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Thread started 16 Feb 2012 (Thursday) 11:29
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"Why I'm Bored with the Wedding Industry"

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Feb 21, 2012 21:00 |  #16

umphotography wrote in post #13915591 (external link)
I think the guy is full of bull.

He made his points and I slightly agree with some of them. Especially the part about everyone wanting to teach and market themselves instead of getting behind a camera and letting your work do the talking. He is right on that to a point.


We all shoot and market in similar manners. NOT BECAUSE the industry is being run by amateurs and amateurs are teaching amateurs how to photograph weddings as he has suggested. I think he is full of himself.

We market and shoot in similar manners BECAUSE that what the trend is these days and thats what the client wants to buy.

Seems like a no brainer to me. Were gonna hit 90K this year with that formula. So, does that mean im part of the amateur crowd that he is suggesting ? My clients don't think so.

Second point.
He sounds like an old timer who is upset because the industry has changed so drastically over the past 5 yrs and the price point that the old crowd was getting has changed dramatically as well. Gone are the days of the 5k show up and shoot it wedding and hear is your album, thank you very much mentality. Kids these days are very sharp,know what they want, and are not going to put up with Old time thinking. Either you change and adapt or you move on. I think thats the case with some who no longer shoot weddings. They want it their way and wont adapt to the newer generations way of thinking, so they get on a computer and start to whine about how bad the wedding industry is------BS

Third point-
This is not easy. You have to be versatile,physically fit, know how to keep yourself out of trouble with lighting,have good posing skills and you have to have great people skills to survive. If you cant do that you is deep DoDO.

Fourth point:
I would love to get more creative and do some of the things he suggests. So how much time and money are you supposed to invest in a session and where are the people that want to go through that process ?

People are generally happy with nicely focused, nicely backlit, shallow DOF images. People are busy and just don't want to go through that process so they settle for something that fits their needs, not some egotistical bored with the industry crybaby interpretation about whats boring and what is not. lots of clients, I would say the majority of clients like what we do and thats why we are in business and others are not.

Fifth and final point:
much of the artistic stuff he showed and is talking about has much more to do with what you do in post processing then it does with anything else. If you want to spend that kind of time in post and get more artistic and then try to target an audience that want that artistic look......GOOD FOR YOU. If you can raise your price points because of that effort.... EVEN BETTER

BUT the majority of the market, and the figure is 80%, are in a the mid range price brackets for their areas. In Minnesota, that price point is $1200-2800.00 for 82% of the market. Other areas will vary. So my question for him is, how much time and effort should one put into the artistic side when the markets are where they are at. And, how would you expect one to stay in business and go the artistic direction as he suggests. As mentioned, the vast majority of clients, 80%, like boring, back lit, shallow DOF images that wedding industry photographers do on a daily basis.

I think the guy is just crying in his beer. Times and people change. If you cant stay with it,,,,sit back and write whiny complaints about how bad the industry is--------im tired of hearing guys like him frankly

" Those that can play the game, Everyone else pretends or teaches "

Its really that simple for me

Damn, I wasn't gonna read the article until I read I want to see what all those 'points' were to begin with.

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Feb 21, 2012 21:33 |  #17

Okay, I just read it. It was like reading a treatise on how the sun really does revolve around the earth. Let's break it down:

Being a wedding photographer is usually seen in one of the following ways: It's just a first step…You aren't a good enough photographer to cut it…Wedding photography is for making…sentimental images. Wow, what a crock! Who sees wedding photographers these ways? This sounds like someone who tried to establish himself as a wedding photographer, and failed miserably.

When most photographers start a business, they start out in weddings.
Let's hear some empirical data to back up this wildly sweeping claim.

I do think to some degree that most of the top photographers in the world don’t shoot weddings. This is like saying most of the top athletes in the world don't play football. They're still athletes.

Well, to me, you aren’t a photographer just because you pay your bills by selling photography services.
This is like saying psychiatrists aren't really medical doctors. If you make your living selling photography services, you're more of a photographer than 99.9% of the rest of the world's population. Just because someone slaps some oil on some canvas doesn't make them an artist; if that same person keeps getting paid for those canvases, he is an artist.

I’m bored with the wedding photography industry because I don’t see enough photographers doing great work. Who cares?

I’m also bored with the industry because there are very, very few photographers who are brave enough to create unique work. Good to know he's researched every single wedding photographer out there and can make this claim with absolutely no examples.

Wedding photographers are learning from wedding photographers that merely look at other wedding photographers. Yes, this is insane. It's almost as insane as medical students going to medical school and learning from doctors!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but WPPI doesn’t bring in many fine art photographers or even scholars that study how to be more creative.
Okay, I'm correcting you.

Showing a large amount of images on your blog and portfolio only dilutes your work and makes it mediocre, extremely mediocre actually. I wonder what your portfolio would look like if you could only show 20 – 40 images total. It would show that, of the 1000s of images I've taken, only 20-40 are worthy of putting on display. Yeah, right.

What I mean is the industry is dying for someone to come along and to shoot a wedding in a truly unusual way. Really? Dying?

Most innovations come from the outside, when a person brings knowledge of something unrelated to the circle everyone is standing in.
Yes, it's a good thing Einstein was a cab driver and not a physicist. Oh wait, he was a physicist.

The industry needs risk takers.*Whew, good thing I read this. All this time I thought I could get by, in a very competitive business, just doing the same old thing.

Typically engagement sessions are supposed to take place in a field with a blanket and balloons and some vintage furniture….oh and backlit, it has to be backlit. Um, I think we're well beyond the 1890s these days, but thanks for the tip.

What anachronistic world is this guy living in??

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Feb 28, 2012 05:52 |  #18

I agree with him. I've written a rant myself about certain things.

http://www.weddingphot​ …wedding-photographer.html (external link)

I am new to the business and I am also doing something which takes me to a lot of wedding sites. I see the same old same old and having just joined twitter I am extremely bored (already) by these types of comments :

'Just booked my next wedding, sooo looking forward to shooting x,y wedding'
'I can't wait to shoot x,y's wedding'
'Loved being part of x,y's special day.'

You get the point.

There are so many wedding photographers out there, shooting the same type of thing. Trust me, because of another site I am trying to build, I have been to a lot of sites. There are a lot of good photographers out there as he has suggested that haven't been found but there are some truly awful ones out there with truly awful sites and a email address....

I think he is right in saying this, which I thought and said. Now, granted, I am trying to build a wedding business but only because it's the easiest type of business to build (to a degree) I would love to be doing, Fine Art, Fashion, Portraits as so many other photographers would but it's pretty DAMN hard. As he mentioned in his post. If I got that opportunity to work in that area and make money from it....THAT is where I would be. Maybe in years to come, but you need to earn money to finance these things and weddings is a way of doing it.

As I said in my rant. It's a job to me and I'll do it well because if I don't do it well and try to be the best and succeed, nobody will book me. That's what I care about. I want to provide the couple with the best pictures ever and take pride in my work, but that's where it stops. Do I love shooting your wedding. Not really, but I will do the best I can for you, because this is my job, my business.

I had a meeting with a venue for preferred suppliers. He got me in based on what he saw but then wanted to try and change the way I shot so it was more commercialised. I want to shoot my way in hope that others like it because there are so many other photographers shooting the same way.

Also. If you do try and do something different a couple or majority of couples just want the same old thing because this is what they know wedding photography to be.

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"Why I'm Bored with the Wedding Industry"
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