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Thread started 02 Mar 2012 (Friday) 01:37
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POLL: "The new 5DMIII is:"
Exceeded my expectations
About right
Overpriced regardless

837 voters, 836 votes given (1 choice only choices can be voted per member)). VOTING IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY.
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5DMIII POLL: What do you think?

Senior Member
894 posts
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Joined Feb 2009
Location: PA USA
Mar 02, 2012 19:35 |  #106

On the fence - would strongly consider it if the DR is truly better than the 5D2 or 1Ds3. AF looks sweet and low-light performance looks to be vastly improved. If the camera has shadow banding then no way in hell - the 5D2 was atrocious.

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35 posts
Joined Jan 2005
Location: So California
Mar 02, 2012 20:29 |  #107

Poll results are interesting and not very encouraging if this is a reflection of the consumer base. Thinking if it came in at around $3000 folks would be more receptive. Looking forward to solid in depth reviews and of course comparisons against the Nikon D800. Then I will decide if I move on from my 5DM2 and to which.

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TTuna ­ Eye
202 posts
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Joined May 2011
Location: Suburban Minneapolis
Mar 02, 2012 20:49 |  #108

I am just a lowly crop Rebel shooter at this point but for the next step I am interested in the 5DMiii for the low light performance if it lives up to the billing. I enjoy shooting underwater landscapes which I can do with my Rebel and strobes with good results. Available light UW shooting requires higher ISOs and low noise which I think this camera could deliver. I am dubious of the low light performance of a 36 MP sensor but if it delivers it is worth a look. Regardless, my next dive trip (probably several) will be with the T2i as the cost of the housing and ports for any DSLR typically dwarf the cost of the body.

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Senior Member
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Joined May 2009
Location: Toronto, Canada
Mar 02, 2012 22:43 |  #109

I voted it's overpriced but I am only waiting for it to drop and for bodies to show up on the used market. Saving up in the mean time as it will mean lens swapping around too... (external link)
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Michael ­ Tsao
78 posts
Joined Apr 2008
Mar 03, 2012 03:23 |  #110

over priced and it needs faster FPS

125 posts
Joined Sep 2009
Location: Canada
Mar 03, 2012 04:26 |  #111

trying to be optimistic about the 5D3, i'm hoping its new features will be a major improvement over the 5D2 as i'm now looking into getting a FF body. Price is pretty damn hefty but it'll only be worth it or not once real results are out. That being said I probably won't be going for it as the 5D2 is still a phenomenal even though the AF is lack-luster especially compared to a 1D body. If anything if a 5Dc becomes dirt cheap then I wouldn't mind snatching one or even 1Ds once its become a steal.

121 posts
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Joined Sep 2010
Location: Charleston, SC, USA
Mar 03, 2012 05:29 |  #112

It looks like this might just fit the bill for a good workflow compromise. I have been waiting for my 1DX loaner from CPS to show up, as the thought would be to retire the 1Ds MkIII's and pass along the 5D MkII to my daughter-in-law who has started her wedding business in St. Augustine so she has a matched set. Funny thing, I had purchased the 5D MkII for the specific role of shooting video, and as a great small form-factor back up. At first, I would lament that it didn't have the 1Ds' focusing, or view finder, or weather sealing, or whatever. Then I found myself wanting to use it more than the 1 series....
By improving the weather sealing, adding dual cards (a la 1Ds MkIII) and creating a V grip with a secondary joystick, this might just work to have a pair of them. I see that the shutter is only rated to 150k, versus the 400k of the X, but since being a Platinum CPS, the cost of having one of the shutters replaced (and the rest of the camera gone through) on the 1Ds MkIII was only $120, with free FedEx each way.
I guess I'm looking forward to testing them out! Besides, we've go way too much invested in lenses and Canon gear to consider "doing the switch". It was tough on me when we did migrate over form Olympus to Canon, not only for swapping out the gear, but learning a different system while working on shoots for clients (and not screwing up too bad!).
As an aside, the 18mp of the 1DX was looking quite attractive to me from a work flow perspective. Those TB's add up quickly!

