dec 2005 (Sunday) 17:34
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STICKY: Member introductions

Senior Member
347 posts
Joined Jun 2010
Location: UK, outside London
Jul 15, 2010 12:48 as a reply to  @ post 10536023 |  #556

Hi I am new here, joined a few weeks ago and been lurking, reading posts, learning loads too!! I live in the UK, outside London, have a husband and 2 children and work in IT.


Canon EOS 500D, 50 mm f1.8 MKII, 85mm f1.8, 18 -55 mm f3.5 - 5.6 IS, 70 - 200mm f4 L, 60mm f2.8 macro

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3,579 posts
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Joined Jul 2010
Location: Seattle
Jul 15, 2010 18:16 as a reply to  @ talea's post |  #557

Hi from Seattle

Hi :cool:

My name's Hieu (pronounced Hugh)and I live in the greater Seattle area. I am 28 years old and have been living in the Pacific Northwest my entire life.

I am new to photography, but not to art. I have been drawing and painting since I can remember and wanted to venture into the realm of photography. I have experience in digital art as well. I am recently engaged to a wonderful women who is also a wonderful painter and shares my passion. I enjoy the outdoors (hiking, camping, snowboarding), all mediums of art, computers, technology and cars

Looking at the sample photographs and discussions have led me to believe that this forum houses some very talented people. I hope to get to know you guys!

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Senior Member
439 posts
Joined Dec 2009
Location: Wisconsin
Jul 19, 2010 21:50 |  #558

I suppose after around 15-20 posts I should introduce myself.

I'm a photography hobbyist from the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin. I have been lurking for a couple months, reading and trying to catch up on the "photography lingo". I am a college student at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, looking to major in Graphic Design. If I'm not talking about Volkswagens or cars, I'm probably not talking :p

Flickr (external link)
Canon 6d | 430EX II | 35L | 24-105L | 70-200 2.8L
Canon AE-1 | Canon AE-1 Program | 50 1.4 S.S.C. | 35-105 | 70-210

86 posts
Joined Nov 2007
Location: outside Philadelphia
Jul 28, 2010 15:37 as a reply to  @ .Davis.'s post |  #559

Hey all, I've been on the forum for the past few years to read and learn. Started with point and shoot and have progressed to 40D. Mostly shoot my kids playing soccer with a 35-350 that I picked up off this site about a year ago as well as some nature. I enjoy what I read here and the back and forth between members. The amount of knowledge on this site is scary and I can generally find an answer to anything I need to know. In real life I'm a Podiatrist (hence the screen name) and enjoy cooking as well as photography.

Equipt: Canon 40D, Canon 7D, Canon 70-200L 2.8is II, Canon 24-105 4.0L, Canon 50mm 1.8,

Senior Member
362 posts
Joined Dec 2009
Location: NYC
Aug 04, 2010 09:07 |  #560

Hello, I am new to this forum and I have recently fell in love with photography. I hope to learn more about how to take a good photo and I think this is the right place. Thanks

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Junior Member
25 posts
Joined Jul 2010
Aug 08, 2010 19:45 |  #561

Hey everybody! My name is Tanner Yeomans and taking pictures is something that I love to do. I am currently in college, and I am double majoring in photography and graphic design with a minor in marketing. I hope to do something one day involving all three areas. I hope to learn lots of new stuff on this forum as well as get critiques on my work. Happy shutter clicking!

You don't take a photograph, you make it. ~Ansel Adams

2,055 posts
Likes: 3
Joined Apr 2010
Location: South Louisiana
Aug 13, 2010 11:44 as a reply to  @ yeopho's post |  #562

Hello, My name is Tony and as you can tell I'm a genuine Louisiana Cajun. (Je parle francais aussi). I'm a retired, amateur photographer grandpa. I started many years ago in high school taking and developing B&W photos. I now have a Canon 7d with a small assortment of glass. I love this stuff and I'm glad to be here.

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81 posts
Joined Jul 2010
Location: Pdx
Aug 19, 2010 12:17 |  #563

Hello, my name is Brian. I've been a big photography fan for a long time, when I was young I shot with my fathers Nikon SLR, but the films got really expensive so I've been just using the point and clicks (budget reasons). I've been saving up for a while and just quietly lurking and reading forums like DPreview and POTN and finally decided to take the plunge earlier this year into the wonderful/expensive world of DSLR.

I mainly like to shoot out door sport/auto racing events, with occasional indoor shoots with my dogs.

5D Mk III & 7D | 430 EX II
Canon 50mm f1.2L | 16-35mm f2.8L Mk II | 24-105mm f4L IS | 70-200mm f2.8L IS Mk II | Σ 150-500mm
flickr (external link)

Mostly Lurking
13 posts
Joined Aug 2010
Aug 20, 2010 11:30 |  #564

My name is Remy, 24 years old and I live in Norway. I breed dogs and work with Security for a living. Currently looking to complete my photographers education which I've had a 4 year break from, I am missing 2 years of apprenticemanship.

I've got a Canon 5D MKII, but used to shoot with a Canon 7D.

