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FORUMS Canon Cameras, Lenses & Accessories Canon EOS Digital Cameras 
Thread started 12 Jan 2012 (Thursday) 19:00
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What's your progression been like?

Senior Member
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Joined Mar 2007
Location: So Cal
Jan 13, 2012 13:03 |  #46

I started with a few P&S (a few Sonys and Canon)
First Canon was a P&S SD500.
Upgrade to Canon S2 IS.

Upgrade to 30D with kit lens in 2007. Bought 50 1.8 and Tamron 17-50 within 1 year.
Got a job doing weddings as a 2nd.
Got another body, 5Dmk2.
Sold 30D and bought 7D.
Between 2008 until now, sold the kit lenses (from 30D and 7D) and 50 1.8. Bought a bunch of other lenses, flashes, and accessories.
Just last December, with all the great prices on some of the lenses, Upgrade 70-200 to mk2 and bought 85 1.2

Can't wait for 5Dmk3, whenever it's coming out.

5D mkIII | 5D mkII | 6D | EOS M | 16-35L | 24-70L | 70-200L 2.8 IS mkII | EF-M 22 | 50 1.4 | 85L | 100 2.8 macro | Tamron 17-50 2.8 | 2x 580 ex II | 580 ex | 2x sunpak 383 | 134GB CF |
Wishlist | 14L | 24L | 35L | 50L | 100L macro | 135L | 15 2.8 FE | 17L 4 TS | 45 2.8 TS | 90 2.8 TS |

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...never exercised in my life
2,682 posts
Gallery: 19 photos
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Joined Jan 2011
Location: Boston, MA
Jan 13, 2012 14:10 |  #47

Started in 1963 (I guess it gives away my age)

1963 - Russian Smena-6, completely manual - see my avatar
1972 - Zenit-E
1979 - Zenit-TTL
1984 - Olympus X570
2007 - XSi
2011 - 60D

...and a bunch of both film and digital P&S in between, from 1985 to now.

5D Mark IV | 6D | S110
EF 17-40L | EF 24-105L (two) | EF 70-200L F4 IS | EF 100-400L II | EF 85 1.8 | EF 50 1.8 STM | Canon 1.4x III | Canon 1.4x II
Yongnuo 685 | Nissin Di622 M2 | Nissin Di422

129 posts
Likes: 2
Joined Jul 2011
Location: Duluth, GA
Jan 14, 2012 22:09 |  #48

Shot film in high school with a borrowed Olympus in the 1980s.
Shot film in the 90s with a Olympus point-n-shoot film camera.
Shot with a Toshiba digital camera in early 2000s
Shot with an Olympus D460.
Shot with Canon S1 IS
Shot with Canon S2 IS
Shot with Canon A610 (still have this camera)
Shot with Canon S5 IS
House was robbed in 2008, most Canon Sx cameras stolen
Shot with Canon A650 in 2009
Shot with Canon XSi in 2009
Shot with Canon 5D MKII in 2010

1,665 posts
Likes: 9
Joined Nov 2009
Location: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Jan 14, 2012 22:21 |  #49

Started with a Fujifilm S5200 when I wasn't sure about the Hobby. After a year I bought the Rebel XSi and recently sold that to upgrade to a 1Ds Mark 1.

Once you go 1-Series, you never go back. :lol:

Erik - Three Miles Final (external link)
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3,679 posts
Gallery: 8 photos
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Joined Nov 2007
Location: SE MI
Jan 16, 2012 13:58 |  #50

I usually upgrade every 2-3 years. Got back into photography (as opposed to just snapping shots) in '05 with a Sony digital P&S, upgraded to XTi in '07, T2i in '10. I did try a couple XXD bodies but unlike the majority I seem to prefer the light weight of XXXD's. (Although 60D is much closer to XXXD in that respect). I thought I'd stick with T2i for a looong time but I just saw a deal on refurbed T3i via CLP that I just had to jump on; I should be able to sell my T2i and upgrade for just $50 or so, if I am lucky, getting the swivel screen and remote flash control. After this, I am set for a while.

Ex-Canon shooter. Now Sony Nex.
Life Lessons: KISS. RTFM. Don't sweat the small stuff.
My Gear List (external link)

Senior Member
748 posts
Joined Apr 2006
Location: California
Jan 16, 2012 14:45 |  #51

1992- Canon film( can't recall model)
2003- PS Canon S40
2004 - Add Canon 20D
2010- Add Canon 5D2
2011 - Add Canon 1D3 when I found a great deal just couldn't say no.

Senior Member
643 posts
Likes: 4
Joined Dec 2011
Location: Western MA
Jan 16, 2012 15:59 |  #52

Does starting with my grandfathers' 616 format folding Kodak in the late '50s count? I only used it a year or so. Got into 35mm with a viewfinder Minolta about '71 or '72. Finally got tired of taking pictures of the lens cap, so I upgraded to an AE-1 in '75. Unfortunately, it had teething problems (like not opening the shutter every time) and went back to Canon twice before the camera store offered full price trade in on the older EF body. I loved it! Bought another EF and 5-6 lenses in the next year or so. Made Kodak very happy with all the film I shot. Things changed and put the camera away in 1987 or so.

