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Thread started 04 Dec 2005 (Sunday) 17:34
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STICKY: Member introductions

1 post
Joined Jun 2011
Jun 17, 2011 18:59 |  #676

Hello from Detroit Michigan.

Despite what I felt was a clever user name, I'm pretty much a photo noob. Bought a Canon 20D several years ago and it's been sitting in the closet way more than it's been used. I want to dust it off and get some use out of it. I have an interest in natural/available light stuff, including local music/concert photography. I'm hoping to chat it up with some cool people and learn some stuff!

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9 posts
Joined May 2011
Jun 18, 2011 23:10 |  #677

Hello, I'm Stephen and I shoot digital video and started studying photography on my own about a year ago. Currently, I do all my work on a Canon 7D. I'm in the New York area and would like to meet and hopefully work with other photographers.

Junior Member
29 posts
Joined Jun 2011
Location: Denver, CO
Jun 28, 2011 01:34 as a reply to  @ post 974094 |  #678

Hi, my name is Jen and I'm in my early 30's. I got started in photography when I was 14 and it was one of the learning rotations in shop class. I think since my class was full of delinquents, the shop teacher figured photography was safer than someone horsing around and cutting their finger off with a bandsaw :shock: My father let me use a Mamiya/Sekor that had an old light meter in it that was a needle. Once he saw I was serious about it and took it seriously, he let me use his Canon AE-1 until I was able to buy my own. I spent a good part of high school in the darkroom and went on to take photography in college. I loved processing B&W and found color processing to be a real pain.

Last year I finally gave in to DSLR and bought a 50D. We took it to my FIL's second wedding and shot there. They ended up liking my pictures so much more over the hired photographer's and ordered an album with me and many prints as well. It was also my first time doing any real post production on photos, so in the process I taught myself Aperture 3.

I'm working really hard to make this happen for me and am trying to learn everything I can in the DSLR world. I came across this forum and have been reading through all the threads for days. I've learned a great deal so far and have seen some beautiful shots. Currently I'm planning on going to WPPI Road Trip in New Orleans in September. I look forward to getting to know the forum more and posting more.

30 posts
Joined Jun 2011
Location: Brentwood, CA
Jun 28, 2011 01:40 |  #679

Hi everyone, my name is Wayne and I'm new to photography. I just got a 7D a couple weeks ago and am having a great time taking tons of pictures. I've been reading through a lot of posts and decided to join in the fun.

Canon 7D, 28-135, 50 1.4
Tamron 70-300

75,886 posts
Gallery: 8 photos
Likes: 2532
Joined Feb 2004
Location: Middle of Michigan
Jun 29, 2011 10:00 |  #680

Welcome to POTN, everyone! Be sure to look over the "Sticky"s at the top of each section.

FrankC - 20D, RAW, Manual everything...
Classic Carz, Racing, Air Show, Flowers.
Find the light... A few Car Lighting Tips, and MOVE YOUR FEET!
Have you thought about making your own book? // Need an exposure crutch?
New Image Size Limits: Image must not exceed 1600 pixels on any side.

2,721 posts
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Joined Jun 2011
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Jul 01, 2011 00:58 as a reply to  @ PhotosGuy's post |  #681

Hello - I have been reading these threads for a little while and they have been very helpful, so first post here.

Have now moved to digital after many years on film - F1, T-90 now a basic kit with a 60D.

Love the EF-S 10-22

IMAGE LINK:​photos/ncsabkk/5417425​893/  (external link)
Untitled (external link) by ncsabkk (external link), on Flickr


| my gear | flickrexternal link |

6 posts
Joined Jun 2011
Jul 04, 2011 12:41 |  #682

Hi everyone. I'm new here too. Registered not too long ago and have just been lurking around since then. I have to admit, I'm intimidated by the quality of photos I see here. I'm still very much an amateur and still learning even some basics. My only gear is my point & shoot SX20IS. At any rate, I hope to learn more by being here.

Still learning the basics with my SX20 IS.