Screenname due to that ill post my experimental stuff, which might be quite Mental here.. We'll see ;)

Canon 5D MKII with Canon EF 24-105mm F4L IS USM

7 posts
Joined Aug 2010
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
Aug 30, 2010 17:05 |  #565

My name is Whitney; I'm 24 years old and from Saskatchewan Canada. I work as a administrative assistant for a hearing clinic. I was married in September of 2009 to my best friend Chad. We will be celebrating our first anniversary in a few days!
I have always loved photography and had an interest in it. But it wasn't until a few months back when I finally purchased a Canon Rebel xsi. Before that I just had a point and shoot camera. I am looking forward to expanding my skills and learning new things!

~A love of photography and making lasting memories~

5 posts
Joined Aug 2010
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Sep 01, 2010 05:44 |  #566

Hi Guys,

I've been lurking for a while now and decided it's time to make an Introduction

I'm Nate, 25 and from Sunny QLD, Australia, quite often between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. My wife and I have always had a pretty keen interest in Photography but it was only in June that we took the plunge and got ourselves a DSLR, the trusty 550D/T2I/KissX4.

The camera got it's first decent run during a trip to Japan later in June and managed to come back sporting a Battery Grip, set of hood's for the two kit lenses and the nifty fifty and a 430EXII. Later on in July we decided to grab a 450D as a 2nd body as we both want to start getting into some courses together really soon!

We are both keen travelers and are really looking forward to getting some decent shot's on future trips although now there are at least a couple of spots we've been that we'd like to get back to just to spend time getting some brilliant Photos (Bagan, Myanmar and the North East of Laos pop to mind)

Hopefully as we get some decent pics I'll be able to get some up for C+C soon and maybe able to soon add some advice to some threads, that is after I learn a lot more myself.


38 posts
Joined Sep 2010
Location: Melbourne
Sep 12, 2010 22:16 as a reply to  @ bass_ke's post |  #567

Hi everyone,

I'm James, 23 year old from Melbourne, AUS. I'm an university student (still? oh fun) with a BSc (Molecular Biology - Hon), waiting to start my PhD next year in some field of Cancer Biology. In the mean time, I am a Ballroom dancing instructor.

Always loved taking photos of stuff since I was a kid, and even more now with my dSLR! Got my first dSLR (Canon 30D) about a year ago from ebay (was a bargin and came with a cheap lens). Recently ordered my first L lens (24-105) from the internet, which should be delivered within the next couple of days (oh excitment)! I like to take photos of everything, but mostly at ballroom dancing events and my pet Rottweiler.

Other hobbies include (but not limited to) Ballroom dancing, travelling, reading, and basically anything outdoors!


Canon 30D, Canon EF 85mm f1.8, Canon EF 200mm f2.8 L

117 posts
Joined Sep 2010
Sep 14, 2010 10:33 as a reply to  @ jqw's post |  #568

Hi there,

I'm Isabelle from somewhere around Paris, France, I'm 32 and work in IT.

I got my first DSLR, a 300D, for Christmas 2004. After four years of trying to get something out of it, I gave up, and stopped taking pictures for a whole year. I thought a lot about what, exactly, photography meant to me, and what kind of photos I would enjoy taking. After a few months pondering, I finally got my DSLR out of its bag, and focusing on the end result I could finally improve my skills. I started to feel limited by my camera, so I bought a new one this year - a 50D.

My main photography subject has always been cosplay and costuming. I started photography because I wanted to document costumes I saw at conventions, and even if I don't have the time to make costumes anymore it is still a big part of my social life. I enjoy bringing a character to life, and several of my other hobbies converge on this - I enjoy acting, writing and directing short movies, as well as roleplaying games. So even if I have of course dabbled in other areas of photography (landscape, architecture, candid portraits, macro), I always come back to costumes, because that's where I started, and what I have the most ideas for.

flickr (external link)
50D, EF 24-105/4 L, EF 50/1.4, EF 35/2.0, EF-S 10-22/3.5-4.5, 430EX, D-Lite 4 It kit

2 posts
Joined Sep 2010
Location: Hyderabad - India
Sep 21, 2010 12:45 |  #569

Hello Everyone...
My name is Ron and I currently live in Hyderabad - a city in the southern part of India. As a child, I saw my cousin brother clicking through his Nikon FM10 and a Minolta, but never really understood why was he crazy about it.
Then finally, I got hold of an entry level P&S Kodak KB-10 Film camera for Rs.800.00 which is $16.00 as per current forex rate. Clicked some random landscapes and fell in love with it. I bought my first SLR in 2004, a Nikon N75 along with Quanatary 28-90mm and then Nikkor 70-300mm. Did a bit of shooting landscapes, street and stopped due to consistent mistakes with lights and mounting processing cost.
Buying a dSLR wasnt easy as I always eyed Nikon D-90 so that I could very well utilize my AF lenses. Somehow I always stuck to Nikon... Then one fine day, last month, a dear photographer friend handed over his Canon 40D alongwith Sigma 18-200mm lens. And I found out about this forum just an hour ago while googling for some tips for shooting in clubs.

I love the feel of my Canon but unfortunately am still making mistakes. I love shooting in clubs but all am gettin is blurred images. I badly need lots of grooming and guidance here.

I am a music fanatic especially Trance and Progressive. My frequent visits to see the best DJs in the world leaves me with no images to cherish cos I still suck despite having a Canon Beauty...

Looking forward to a very fruitful stay here...

87 posts
Joined Apr 2009
Location: Manchester, UK
Sep 21, 2010 18:31 |  #570

welcome everyone to the best Canon forum around...hope you enjoy your stay here​m (external link)

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