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FORUMS Post Processing, Marketing & Presenting Photos RAW, Post Processing & Printing 
Thread started 04 Feb 2012 (Saturday) 14:36
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How Much of your work do you print?

Mostly Lurking
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Joined Feb 2012
Feb 04, 2012 14:36 |  #1

Do you print out all your best work or just for your portfolio?

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Junior Member
22 posts
Joined Mar 2011
Feb 04, 2012 15:53 |  #2

I printed 12-14 pictures last year. And I had several good shots troughout the year, but just 12-14 ended up on my wall

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Light Bringer
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Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Feb 04, 2012 16:26 |  #3

Wedding pro here. I keep 1/3 of the wedding shots I take, and about 20% of those end up in an album, but only 50% of customers get an album. They probably print some. Personal stuff, I do about one print every two years.

So overall, i'd say 1-3% gets printed.

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Joined Jun 2010
Location: Dundee, IL
Feb 04, 2012 16:30 |  #4

How much do I print? Not enough! I probably have too many hobbies and would love to have more time to print more of my photos. Most reside on my hard drive, seen by no one. Sad really considering the setup I have.

5D with IR sensor & 28mm f1.8 | Fuji X100s

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Joined Jan 2008
Feb 04, 2012 16:31 as a reply to  @ Newshunter's post |  #5

A whole lot less than I used to. I shoot a lot for various musical/cultural organizations, and over the last year or so I've taken to uploading the files to the web in Zip files and let the interested parties download them. I format them at 1800 x 1200 pixels, which will display well on most screens and will make 6 x 4 prints at 300 ppi. If someone wants a 5 x 7 or an 8 x 10 or larger I can accommodate them, but I hardly ever get such a request.

I'm wondering if the ink cartridges I have for my Epson 3800 will get used up before they go bad, but we'll just have to see. I was planning to replace this printer with a 3880 when the time comes, but if this continues I may decide on a 3000 instead.

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Joined Jul 2009
Location: Cary, NC
Feb 04, 2012 16:38 as a reply to  @ Newshunter's post |  #6

I usually will print 2 or 3 pictures a month for myself. However I print more than that for my youngest son who is a 7th grade science teacher. A couple of weeks ago I printed 12 pictures of different cloud formations for him when he was teaching his class about weather. I spent about 3 weeks taking pictures of clouds and printed the 12 best.

I also print pictures for friends and my oldest son has some of my pictures hanging in his office.

Now that you have me thinking about it, I guess I print a lot more than I figured. Guess Epson must love love me for the about of ink and paper I use.


Cream of the "Prop"
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Feb 04, 2012 16:45 |  #7

I print 3-5 12x18s a month with most of those for photo club meetings but virtually everything I shoot could potentially be printed through my website.

Therefore, everything on the site is the very best it can be. IOW, I don't yack up images just to "share."

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Feb 05, 2012 09:03 |  #8

I printed maybe a dozen 12X18" proofs for myself last year. They're so cheap that I seldom bother with small prints anymore.

FrankC - 20D, RAW, Manual everything...
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Sliced Bread
3,719 posts
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Joined Jan 2004
Location: Twin Cities
Feb 05, 2012 09:04 |  #9

30-40 small prints , 20-30 8 1/2"s x 11s, and 10-15 13" x19"s a year.

That will increase as I am taking delivery of an Epson 3880 next week.:D

I hope to print enough to justify the purchase.

BTW it's all personal photos.

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Cream of the Crop
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Joined Jun 2007
Location: MI/CO
Feb 06, 2012 07:52 as a reply to  @ Tapeman's post |  #10

Only one, that was given as a gift...I was paid in tears.
But...I'm gonna print more...maybe...someday​.

The things you do for yourself die with you, the things you do for others live forever.
A man's worth should be judged, not when he basks in the sun, but how he faces the storm.

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Perfectly ­ Frank
I'm too sexy for my lens
3,919 posts
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Joined Oct 2010
Feb 06, 2012 17:12 |  #11

ktc1 wrote in post #13825726 (external link)
Most reside on my hard drive, seen by no one. Sad really considering the setup I have.

Same here :(

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1,323 posts
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Joined Mar 2006
Feb 06, 2012 17:14 |  #12

I print what I consider my best stuff; probably around 4-5 8x10s a month? The nicer pics I usually print larger than that.

5DMKII | 85 f/1.8 | 17-40L f/4 | 24-105 f/4 IS | 40 f/2.8

4,040 posts
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Joined Mar 2005
Location: Northern California
Feb 06, 2012 17:23 |  #13

We keep old fashion physical photo albums so I print a lot. I don't print them myself though, I send them out.

Senior Member
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Joined Dec 2007
Feb 06, 2012 17:44 as a reply to  @ Sam's post |  #14

Hundreds of 5x7's/8x10's/11x14's a year (team & event photography). Fewer 13x19's, fewer yet of 16x20.

Anything bigger comes from the lab.

Liquid Nitrogen
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Feb 07, 2012 21:57 |  #15

Thirty to forty 20x30's/24x36's, dozens of 12x18's and hundreds of 8x10's. After this school year I'll be upgrading but downsizing my printer and won't be doing the 8x10's so much anymore. (external link) Miss Julia Grey - please refer to me as she/her/Miss
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How Much of your work do you print?
FORUMS Post Processing, Marketing & Presenting Photos RAW, Post Processing & Printing 
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