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Thread started 21 Dec 2011 (Wednesday) 11:50
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THIS is the reason why we got bad copy.

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Dec 22, 2011 09:11 |  #16

jwp721 wrote in post #13579569 (external link)
I certainly don't approve of how these delivery people are treating the packages....

But I have a bigger issue with the way some companies wrap their products for delivery. I sent a lens to Canon last year for repair and I think my package could have been dropped kicked across a concrete parking lot and not been damaged... but the return package from Canon was the lens wrapped in some bubble wrap with a little paper packaging. You could shake the box and hear the lens bouncing around inside the box.

Shipping is expensive. What most companies do, is calculate the least expensive way to package a product based on its durability.

So I would think the cost of replacing the x percent that get damaged, is less then the cost of shipping all of them better.

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Dec 22, 2011 11:09 |  #17

BuckyN8 wrote in post #13584177 (external link)
Of course I see this on the day my Sigma 17-50 is suppose to arrive :/

So sit on your curb all day until the truck comes. Then go directly up to the guy and say, "Hi, I'll take that for you!" :D

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Dec 22, 2011 11:38 |  #18

My daughter saw the UPS guy on a bicycle towing a trailer the other day. I wish she had gotten a picture of that.

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Dec 22, 2011 11:49 |  #19

I saw some of these on the news yesterday.

The working people who have done that are just that....people And are not representative of any of the companies shown.
Any company anywhere doing anything has a bad one or two they are looking to weed.
Anyone think for a nano second the say UPS as a company is accepting of this behaviour?

As with any company....or anything in life.....more than 80% do the right thing day in and day out.

Seeing those videos if anything has reduced the chance anyone of you will have your package thrown.
Think about it.......anyone here that has responded...if it was your job...would you be throwing packages? No. And that is most certainly true of most of the companies alluded to.

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Dec 22, 2011 15:04 as a reply to  @ You-by-Lou's post |  #20

Yep. Its a pretty mundane, repetitive job. Its easy to for people to get lax or lazy. Then something like this gets caught on film and everyone gets a briefing and tightens back up. Bet packages are getting well taken care of right now! LOL

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Dec 22, 2011 16:22 |  #21

The silly part of this all is the belief people have that their packages are handled otherwise. Or need to be.

If you dropped the box your lens was is, would you expect it to survive or be rendered inoperable. Do you honestly think you package has a placid, boring journey from origin to destination, that it's not jumbled, tumbled, bounced and tossed as it passes from truck to hub, sorted and consolidated?

If the package can't survive a drop of 4-5 feet, than the manufacturer and/or entity shipping the article is at fauly.

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Dec 22, 2011 16:45 |  #22

ben805 wrote in post #13579396 (external link)
Now I know why sometime I end up getting "bad copy" lens.

Hmmm. That and a few other possible reasons- but yeah, this always comes to mind- not the first time though.

StructuredAmazing wrote in post #13579477 (external link)
miguel, why do you choose fedex when ups/usps is cheaper?

It used to be that tracking thru UPS took up till a few days after delivery.
Ship things only thru USPS when required; have you ever used their tracking ?? I would never ship something important thru USPS unless it was my last choice. I might add- they aren't any more concerned with your packages than UPS or Fedex - I've personally seen how things are treated years back.. You don't want to know.

kory wrote in post #13579558 (external link)
I have worked for fedex and ups and overall I promise fedex is much more careful than ups. This happens a lot at the hubs just usually not in front of the public. It is sad but true. My only advice is to buy insurance.

Insurance would be the first good piece of advice; neither is really more caring of your shipments though- period. The second piece of valid advice - is to avoid shipping during the Christmas season- drivers get tired of handling the influx of shipments. After a while, there's a number that no longer care about your goods- they just want it to finish. The third piece of advice is to avoid shipping a lot of anything that comes in multiple boxes at any one time.

I've sent a lot of stuff thru UPS/Fedex.. If it's big and heavy, they will likely drop test it a time or two- be sure to package it well. If it's a number of boxes- well, your chances of them dropping things and beating things up increases quite a bit- hence ship your stuff out in smaller shipments. I've had 8 servers arrive at one time, only to have the receptionist watch, and tell me later that the UPS driver dropped almost every one bringing them in- letting them roll down the steps.. Mostly, no one sees it, but every now and then- it comes to the forefront.

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Dec 22, 2011 16:58 |  #23

I seriously think that bad copies exist more to user measureberation and brick wall testing than shipping throwing the box around. :D

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Cream of the Crop
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Dec 22, 2011 17:03 |  #24

Actually the reason bad copies exist is because there are tolerances to lens element alignment that have to be precise and if QA (Quality Assurance) does not test every lens in a lot (batch testing) there is a chance that a bad copy will be shipped. The copy if returned will be realigned. In some shops the customer does the QA. Not at Zeiss or Leica however. Every new lens is tested and certified. Individually tested lenses means higher prices. Note that Canon does this with premium lenses and most likely some QA testing with the medium premium (non white L's) and likely a general inspection with low cost lenses.

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Dec 22, 2011 17:06 as a reply to  @ wayne.robbins's post |  #25

UPS lost a package that I sent once. It just disappeared. The items inside cost $80, and I got a check for $80 to cover replacement. But, since it cost me $20 to send the package, I still ended up losing the $20 for the shipping. Now, I over-insure the packages to cover the shipping cost- just in case.

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Dec 22, 2011 19:42 |  #26

I saw that FedEX video that went viral on YouTube a couple days ago, the same day I got my 7D :( but everything was fine.​m/that1cameraguy (external link)

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Dec 22, 2011 22:49 as a reply to  @ post 13584177 |  #27

This is why I triple-wrap and insure EVERYTHING I ship.

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Dec 23, 2011 14:59 |  #28

kory wrote in post #13579558 (external link)
I have worked for fedex and ups and overall I promise fedex is much more careful than ups. This happens a lot at the hubs just usually not in front of the public. It is sad but true. My only advice is to buy insurance.

From my experience, FedEx is much better than UPS.

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Cream of the Crop
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Dec 23, 2011 19:24 as a reply to  @ LibertyToad's post |  #29

I had a lens returned from the Canon Service Center in Irvine, CA via FEDEX. The delivery driver tossed it over a 6 foot chain link fence onto a concrete surface.

Luckily, Canon had packed the lens quite well and there was no damage.

I contacted both Canon and FEDEX and both organizations basically stated: "If no damage was done, no sweat!".

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Dec 23, 2011 21:26 |  #30

This is one of the reasons why I always make the trip into Manhattan to pick up my photo gear directly from B&H. That and the fact that it feels like I'm making the pilgrimage to Mecca...

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THIS is the reason why we got bad copy.
FORUMS Canon Cameras, Lenses & Accessories Canon EF and EF-S Lenses 
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