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Thread started 22 Apr 2010 (Thursday) 18:22
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POLL: "Do you use a battery grip with your 5D2?"
No, I don't use any battery grip with my 5D2
Yes, I use a battery grip with my 5D2

116 voters, 116 votes given (1 choice only choices can be voted per member)). VOTING IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY.
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Do you use a battery grip with your 5D2?

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Joined Jan 2011
Location: Toronto, ON
Jan 06, 2012 16:41 |  #31

I use the BG-E6 with my newly-acquired 5D Mk.II.

I got it new for CAD$185 from a Canon dealer in Toronto. I would not have got it anytime soon had it been full MSRP.

I like it because, being 6'5", it improves the ergonomics. Holding it by the grip is perfect. Having the duplicated shutter (and other controls) is very helpful and adds more control than I thought it would.

Plus the extra battery means that I don't have to charge it for at least a week taking 600+ shots... I still have about 60% life in each battery.

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Jan 06, 2012 17:03 |  #32

Wow - Laouik - you and I are in the same boat... I am 6'5" tall, and have bear paws (big palms) instead of hands. The battery grip (OEM, BTW) helps me fit the 5DII to my hands much better, and the added weight feels better in balance with the larger lenses. My wife on the other hand (5'5") much prefers the grip be removed when it's her turn with the camera :)

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Jan 06, 2012 17:42 |  #33
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Location: North Kingstown, RI
Jan 06, 2012 18:34 |  #34

I have to answer "NO" I do not use a battery grip on my 5DMKII ... BUT ... "YES" I will, very soon!

I have a grip for all my dSLR's except the 5D2. Bought it after losing my job and had to cut back on my spending :( but I hope to have the grip fairly soon :)

EDIT: Oh, after the problems I had with my off brand grip for one of my 5D's, I'll spend the extra for a genuine Canon grip.

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Location: Toronto ON
Jan 06, 2012 22:26 |  #35

Nope - I carry a couple of spare batteries in my pocket (where they stay warm.) I admit that there are some ergonomic benefits but (having tried one on a 7D) I don't have a problem with the wrist twist.

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Location: Stanwood, WA
Jan 06, 2012 22:31 |  #36

I've thought about getting one, but I had one on an XSi and it wasn't tight. I didn't like it. Also, I shoot mainly landscape or on tripod anyway so vertical doesn't matter to me much. Even on the 1D I'll just rotate my hand instead of changing grip sometimes.

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Location: Denver, CO
Jan 06, 2012 22:41 as a reply to  @ kawi_200's post |  #37

I used to not at all and just rotate my hand, but now for 'events' (probably 5% of my shooting, if that) I use it and find it much nicer to use in portrait mode when taking a lot of pictures. My wrist starts to feel 1+ hour of rotating the same way. I got the cheapo non-OEM for my 5DII and it is fine for what I need, but I wouldn't recommend it if you are going to use it a lot.

I just wish I could get a smaller one - perhaps with just one battery - becasue unlike some of the other posters, my hands are small. The 5DII itself is about as big a camera as I want to handle.

Edward Jenner
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Jan 06, 2012 22:51 as a reply to  @ post 13658890 |  #38

No.. I have a 1dII and a 1dIII for the work that requires it..

If I go out in the field and need to save weight or size, I grab the 5d.. That's much of the appeal of this body.. it's light weight. Doesn't make much sense to add all that bulk..:)

.... Got some cameras; got some glass ..... I just need one more of each.....:rolleyes:

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Jan 09, 2012 16:06 as a reply to  @ LarryD's post |  #39

I used to use battery grip when I was young. At the time, I thought it looked good and made the camera more balance. It did help to hold the camera steadier.

Now, I don't use battery grip with my 5D2. It's too bulky and heavy. I find it's better to use hand strap instead.

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Jan 09, 2012 16:11 |  #40

Zeikos grip here.. I always went OEM until now, I just couldn't justify the extra $200+ for the OEM grip.. Zeikos has worked great, just as good as all my other OEM grips I've had in the past.

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Do you use a battery grip with your 5D2?
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