3 posts
Joined Jun 2011
Location: London, UK
Jul 05, 2011 09:14 as a reply to  @ cherokee73's post |  #683

Hi everyone,

Another new member! From the UK but travelling to the States soon. I've been scouring online to see what savings can be made on any gear, which led me here :cool: I'm just an amateur, but still hoping to contribute in the forums.


129 posts
Likes: 2
Joined Jul 2011
Location: Duluth, GA
Jul 05, 2011 14:00 |  #684

Hi, I'm Pat.

I live outside Atlanta, GA, USA.

Way back when I was in high school, I used a borrowed a friend's film SLR camera to take photos for the yearbook staff (mainly covering high school sports). Then I didn't touch a camera for about a decade, I just wasn't keen on that stereotype of being seen as an Asian dude with a camera (I know, just my hang-up).

Then I got back into using disposable film cameras just to snap some shots at San Diego Comicon way back in 1997. Then I bought a film camera, just a point-n-shoot model, and used that for a local pop-cultural sci-fi/TV/movies/books convention (Dragon*Con) for a few years. Then affordable, small, digital cameras came out, and I took the plunge with many Canon powershot models (S1, S2, and S5) in the 2000s decade, and also the A-series, where I pickd up the A610.

A few years ago, my home was burglarized over a Christmas break, and most of my cameras were stolen, so I basically had to start from scratch (though I had 1 camera on me, so I still had my A610, and they left behind my S2). So, I decided to take the plunge into dSLR with baby steps, and picked up a XSi with the slow-ish 18-55 IS kit lens, and the slow-ish, longer range 55-250 IS lens, but didn't like the kit lens, so I picked up the 17-55 F2.8 IS lens. I got some use out of that set-up at a few conventions, but I wasn't happy with the ISO performance with the XSI, so I looked for my next camera body upgrade.

During my camera search, I heard about the Canon Loyalty program last year, and traded in that left-behind S2 for a refurbed 5DMKII, and went through the agony of deciding between the 24-70 F2.8 vs. 24-105 F4 IS, and finally decided on the 24-70 lens for my walk-about (and my neck has been cursing me ever since). Been using that combo for about 7-8 months now at a few more conventions (I'm into cosplay photography). Added a 85 F1.8 for portraits picked up a 70-200 F4 IS lens for long range. Now I'm looking at the 50 F1.4 and the 17-40 F4 (for wide angle), and my search for those 2 lenses landed me here in the POTN classifieds, and then I looked around, and being around so many Canonites made it feel pretty comfortable, so I registered, and just blabbed my life with photography to you all. Flickr user name is "patcave".

I still need to get in the habit of shooting in RAW, and learn about post-processing. But I'm not as into the post-processing side (mainly due to the the large amount of photos I take over a convention weekend, which makes it tough to do anything other than just crop and clean-up/tune-up the photos with Lightroom at the moment). Hope to learn from y'all, and if I can help, I'll try to offer my 2 bits, but I suspect I'll be soaking up as much knowledge as I can.

some ­ bloke
2 posts
Joined Jul 2011
Jul 05, 2011 16:08 |  #685

Hi there fellow noobs and regular forummers. My name is Brendan and I live in Edinburgh in Scotland. I have a Canon 350D (Rebel tx?) with the kit 18-55 but do most of my shooting with a Sigma 10-20mm or Canon 55-250mm IS. If I have a subject preference it is probably landscapes or old buildings but really I just like taking photos.

I have lurked and browsed for a while so I thought I'd sign up and take part. See you out there somwhere,

2,370 posts
Gallery: 93 photos
Likes: 983
Joined Jan 2011
Location: Scotland
Jul 07, 2011 11:03 |  #686

Hey guys and gals.
Im Derek, 29 years young and trying to get back into photography in a big way.

My list of cameras is pretty long but after i had a 450d then onto a 550d after i sold the 450d for lack of use ive decided to try and get into this more.

I have way to many hobbies and interests to list (hence why i dont use my camera much) but from now on ill be trying to do a lot more with my camera.

