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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Urban Life & Travel Talk 
Thread started 30 Jun 2012 (Saturday) 17:54
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Night Photographers

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Jun 30, 2012 17:54 |  #1

Does anyone have a list of night photographers that they follow?

I got this list from a class I took, and I am wondering who else people are following.

Selected Night Photographers on the Internet:
Warren Agee - http://www.warrenagee.​com (external link)
David Baldwin - http://www.dbnightpix.​info (external link)
Tim Baskerville - http://www.thenocturne​ (external link)
Pat Brockway:​m (external link)
Jeff Brouws - http://www.jeffbrouws.​com (external link)
George Ciardi - http://www.artificiald​ (external link)
Chris Cook -​/astro (external link)
C.D. Courter - http://www.http …ightiindex.html​#linktable (external link)
Neil Folberg - http://www.neilfolberg​.com (external link)
Chip Forelli: http://www.chipforelli​.com/fine_index.html (external link)
Dana Foy - (external link)
Andy Frasier - http://www.gorillasite​ (external link) (lots of tech details)
Susanne Friedrich -​m (external link)
Michael Frye - http://www.michaelfrye​.com (external link)
Blake Hines - http://www.blakehines.​com (external link)
Todd Hido -​m (external link)
Rolfe Horn - (external link)
Mark Interrante - http://www.interwalk.c​om (external link)
Michelle Keirn - …ngindustrylkeim​index.html (external link)
Lance Keimig - http://www.thenightsky​ (external link)
Michael Kenna - http://www.michaelkenn​ (external link)
Jason Krieger: http://www.hoursofdark​ (external link)
Matthew Donovan Lennert - http://www.matthewdono​ (external link)
William Lesch - http://www.afterimageg​allery.comlesch.htm (external link)
O Winston Link -​mtrrainslowlink.html (external link)
Sharon Lowe - http://www.photosbysha​ (external link)
Doug' and Val Miller - http://www.midnightexp​ (external link)
Stu Jenks -​m (external link)
Adam Moore - http://www.adammoore.c​om (external link)
Richard Newman - http://www.newmanphoto​ (external link)
Tom Paiva -​m (external link)
Troy Paiva - http://www.lostamerica​.com/lostframe.html (external link)
Andrew Sanderson - http://www.andrewsande​ (external link)
Daryl-Ann Saunders - http://www.DASaunders.​com (external link)
Bill Schwab - http://www.billschwab.​com (external link)
Jan Staller - http://www.janstaller.​net (external link)
Berthold Steinhilber - http://www.bertholdste​ (external link)
Moonlit Story: http://www.netlaputa.n​ (external link)!
Larrie Thompson - http://www.nightphotog​ (external link)
Luc Van Den Bosch - http://users.pandora.b​e!lab-wanl
Christian Waeber -​mlbigdigl (external link)
Betty Walker - http://www.bettywalker​.com (external link)
Angela Wang - http://www.bigskyhoriz​ (external link)
Jill Waterman - http://www.newyearphot​ (external link)
Marcus Kazmierczak's Moonlight Exposure Calculator:​oto/​ml (external link)

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Jun 30, 2012 23:52 |  #2

Try Rob Simmons (the one in Atlanta, not Texas). His url is:​/ (external link)

Rob Simmons in Atlanta who has done a lot of excellent photography of that city at night.

Thanks for the list but check your urls -- at least a dozen of them are bad/broken links. Also, some of the photographers you listed (Brouws, Folberg, Forelli, Interrante, Kenna, Lennert, and Jenks) are not primarily night photographers -- they occasionally take pictures at night as part of another project So, they are not worth following if your primary interest is night photography. Finally, you list O. Winston Link as someone to follow. He is not going to produce anything -- he died in 2001.


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Night Photographers
FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Urban Life & Travel Talk 
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