Things changed again and decided to take pictures again, so I bought a Canon G-3 in 2002. Upgraded to a G-5 in 2006 or 07, and finally decided to get back to a real camera, a used 30D I found on ebay last spring and found an EF-S 18-135 and EF-S 55-250 both new on ebay for a very good price. That 'set the hook' for me. By December, it was time to upgrade to a 60D. While waiting for delivery from a questionable online vendor, I decided to upgrade my glass to Ls...16-35 f2.8, 24-105 f2.8, and a 135 f2. I guess you could say I'm fully 'hooked'.

"Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity." General George S Patton, Jr 1885-1945

Junior Member
21 posts
Joined Jan 2012
Jan 27, 2012 23:18 |  #53

Digital, not counting P&S's.

Pentax K100d - Great camera.
Pentax K-x - Maybe the best camera (for the money) I've ever owned.
Panasonic G3 - Almost as good as the K-x, a lot smaller.
Canon 40D - I seem to be going backward here but I like the 40D

Next?? Not sure. My path has been a little odd but worthwhile.

1,547 posts
Likes: 1
Joined Nov 2011
Location: Nottingham
Jan 28, 2012 04:25 |  #54

2003 - Olympus craptastic p&s
2006 - Olympus craptastic p&s MkII
2009 - 450D + 18-55
2010 - Tamron 70-300
2011 - sell 450D + lenses
2011 - buy 50D + 17-85 + 70-200 f/4 + 50mm f/1.8
2012 - Tamron 60mm f/2

Looking to get a 5D Mk 1 this year, as well as an 85 f/1.8.

Gripped 50D, 24-105 f/4 L, 70-200 f/4 L, EF-S 17-85, 50 f/1.8 II "L" (external link), Tamron 60 f/2 Macro, Samyang 8mm fisheye, 430EX
Flickr (external link)

Emergency ­ Exit
223 posts
Joined Dec 2011
Location: Sentani, Indonesia
Jan 28, 2012 07:34 |  #55

My parents:

Early 1990s - Nikon F3 (most probably with 50 f/1.8), later lost
Mid 1990s - Canon EOS 700QD (EF 35-80 f/4-5.6 III), still fully functional
Early 2000s - A Nikon Coolpix and two other early Canon Powershots
2004 or 2005 - Canon EOS 400D (EF-S 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 II), currently secondary body

I started messing around with photography at around 2007-2008.

May 18, 2010 - Tamron 18-270 f/3.5-6.3 VC
July 31, 2010 - Speedlite 430EX II
April 30, 2011 - Canon EOS 60D (EF-S 18-135 3.5-5.6 IS)
January 5, 2012 - EF 70-200 f/4L IS USM

Emergency Exit Pictures (external link)
EOS 60D Gripped | EF 70-200 f/4L IS USM | EF-S 18-135 f/3.5-5.6 IS | Speedlite 430EX II
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190 posts
Joined Dec 2011
Location: New York, NY
Jan 28, 2012 07:41 |  #56

450D and kit lens in 2008... And that's it for body
17-55 in 2008
70-200 in 2009 I think
24 in late 2011

And hopefully a new body that does video this year :)

450D | Canon 17-55 | 70-400 4L IS | 24L II | Elph 300 HS :D

Senior Member
520 posts
Likes: 15
Joined Jan 2011
Location: PEI
Jan 28, 2012 07:55 |  #57

2006?: Canon XTI
2011: Canon 7d
2011: Canon 5d Mark II

Won't need another camera for a while....

79 posts
Joined Aug 2011
Location: Las Vegas, Nv
Jan 28, 2012 07:55 as a reply to  @ dingie256's post |  #58

Honestly I never planned on getting this deep into the hobby, I had 2 point and shoots that had very little use over the past 4 years.

July 2011-T3 kit with 55-250 IS
December 2011- Sigma 30mm
January 2012-Yongnuo 565EX, Battery grip for my T3 and just on Thursday I received my 7D and battery grip (this was a purchase I probably shouldn't of made, but I couldn't pass the deal up!)

Now I just need to get back to work so I can fund lenses! :lol:

Canon 7D, Canon 70-200 F4L Sigma 30 f/1.4, Yongnuo 565EX
"Capturing memories that will last a lifetime.."

Senior Member
364 posts
Likes: 3
Joined Aug 2009
Location: Sydney, Aus
Jan 28, 2012 07:59 |  #59

In 2007 I got a 400D, with a Sigma 17-70, EF10-22, and EF 100 Macro, plus an underwater Ike housing.

Late 2009 - 40D + 100-400L - 400D and Ike housing stayed for U/W shots - until the housing got broken in an accident.... Gave the 400D to my GF with an EF 50 1.8...

Mid 2010 - got a 50D, and a Sigma 50 1.4 EX, sold 40D.

Early 2011 - Bought 7D, sold 50D.

Dec 2011 - cat gets hit by a car, huge vet bill - sell 7D, EF 100-400L, Sigma 50 F1.4... Steal back 400D from GF.... Now I am back to where I started. 400D, EF 10-22, EF100 F2.8 Macro - and no housing :(

At least I can still shoot :)


34 posts
Joined Jul 2007
Location: Outside of Pittsburgh, PA
Jan 28, 2012 08:34 |  #60

I bought a point and shoot digital first about 10 years ago. I went through a couple, then 5 years ago I got a XTI, Currently, I'm using a &D that I got about 2 years ago. I always keep a point and shoot handy, though.

Canon 7D, Sigma 10-20mm, Sigma 17-50mm OS, Sigma 70-200 OS, Sigma 50mm 1.4, Tokina 10-17mm, 430 EXII flash... and still learning!

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What's your progression been like?
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