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Thread started 15 Jul 2012 (Sunday) 15:59
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Going To Alaska; What Lens to Rent For 7D

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Joined Jul 2012
Jul 15, 2012 15:59 |  #1

Title Says it all, I will be going on an Alaskan kayaking/hiking trip to Prince Williams Sound. I dont even know where to start. Thanks for your knowledge.

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Jul 15, 2012 16:21 |  #2

Last year, on Kodiak, I had the 7D with both the 100-400 and 70-200 f/2.8 II. I did use both, but this year I took, and will again take next month, only the 100-400 of the two. That said, when wading (fishing), I used a Sony point and shoot kept in my vest. This year, the island has had a lot of wet weather and the higher end gear stayed near the lodge.

I assume you also will take a wider lens.

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Jul 15, 2012 16:37 |  #3

I suggest a high-end, water-proof point&shoot with a wide-range zoom. Hiking, and particularly kayaking, will involve a high risk of soaking your gear.

If you decide to take the 7D, I suggest a wide-to-tele zoom plus a moderate tele zoom. Weight will be important factor if you are carrying your gear yourself. And add a waterproof bag.

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Jul 15, 2012 17:59 |  #4

I agree with the above post.....bring a P&S if you're going to be in the water. Otherwise, a 17-55 for a walk-around and a 10-22 to capture the vastness of it all. Add a long zoom like 70-300 if you want some bird shots and such, but that's going to add some weight.

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Jul 15, 2012 19:33 as a reply to  @ GOBIGRED's post |  #5

Consider the 15-85

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Fred ­ Meebley
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Jul 16, 2012 11:32 |  #6

17-55 2.8 IS
100-400 IS

The skies are often dark and cloudy there. I would definitely bring something with image stabilization. I'm not sure if you are after wildlife or landscape type photos, but these two should cover both bases.

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Jul 16, 2012 12:42 |  #7

No matter what you bring, make sure it's stored in a floating, waterproof case if you're kayaking.

I say it all the time on here but it's something oft overlooked by many Alaska-bound travelers. The first instinct for many (myself included, as a wide angle junkie) is to pick up a UWA for those expansive landscapes. What you find when you get there is that Alaska is a HUGE place and the sheer size of it, along with it's wildlife, lends itself to the use of telephoto lenses very well. I would pack a standard zoom and something along the lines of the 100-400 and call it good.

Or just a superzoom P&S and call it a day.

Whatever you decide, be safe and enjoy!

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Jul 16, 2012 13:00 |  #8


17-55 f/2.8 and 100-400L combo will cover just about everything you can come up with.

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Jul 16, 2012 14:44 |  #9

My vote
10-22 instead of 17-55 on crop sensor
100-400 IS

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Going To Alaska; What Lens to Rent For 7D
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