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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Sports Talk 
Thread started 15 Mar 2011 (Tuesday) 14:05
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Ready to upgrade... 7D or 60D

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Apr 19, 2011 18:47 |  #16

Cozmocha wrote in post #12252776 (external link)
Now I'm confused, who said CLP has 1D's?

My bad, I mis-read "7D" as "1D".

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Apr 20, 2011 04:27 as a reply to  @ post 12252897 |  #17

Go with the 7D far better camera for shooting sports. Has more programmable features than the 60D, higher frame rate 60D is 5.3 fps, 7D is 8 fps (of course the normal exceptions apply), more focus points 60 D had 9 focus points vs 7D that has 19 focus points, more of the image is viewable in the finder. If you decide you want to shoot some video during still shooting you have one button you an use to fire up video, vs having to thumb to switch the mode to live view. The 7D is more akin to the 1 D series of cameras at less than the new price of the 1D series of bodies. One thing you must keep in mind some of the large retailers are already experiencing shortages of camera equipment, and might experience more critical shortages in the future given the recent catastrophic events in Japan.

A great photo only starts with the shutter release,
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Cream of the Crop
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Apr 26, 2011 07:58 as a reply to  @ Rocketdun's post |  #18

I went through the same decision process last fall and ended up getting the 7D instead of the 60D.

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May 23, 2011 12:00 |  #19

If funds available, I would go 7D..

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May 23, 2011 14:59 |  #20

4Bucks wrote in post #12025401 (external link)
Over the past couple years I have been planning on upgrading from my starter camera, a Rebel XSi. I have compiled a small number of lenses and the upgrade camera needs be able to use these lenses. I shoot 2-3 highschool sporting events a week. I shoot alot of indoor/no flash sports in the fall/winter. My XSi isn't giving me enough range on the ISO for the widely varying lighting from gym to gym. When I posted my ISO/lens compatability situation a few months back it was suggested that the 7D would be the ideal camera for me to upgrade to.
I have come to the time where I am ready to buy and really doing a lot of research when I came across this on the Canon site:​om/cusa/profes...01e02​4801e288e (external link)

The 7D is about $1700 and the 60D is $1000. In Canon's own comparison I don't see a difference. Can I get some feed back from actual users. I will spend the extra money if it is worth it.
Thanks for your time and input,

*** Thought this may be better posted in the EOS discussion area. I couldn't figure out how to delete this thread so it wasn't doubled. It would be nice to hear from sports shooters on this though... sorry for double post.

If money's not an issue go for the 7D.
8fps vs. 5.3 is a big difference when trying to get that moving shot. Not to mention the better auto focus and larger viewfinder coverage. These things make a big difference shooting sports.

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May 26, 2011 04:29 |  #21

If you are shooting sports, then you need the speed. Your best bet is the 7D. It's a solid camera and will last a long time. You can't go wrong. Happy shooting :-)

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Ready to upgrade... 7D or 60D
FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Sports Talk 
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