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Thread started 24 Jun 2012 (Sunday) 05:59
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BG-E11......anybody else disappointed with its design?

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Jun 24, 2012 15:58 |  #16

jhayesvw wrote in post #14624943 (external link)
I thought the 7d had the door in the back of the grip?
my 60d has the magazine in the side like the new BG E11 but I thought the BG E7 was the old style?

Ooops, my bad!:oops:

Gear still the same. Wife drops in now and again though :cool:.

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Jun 24, 2012 16:27 as a reply to  @ lonescout's post |  #17

Canon must have added a micro switch to the BG-E6 at some point. My gripped 5D MkII shuts down as soon as I move the switch on the grip battery door, hot swapping a battery is not possible. It has a micro switch exactly the same as the BG-E7 for my 7D. Both grips are genuine Canon grips bought at large reputable dealers.

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Jun 24, 2012 17:28 |  #18

I hate the canon grips, not because of the battery location, but because of that stupid extension into the battery compartment. It opens the camera up to weather sealing issues and because of the odd shape is difficult to pack. They should have have followed Nikon with their battery grip design, which does not need the battery compartment to be opened up and exposed.

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Jun 24, 2012 18:08 |  #19

Hogloff wrote in post #14624663 (external link)
Do you really replace a battery during a long exposure?

Im just giving a reason why you could do it.

Cream of the Crop
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Jun 24, 2012 18:10 |  #20

Paintwerks wrote in post #14623813 (external link)
So, I got my Canon (genuine) BG-E11 battery grip and was dismayed to find that Canon had changed one fundamental aspect of its design/function.

Where as the 5D2's grip allowed you to run one or two LP-E6 batteries, and then switch them out on the fly without having to turn off the camera (as long as one of the two batteries remained in the grip), with the new BG-E11, Canon have moved to a magazine style battery tray that must be removed in order to access either of the two batteries. In doing so, you lose power to the camera.

Any idea why they did this? It's a sucky, fail of a design.

Bad Canon. Bad.

Seriously? I can shoot all day with two batteries and never run out. I doubt the MkIII uses that much more power.

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Jun 24, 2012 18:22 |  #21

I just recently got the BG-E11 and love the contour compared to other grips on earlier models. I don't have a problem with the battery access and having to have 2 in the tray. Not sure why anyone would want to swap out a battery in the middle of a shot, movie, or long exposure. Just seems like a nit-picky thing to complain about just to complain about something. If you didn't have the grip and you opened your battery door what do you think happens? People don't buy grips to keep the camera running while you swap batteries. I'd like to see the photos of when that happens.

It's a good grip and high-quality one.

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Thinks it's irresponsible
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Jun 24, 2012 18:24 |  #22

Couldn't care less. Well-made piece of equipment and having to switch camera off to change batteries is a MINOR concern at best.​m/ (external link)​tografi (external link)

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Jun 24, 2012 20:24 |  #23

While not a deal breaker, but if we're nit-picking...

I don't like that the distance between the shutter/wheel and AF-ON/BFB are different. Also, don't like that the distance and angle between the AF-ON/BFB and joystick are different. The big canyon between the AF-ON/BFB and joystick on the grip is off feeling for me also. When I slide my finger from BFB to joystick I have to cross the canyon on the grip.

I can deal with it, but it is a bothersome feeling when I switch.

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Jun 25, 2012 05:51 |  #24

More importantly does anyone know where to get a second battery tray for the BG-E11? I would love to be able to put my second set of LP-E6 batteries on one to support quick swapping like the LP-E4s can do on the EOS-1D series.

Steve Waldstein
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Jun 25, 2012 06:20 |  #25

I couldn't find any shops that sell it, maybe ask canon if they sell the separately?

The model is BGM-E11L

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BG-E11......anybody else disappointed with its design?
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