Im stuck in a place where i really dont know what i like to shoot at the moment, it can be quite random at times. If im browsing the forums ill take an interest in macro and want to buy a macro lens, then ill be loving something else and wanting another lens.

As for me i work and live in Aberdeen in Scotland, UK.

My work takes me all over the world being an oil rig worker and i like to take my camera everywhere i possibly can.

Im currently using my standard 18-55 kit lens and i have just purchased a cheaper 55-250 lens to keep me happy for the time being.
I guess i have all the gear and not much idea right now but im finding my way there and loving every minute of it.

I hope to post a lot and contribute to the forum more often in the future but for the time being ill be reading and lurking.

Anyway enough gassing i best get ready to head out and take some photos. :)

194 posts
Joined Jun 2011
Jul 08, 2011 08:04 as a reply to  @ dexy101's post |  #687

It figures that the day I actually joined and tried to find a new members thread, I couldnt find it, now that i've posted in a couple other threads, of course I stubble upon this, so I guess i'll do a late intro haha.

You can call me Tory, William, Will.... whichever you prefer, i've been a photo hobbiest for around 4-5 years now, slowly trying to work my way up somewhere between paid amateur and semi-pro, but I still have a long way to go both in skill/knowledge and equipment.

I currently use a Canon EOS XTi/400D with the 18-55mm kit lens, I also have a base line Canon 70-300mm f/3.5 5.6 III (sadly no IS or USM) and a Canon 270ex speedlight.

Good starter equipment I suppose seeing as im still just really getting started, but I do plan to upgrade to a 60D or something along those lines.

I have returned to the light side of the force.

4 posts
Joined Jul 2011
Jul 14, 2011 13:35 |  #688


Who: Nico
Location: San Diego, CA
Why: I want to learn more especially strobe photography, and I needed a forum dedicated to Photography
Gear: Xsi w/ Tamron 18-270, Canon 50 1.8, Sigma 30 1.4 | Nikon f-801s

I hope for a good stay here.

Junior Member
25 posts
Joined Jul 2011
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Jul 16, 2011 14:33 as a reply to  @ ENEOS.'s post |  #689

Hi everyone - new to the forum.

I'm Jeremy, and I live in New York City. I moved here for school in 1997 and have spent the last ten years or so managing bookstores here in the city (with some bartending stints thrown in for good measure). I now live in Brooklyn with my wife, an architect, dancer, and incredibly patient photo shoot sidekick.

I studied some studio and darkroom photography as an undergrad - mostly black and white work, as well as some medium and large format work and some alternative processing (platinum/palladium, Polaroid type 55 negs, etc.). I mostly shot on a Canon AE-1 and an old Graflex Graphic View rail camera.

Last year I decided to get serious about learning digital photography and workflow, and picked up an EOS t1i to get the ball rolling. I work with both my own and rented lenses (the 50mm f/1.8 plastic fantastic, 10-22 EF-S, 16-35 f/2.8L, and 70-200 f/2.8L being a few favorites). Now I'm saving up my lunch money for a 5D Mk ii and squeezing as much image quality out of the t1i as possible in the meantime.

I'm especially interested in producing work that I feel is rooted in a sense of place - images that communicate an appreciation for and an engagement with structure, infrastructure, and environment. I'm also interested in making a career transition into architectural photography at some point, and work toward that all the time.

I publish a photo blog called elaborately dire (external link), which started in an Istanbul hotel room in October of last year and continues to the present - about 50 images in all, so far. Hope you enjoy it.

See you out there!



http://www.elaborately​ (external link)

Mostly Lurking
15 posts
Joined Jun 2011
Jul 17, 2011 17:13 as a reply to  @ dexy101's post |  #690

Hello All:
I've been lurking for a few weeks now. Reading through the various forums I realized how much there is to learn about DSLR's and what a great place POTN is to learn from others.

I live in NJ. I'm a recently retired and have always loved the many aspects of photography. However my last meaningful experience with photography was with B&W film quite a few years back. I dabbled with both small and medium format. Now I'm looking to start a whole new chapter with my T3i and CS5.

Thanks again for a great site!!

Best Regards,


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