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Thread started 18 Aug 2010 (Wednesday) 14:15
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Anyone with one lens by choice?

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Aug 18, 2010 15:52 |  #16

Jamey, I've thought the same thing many times. I have a 35L and think it's the perfect focal length and I often think it's the only lens I would need. Just don't ever touch the 85L, I made that mistake and now I'm lusting after one.

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Aug 18, 2010 16:23 |  #17

jacobsen1 wrote in post #10745817 (external link)
totally agreed, and I'm glad you got what I was saying.

Personally, I know I'm far from an artist, but my best shot at it is with a single FL prime on one body like you're saying. 24 on FF or crop is pretty much it for me. But what I make money at with photography NEEDS different lenses (landscape and arch need a UWA zoom and sports need length). I will say I also enjoy shooting those things though, so maybe I'm a bad example? But if I were just shooting for myself then I could easily be in the one lens boat. I MUCH prefer shooting like that honestly, so much less to think about.

Hell, even when I'm working, I usually fall into this as well. If I'm shooting arch I'll use the 10-22 the entire time. I'll bring other lenses but only in case the clients force me to do something I wouldn't. Same for sports, 100-400 the whole time unless something weird pops up.

I total understand the principle of having multiple/many lenses, even if you don't use them that often, so you are able to do/cover a wide array of genres just incase...if you have the ability too.

However, sadly, I'm severely limited money wise to have a stock pile of lenses "just in cases" I decide I want to go cover a hockey game or someone offers me a gig to go shoot the inside of a building and whatnot.

If I had the money to do so, I would have kept my 17-40L, 24L, 24L TS_E, 50 1.4, 85 1.8, 135L and 70-200 2.8 for those "just in case" moments, but money was needed for other things, i.e., new(and pricey!) computer and the desire to try other lenses was there. So lenses have come and gone...

NADA...sold off my gear and bought a motorcycle. I might be back shooting someday...

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Aug 18, 2010 17:17 |  #18

jacobsen1 wrote in post #10745678 (external link)
yeah, interesting point. like I said, for personal work it'd be fun to use just ONE lens and force it when it wasn't ideal. But because I try to make money at this, I need a few other lenses just for those subjects...

B&H blogged about pro -vs- am today (a video from ZA). One of the points that came up which I agree with is a photographer isn't necessarily and artist. But for some people who work really well at one FL, I could easily see how they're an artist but NOT a professional? IE being a professional usually suggests you need to cover more bases in terms of ways to make money if that makes sense?

True, in a sense. However, not all professional photographers shoot everything. You really only need the equipment that your niche/genre/specialty requires. If that's as simple as a 5D with a 35mm attached, so be it.

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Aug 18, 2010 18:17 |  #19

I see nothing wrong with having just one lens if it suits your needs. If you're happy, who cares if anyone else thinks you need more. It's your money, not theirs!

I'm trying to be a two lens shooter now, but not sure how it will work out. I just got the Sigma 17-50mm last week, and my Sigma 50-150 arrived today (bad weather outside and nothing real interesting inside to really play with it, so I'm cruising POTN instead). The 17-50 will be used mostly indoors and the 50-150 will probably be used mostly outdoors, so it's sort of a one lens solution for each shooting environment.

Since I like zooms for what I shoot, I could go with a single lens if my body were a 5D or 5D II and the lens were the 28-300mm L.

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Aug 18, 2010 18:31 |  #20

Nothing wrong with it and I find that to be a great focal length (I shoot right around there 90% of the time myself). Keep on doing what you're doing.

I only have lenses that fit my shooting needs. I see no need to have every focal length covered; that's just gearnerd-ism. In fact, I'm very tempted to sell my ultrawide lately because I simply never use it.

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Aug 18, 2010 18:33 |  #21

I would if Canon would make a super sharp, super fast 10-500mm f/1.2L, with the size and weight equal to a 70-200/2.8 lens.

- Ed
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Aug 18, 2010 19:10 |  #22

If your pics make you happy and you are enjoying your self...thats cool.

happy with myself for not saying anything stupid
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Aug 18, 2010 19:29 |  #23

based on the way it seems like you wan to try and expand from one lens because you are already thinking of buying the 50mm, and 85mm...i think when you do get them the best thing would be to force yourself to use them for a while...and only them...i think it'll make you see things slightly differently than just 35mm for everything...

but hell i could be wrong...but that's what i'd do

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Aug 18, 2010 19:36 |  #24

Like they say... mo money, mo problems.

I have too many lenses for myself, and it's becoming hard to decide which lens combo I'll be shooting with for the day. Will it be the 24L + 50 1.4 (I really want a 50L) or the 35L + 85L or the 24-70 + 35L, so on and so forth.

With many lenses, I can get to know my lenses pretty well. With one lens, I can perfect my framing and perspective when it comes to that one lens hahah.


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Cream of the Crop
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Aug 18, 2010 23:34 |  #25

Just save the cash and if you ever switch interests you have a nice lens stash ready to spend. If you only want to shoot 35 right now, why force it? You don't have to please the forum by owning a vast lens selection. Just do what works.

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ed ­ from ­ pa
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Aug 19, 2010 01:55 as a reply to  @ tkbslc's post |  #26

My choice, 50L...

Senior Member
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Aug 19, 2010 02:34 |  #27

Who cares? You shoot what you shoot. My grandparents shot photos with a 35mm rangefinder for most of their photography days. Honestly, it doesn't matter how many lenses you have as long as your happy with the end results. Seriously. Lots of people get caught up with doing everything you can with photography aside from actually taking photos. Don't feel intimidated by only having one focal length or one lens, that's just being insecure.

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Aug 19, 2010 04:18 |  #28

I'm really starting to get into the 24mm on crop so I can relate to that. I do still have a 135L and will get a 50mm to round out my 3-lens kit though.

Just hold on to the money you have now, maybe you can put it towards a 35L2 someday. ;)

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Aug 19, 2010 04:41 |  #29

I say continue to do it and really embrace it. It might just be the thing that helps to separate/isolate your look from the rest of the pack.

There's a lot to be said for simplicity, especially when it comes to hauling around a bunch of gear.

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Aug 19, 2010 08:16 |  #30

I hope you are not insane.. If you are, that makes two of us.

I'm basically in the same boat. I've sold my 24-70. I now have 35L, 28f1.8 & 50f1.4. I'm selling the 28mm soon and currently deciding whether i still need the 50mm.

There is something about the 35L:D

mxracer535 wrote in post #10745267 (external link)
So, I've tried just about every lens out there, and end up selling all of them...expect for my 35L. Right now, I have the 24L and 35L, and I'm trying to sell the 24L (let me know if you are interested), and I was planning on picking up the 50 1.4 (again) and the 85 1.8 (again), so I'd have some "variety."

But, now I'm thinking that I really don't NEED anything other than my 35L, and that I may just pocket the money... Every time I use a lens other than my 35L I feel awkward, and usually don't like the look of the pictures. My mind just seems to think in 35mm (feel free to check out my flickr to get a feel for my work)

So, am I just a "one trick wonder" for only be able to shoot with a 35? Anyone else have/thinking of having just ONE lens?

Or am I just insane...?

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Anyone with one lens by choice?
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