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FORUMS Canon Cameras, Lenses & Accessories Small Compact Digitals by Canon 
Thread started 07 Jan 2012 (Saturday) 09:55
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SX40 or Fuji HS20?

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Jan 07, 2012 09:55 |  #1

I am tying to decide between these large zoom cameras:

Fuji Film FinePix:
HS20EXR 16 MP - $329.88
Lens: Fujinon 30x Optical zoom lens
Focal Length: f = 4.2 - 126mm, equivalent to 24-720mm on a 35mm camera
Movie Recording: Up to 1920 x 1080 pixels
Flash: Built-in, Hot Shoe
Power: 4 x AA Alkaline Batteries


Canon PowerShot SX40 HS
Total Price: $399.99
Type: 12.1 Megapixel, 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor
Focal Length: 4.3 (W) - 150.5mm (T) (35mm film equivalent: 24 (W) - 840mm (T))
Zoom: 35x Optical Zoom
LCD Monitor: 2.7-inch TFT Vari-angle LCD 230K dots, 100% coverage
Power: Rechargeable Battery NB-10L
Video Movie Capture 1920x1080

[Bigger zoom, but 4mp less than HS20, smaller LCD but tilts]


Fuji S3200
Sugg. retail price: $249.99
3.0-inch Large LCD
Number of effective pixels: 14.0 million pixels
Lens: Fujinon 24x optical zoom lens
Focal Length: f = 4.3 - 103.2mm, equivalent to 24 - 576mm on a 35mm camera
Video Movie Capture 1280x720


Total Price: $243.88
Video Movie Capture 1920x1080
Optical Zoom 30x (35 mm equivalent: 28-840 mm)
Megapixels 12.0
LCD Viewer 3 Inch

[Same MPs and zoom at end as SX40, but not as wide; costs much less, no flash hot shoe]

For same price I'd rather buy the Z990 than the S3200 for its much bigger zoom;
The HS20 beats the Canon SX40 by price and more MPs, but an extra 120mm on the SX40 negates need to crop.
Thus, it's between the Z990 and the HS20.

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Gone, but not forgotten . . .
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Jan 07, 2012 15:38 |  #2

Gomar - If you've 'decided down' to where your choice is between the Z990 and HS20 - you might have some problems there....

I've had an HS10 for over a year - and did look carefully at the HS20. It puts 16Mpix on a 1/2.0" sensor - 7% bigger than a 1/2.3" sensor. So the receptors are small, and very close together, which doesn't help at all with noise or low-light / high-ISO...

It doesn't retain the HS10's BSI-CMOS sensor (which the SX40 also now has) - it has a CMOS with Fuji's EXR technology. With the HS20, that can involve 'pairing' receptors, to work as 8Mpix, for low light and fast-continuous.

With the exception of an external RAW-selector button - which the HS10 doesn't have, but should - the HS20 retains all of the faults of the HS10 - poor images in Auto and Program modes - the excellent for stills, but woeful for video - twist-zoom, and for a camera that costs AUD$545.00 - having a PLASTIC tripod mount - about 5mm from the battery-door - is woeful!

The twist-zoom for video is "Jerk-O-Matic" - impossible to use. Also - there are no video controls - Brightness, Manual Focus - while the SX40 has a very smooth 2-speed zoom for video - and has Brightness and MF in video.

You must be in the US, if you can get an HS20 for about $330.00... But even at over $200.00 less than here - no, not at all a good buy.

Looks like you pay about $70.00 more for the newer SX40 - even so - that's a better deal. Certainly not saying that because I have an SX10 (which I love vastly, still - the Superfine JPEGs are as superb as ever) - and this is a Canon Forum. I bought the Fuji HS10 against the next-choice Canon SX30 at the time - because it did RAW, had 3-5-8-12fps continuous, and both levels of HD-Video - things the SX10 didn't have.

The other Fuji you mention, the S3200, is an older model - I bought my teenage godson one last year. He likes it - simple to use, adequate zoom, uses 4 x AAs, so on. But the Priorities and full Manual functions are lacking - and overall - while it's a bargain for a boisterous teenager to be thumping-around - it's a lower-cost, lower mid-range sort of device.

As for anything Kodak has done in recent years - not at all too good. Kodak is also apparently filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, after its shares fell to 44-cents - so support for the not-very-good Kodak cameras might not be around very long...

If I was buying a Bridge-Zoom at present - it'd be between the SX40, and Panasonic FZ150, which costs more, but has RAW, more continuous modes, and more manual controls - including for the several modes of video.

