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Thread started 24 Jan 2011 (Monday) 04:14
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What is best all around bag for DSLR+2-3Lens+Flash?

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Jan 30, 2011 17:22 |  #16

My vote is for think tanks urban disguise 70

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Jan 30, 2011 20:37 |  #17

Kostyan wrote in post #11744135 (external link)
Beleive that it is really good. But It should be compact.. now i have narrowed my options to Kata 3n1-22, Tamrac 5786, and Think Tank street walker pro. The main concern how will i carry 70-200 (plan to buy that)

Out of you choices, I would go for the Think Tank. The split compartment of the Kata is not that practical as you cannot put dividers in the top compartment.

I also found when fully loaded that it's too heavy for a sling as the shoulder straps are quite narrow, also the straps have to much give in them, so the pack bounced around when walking (in backpack mode) which became uncomfortable after a while.

A specifically designed backpack with properly designed straps like the Think Tank Street Walker Pro is much better for heavy equipment.

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Feb 01, 2011 15:08 |  #18

for an all-around bag.... look at Kata's access line.... they're also super light

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Feb 01, 2011 18:12 |  #19

I guess it's all in one's build and physique. I've heard the same comments from a few others about the straps on the 3-N-1, but it's just not been true for me. I find the straps extremely comfortable and easily adjustable, and when in backpack mode it doesn't "bounce around" -- on me, anyway. I've also heard some complaints about the criss-cross mode being uncomfortable for long periods of time, but again that's not been true for me.

Everybody's different. Too bad you can't try one on in a store -- loaded -- before buying to see if it will work for your physical build.

I use the top compartment to hold a 530 EX II, a 430 EX (both in their cases) plus accessories (media packs, the "raincoat", etc.

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Feb 02, 2011 10:01 |  #20

I'd recommend taking a look at the Lowepro Flipside 200 (the small model). It's very compact and will easily fit your camera body, flash and 2-3 lenses including a 70-200, mounted or unmounted. Normally when I take mine out, I have my 40D, Speedlite, Tamron 28-75, Canon 70-200 f4 IS and either a prime or a wide-angle lens, plus spare batteries and CF card. I have no trouble getting this into the Flipside 200. I like the Flipsides because they're very secure, and because I can access my gear without taking the bag off - rather like a sling bag, but with none of the disadvantages. It's a very comfortable bag to carry. I've tried a lot of bags, and this is by far my favourite.

Gear: Canon 7D, Tokina 12-24 f/4, Canon 24-105L f4, Canon 70-300L, Canon 60 macro f/2.8, Speedlite 580 EXII, 2x AB800

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Feb 02, 2011 10:13 |  #21

I just sold my Lowepro Micro Trekker 200 and it was a perfect backpack style bag for your needs.

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Feb 03, 2011 14:07 |  #22

squashed wrote in post #11762644 (external link)
I just sold my Lowepro Micro Trekker 200 and it was a perfect backpack style bag for your needs.

Looks great.. Almost as expedition 4 from tamrac, but more for nonpro use..

Gear: 50D/Sigma 30mm 1.4/Canon 85mm 1.8/EX580II

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Feb 03, 2011 20:18 |  #23

muskyhunter wrote in post #11704176 (external link)
Vanguard Uprise 38/33

I picked up a Vanguard Uprise 33 when in Australia over Christmas..

Bloody great bag and well priced..

http://www.vanguardwor​ …cts/detail-1-1-4-433.html (external link)​ad.php?t=981447

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Feb 03, 2011 22:57 |  #24

lowepro fastpack 350

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Feb 03, 2011 23:08 |  #25

Think Tank Retrospective series, I have the 30 have been very happy with it. Another option is the Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Messenger. Both are great for carrying 1 - 2 bodies, 3-4 lenses and a flash. The Snoop will also carry an iPad or laptop as well. I've carried my 5D MK II, 17-40mm 4.0L, 24-70mm 2.8L, 70-200mm 2.8L, 50 1.4 and a 580EX. or trim out a lens and I've added a 7D. Either are comfortable and easy to work out of.

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What is best all around bag for DSLR+2-3Lens+Flash?
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