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Thread started 22 Dec 2010 (Wednesday) 10:58
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geotagging options for 50D

Cream of the Crop
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Dec 23, 2010 12:10 |  #16

EggWhiteS wrote in post #11503054 (external link)
Another option is your cell phone. I have an app called GeoTag Photos (PAID) on my wifes iPhone that works great, and on my BlackBerry called GPSLogger (Free) that both produce gpx files that you can email to yourself.

Wish there was an app that would allow the iPhone to send NMEA 0183 compatible data via the USB cable. Or is there one already?


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Dec 23, 2010 20:08 |  #17

GPS4cam app on iPhone. Tap start on app at beginning of trip and again when trip is finished. Tap export and it produces a bar code. Take picture of barcode with camera. When you upload the pictures to your computer you tell the program which folder your picures are and it will automatically sync the GPS points with the time on your phone and camera to the pictures. (external link)

Works with

gps4cam support the following image formats:
3FR (Hasselblad RAW Format)
ARW, SRF, SR2 (Sony RAW Formats)
BAY (Casio RAW Format)
CAP, IIQ, EIP (Phase_One RAW Formats)
DCS, DCR, DRF, K25, KDC (Kodak RAW Formats)
CR2, CRW (Canon RAW Formats)
DNG (Adobe RAW Format)
ERF (Epson RAW Format)
GIF (Compuserve GIF)
JP2, JPX (JPEG 2000 image)
MRW (Minolta RAW Format)
NEF, NRW (Nikon RAW Formats)
ORF (Olympus RAW Format)
PDF (Adobe PDF)
PEF (Pentax RAW Format)
PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
RAF (FujiFilm RAW Format)
RAW, RW2 (Panasonic RAW formats)
TIFF, TIF (Tagged Image File Formats)


Planes, trains and ham radio...
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Dec 23, 2010 21:18 as a reply to  @ mds2004's post |  #18

Jon wrote in post #11502186 (external link)
I have an Oregon 400t and it works every bit as well as the eTrex, plus use is even more straightforward (since it includes its own usable memory while the eTrex Vista won't save tracks without a microSD card). I got the eTrex for the 25% longer battery life (24 vs. 18 hr.) for a cruise. I just left it running and changed the batteries every morning - log for the whole trip.

I went from San Diego to Portland by train last year and had my Garmin running the entire time. I think I changed batteries once in the course of the 36 hour trip and it tracked the entire time, with the exception of tunnels.


Cream of the Crop
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Dec 24, 2010 01:37 |  #19

JWright wrote in post #11505905 (external link)
I went from San Diego to Portland by train last year and had my Garmin running the entire time. I think I changed batteries once in the course of the 36 hour trip and it tracked the entire time, with the exception of tunnels.

Yes, it's short battery life like that that made me go for the Genie BGT-31 :D:D In Kenya this year it went for 54 hours, non-stop on a single charge, and still had some left when I recharged it. It may not have a fancy screen and loads of navigation options but it did a great job of recording my position every 15 seconds while in a pouch, in a bag, in a vehicle.

It was also handy for figuring out which of the five signs for the equator we passed was closest to the actual equator. That was a reasonable 200m. One of them was 15 km from the actual equator.

Frank Hollis - Retired mass spectroscopist
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Dec 24, 2010 08:55 |  #20

I use this one.........​/amaggpsdalos.html (external link) .........and it works quite well. It is driverless so you just transfer the data file like it was a thumb drive. Then use your software of choice to link the data to the pictures.

50D,10-22,17-55IS,85 f1.8, 100 f2.8 Macro,70-200f4ISL,100-400L,Kenko 1.4TC & Ext. tubes, 580ex flash

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Dec 24, 2010 16:18 as a reply to  @ tomsem's post |  #21

Sony GPS-CS3KA brief review

Unit arrived today. Slapped a battery in, powered up and it asked me what my time zone is relative to GMT (-6 here in Southeastern Wisconsin). It took a few minutes to get a lock-I attribute that to first time use and the fact that due to the crummy weather I laid the unit on my floor next to a glass patio door. I expect that it will acquire much faster on next power up. Then turned on my 50D and to my surprise it was still set to Daylight Savings Time. Set the 50D time to match the time shown on the GPS. I then took a shot of a magazine laying on our dining room table.

Now, if you're saving onto SD cards and only shoot JPEG (WHY aren't you shooting raw?) you supposedly can pull the card out of your camera, plug it into the GPS, and the unit will update your files automatically. If you use CF or shoot raw, there is a free and easy solution-GeoSetter. On first run, the software suggested installing the latest version of ExifTool, which it took care of effortlessly after I gave it permission. I then used Geosetter to copy the track file from the GPS to a temporary folder. I copied the raw file to the same folder, and told GeoSetter to sync. It worked flawlessly, and I have no reason to suspect that there would be any problem with a large batch.

Just to verify, I then did a Lightroom import from disk, and did the last step in my workflow-using Jeffrey Friedl's flickr plugin to send a JPEG to flickr. Worked great, and sure enough, the map on flickr was accurate.

Please don't look, for obvious reasons I'm reluctant to broadcast where all my gear lives so I immediately deleted the picture. But take my word for it, I thought I'd be a full day tweaking and tinkering, and it was really a piece of cake!

As for the unit itself-it seems pretty sturdy, certainly sturdier than some mp3 players I've had. Controls are simple and intuitive. There's a Menu button, an Enter button flanked by scroll buttons, a lock switch (to keep unit receiving even if a button is bumped) and a Power button.
The unit has a small but very functional screen. It's very easy to read with the backlight on, not so easy with the backlight off in dim light. But any button press turns the backlight on for about 6-7 seconds. Once receiving, repeatedly pressing Enter switches between three views-the first is a large satellite with reception bars to verify reception at a quick glance. To make room for the large satellite information, only the long and lat degrees are displayed (42N 88W). The second view is a much smaller satellite with signal strength and long/lat information in degrees, minutes and seconds. The third is small date at the top, small signal strength at the bottom, and large time in the middle. After the display powers down, pressing any button brings up the last screen you were on.

It ships with a small carrying pouch with a Velcro closure and strap that could go on a belt, purse strap or camera strap. The pouch looks like it would work well for orienting the unit for good reception. But I don't think orientation will be an issue, as the unit is on my lap as I type this in my home office-the nearest unobstructed window is 12 feet behind me (I am between the unit and the window) and the unit is bouncing between 2 and 3 bars of reception. I can't be sure, but judging by the manual it looks like 3 bars is max, so I'm very impressed!

I also love the fact that it runs on one AA cell. Very nice to not have to worry about proprietary batteries or even worse-non user replaceable rechargeables. I personally would not have bought a unit with a non-replaceable battery, but the available-anywhere AA powered unit provides a little peace of mind.

To sum up, it's a solid little unit that seems to have great reception, and I was able to add geo information to a raw file without opening an instruction manual. As an aside, I haven't installed the included Sony software, and I won't unless I find a good reason to do so (I run Win7. Win2000/XP users may have to install drivers).

EOS 7D, 50D
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geotagging options for 50D
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