But if you like Fujis - take a look at the Previews for their all-new, Made in Japan, S-X1 - which uses the big (for P&S) - 12MP 2/3-inch EXR-CMOS sensor of the Fujifilm X10, and a 26x optical precision zoom lens. With all the RAWs, Videos, bells-and-whistles for a "Premium" Bridge-Zoom. At a mere US-release US$800.00 - it'll have to be fairly good to persuade us bridge-zoom fans, though... :rolleyes:

Regards, Dave.

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Jan 08, 2012 10:01 |  #3

I recently bought an SX40HS and absolutely love it! Haven't owned or played with the other camera's you mentioned. The picture and video quality on the SX40 is amazing. Low light pictures even rock with it.

Gone, but not forgotten . . .
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Jan 08, 2012 17:01 as a reply to  @ Phil_0816's post |  #4

Phil_0816 - Yes, it seems that the SX40 - with finally a BSI-CMOS, like my over year-old Fuji HS10 - and its new processing - has given quite a boost to IQ... Where the SX20 'slipped' a bit over the SX10, and the SX30 a bit more - the SX40 images I'm seeing are quite impressive.

The Canon SXs desperately need RAW - even more so with the SX40's BSI-CMOS.

RAW cannot compensate for lousy images - but it can "save" images even at P&S small-sensor level, where the WB or Exposure is "off".

Also - it's about time that Canon put the High, third level, JPEG Superfine Saves, back into the SXs...

My SX10's Superfine JPEGs - up to 8-9MB from the 10Mpix CCD - trounce my later Fuji HS10s 2-level - Std and Fine - JPEGs - and it's a BSI-CMOS 10Mpix... Takes the Fuji's RAF RAWs to beat it - and then not by a lot.... I haven't seen a JPEG over 5MB from the HS10 yet - yes, comparing 10Mpix with 10Mpix....

An SX40 with the Superfine level JPEG saves - might get a CHDK that adds it - should do excellent images indeed....!

Regards, Dave.

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Jan 09, 2012 22:32 |  #5

I believe the alpha release for CHDK already has the superfine jpg and RAW/DNG support that can be enabled. I wasn't able to open the RAW, but was able to open the DNG.. And I was using the superfine setting too..

It's been a few weeks- I should go back and see if there is a new release...

EOS 5D III, EOS 7D,EOS Rebel T4i, Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS II, Canon 24-105L, Canon 18-135 IS STM, 1.4x TC III, 2.0x TC III, Σ 50mm f/1.4, Σ 17-50 OS, Σ 70-200 OS, Σ 50-500 OS, Σ 1.4x TC, Σ 2.0x TC, 580EXII(3), Canon SX-40, Canon S100
Fond memories: Rebel T1i, Canon 18-55 IS, Canon 55-250 IS, 18-135 IS (Given to a good home)...

Gone, but not forgotten . . .
551 posts
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Location: Croydon Park, Sydney, Australia
Jan 09, 2012 23:22 as a reply to  @ wayne.robbins's post |  #6

Wayne.Robbins - That's good that there's at least the Alpha for SX40 CHDK - the Superfine JPEGs should be pretty good.

You have 5 levels of adjustment on each of Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation - and can "bias" each of the Red, Green and Blue Channels with 5 levels. Same with Skin Tone. Those are on Pages 81 and 82 of the SX40 Manual.

The "RAW" you mention might need a Canon RAW utility. The DNG files ares also RAWs - Adobe Digital Negative. Adobe kindly allows it to be used across programs and platforms.

(Pentax DSLRs offer 2 types of RAW - Pentax PEF, and DNG.)

Many Windows graphics programs can handle DNGs directly. (Linux, same, if current DCRAW is installed.)

You can download, free, Adobe's "DNG-Converter" - and use it to convert "other" RAW versions to DNG.

Superfine has nothing to do with the RAW files - it's for the image files - the JPEGs. As with some DSLRs that have 1, 2, and 3 "star" JPEG quality - Canon's Superfine adds the "third level" to JPEG saves - lower compression, less JPEG 'artifacting', and gives a larger file-size.

You might do an experiment - with camera settings otherwise the same - do 2 sets of shots - saving one as Fine, and the other as Superfine. You could display 2 where the results differ quite visibly, here.

As an easy "switch between" you could run Aperture Priority as Fine JPEG - and do a Custom preset, Aperture Priority, with Superfine save set.

That's if the CHDK allows that - I can do that in my SX10 - but that has Superfine in the std Menu.

Regards, Dave.

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SX40 or Fuji HS20?
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