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Location: Austin Texas - Lucca Italy
Mar 03, 2012 09:40 |  #113
bannedPermanent ban

shadowcat wrote in post #14008097 (external link)
After seeing the spec's I'm morw interested in the 1Dx.

Understandable considerable and noteable.
But did you really compare the 1DX to the 4D ???
Compare the 800D to the 5DMK III they are same class but 5DMK III is $500 more.
Compare the 1DX to the 4D they are same class but 1DX is $800 more.
Exchange rates over time have an effect on MSRP
but manufacture cost and manufacture profit are always the greater effects.
It appears the rule of thumb Nikon cost more and Canon cost less has changed.

The Specs, Features, Risk, and Cost of all 4 would drive me more to the 5D MK II
as the wiser choice for at least the next year.
This is funny because the inital release Specs, Features, Risk, and Cost
of the 5D MK II did not impress me over the 5D C.
Late model camera shopping as opposed to new release seems to be my course.
They all take pictures and that is 99 % of whats important.
Depreciation is not important unless you deal in the used cam market and thats
not a good market to be in.

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1,855 posts
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Location: Calgary Canada
Mar 03, 2012 12:42 |  #114

KCY wrote in post #14004764 (external link)
I'm happy with the released specs, can be patient for the price to settle.

Will wait for real world samples before judging the camera.

You've summed up how I feel about this exactly. Speculating and getting all worked up about a camera that is not yet released does no one any good at all. Also, just be patient. It will get cheaper. I bought my 5D (Classic, as they say) for $1800 Canadian brand new, and it when it was released I remember it was north of $3000 too. I bought it the weekend before the 5D II was released, and I have no regrets. Pay what you think the camera is worth, and enjoy what you have now in the mean time.

1,791 posts
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Joined Jul 2009
Mar 03, 2012 12:51 as a reply to  @ LamontSanders's post |  #115

I guess everyone can agree that this is a phenomenal camera. Its the price point most people are having issues. I'm looking at my 3 month old 5D2 slapped with a fresh 1 week old 50 1.2L and thought to myself "Wow, I can sell these two and I would still be $500.00 short before I can purchase a 5D3" :lol:

4,011 posts
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Joined Jun 2007
Location: Chicago, IL
Mar 03, 2012 13:09 |  #116

I'm very disappointed at the lack of a direct print button :p (external link)|Flickr  (external link)IGear List|Alamy | (external link)Instagram: @garyhebding

Senior Member
365 posts
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Joined Dec 2010
Mar 03, 2012 13:31 as a reply to  @ gary88's post |  #117

This camera is obviously overpriced, but Canon has to maximize profit. No doubt they will sell thousands of them at this price point, while protecting the 1DX sales. They keep this price point up until they take in the stragglers waiting for the initial buyers to report their findings. How good those reports are will decide when a price drop will take place. I'm thinking by Christmas, what say you?

Unlocked the hidden 117 point AF
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Location: I wish I knew...
Mar 03, 2012 13:36 |  #118

gary88 wrote in post #14015024 (external link)
I'm very disappointed at the lack of a direct print button :p

I haven't noticed that, are you sure?!?

Not buying it now! :lol:

KC - The Circle of PoTN - Member of the UCPC
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Cream of the Crop
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Location: British Columbia
Mar 03, 2012 14:02 |  #119
bannedPermanent ban

Roroco wrote in post #14005388 (external link)
At $3,500 it makes more sense for me to have a 7D and a 5Dmk2 over this beast. It is just a bit more money and it gives me the flexibility of having the best of both worlds (tech and full frame) in certain situations.

Actually, if you pick up the 5d2 ($1700) and 7d ($1200) second hand, you come out way cheaper than a new 5d3.

Senior Member
270 posts
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Joined Apr 2010
Location: St Louis, Mo
Mar 03, 2012 14:32 |  #120

i voted over priced but i will probably be getting it about this time next year unless the IQ does not meet expectations. i think if it was just under 3k it would be more realistic.


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5DMIII POLL: What do you think?
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