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Thread started 16 Jul 2012 (Monday) 11:41
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I have my dream Canon set up, but I still yearn for a D800..

David ­ Arbogast
Cream of the Crop
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Jul 16, 2012 13:43 |  #16

BryantFC wrote in post #14724625 (external link)
yeah I really like how their 35 and 85 renders. Very sharp and bokeh very smooth.

The Nikon 24mm f/1.4 renders gorgeously as well. The 24, 35, and 85 would make a pretty killer setup. :)

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Joined Apr 2010
Jul 16, 2012 13:49 |  #17

^ Yeah forgot about that :lol:
24mm 1.4G and 85mm 1.4G have the best bokeh of the dark side. Great for portraits! ;)

Nikon D800

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Jul 16, 2012 14:44 |  #18

Was stuck in the same exact conundrum myself about 2 months back. What stopped me was the knowledge that I don't think I'd see a massive enough increase in picture quality to justify the trouble of selling all my Canon gear and getting the Nikon equivalents. Not to mention: no 50L.

So, I instead just added 3 600EX-RT's to my collection and am starting to delve into lighting. To me, it's like learning photography all over again. Like BrickR said, there's hidden potential to be unlocked once you start adding good lighting to your system.

2020: New Year, New Decade, NO G.A.S (Yep, we're giving it another shot!)

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Jul 16, 2012 14:55 |  #19

BryantFC wrote in post #14724103 (external link)
Am I going crazy or what? I shoot nothing but still life and portrait shooting. Currently shooting a 5D3, 35L, 50L and 85 1.8. I love this camera mostly because of the great low light capabilities and the AF system. BUT, for some reason i'm still wanting a D800 because of the higher resolution.

Processing power on my PC is def. not an issue but i can't wrap my head if i should switch or not. Figured that if i sold all my stuff at a strong firm price on the used section, i'd have enough to move into the D800 with the same lens set up and still have cash left over.


I say, stay with the Canon 5D3!
Low light is a super plus, Trust ME!

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Jul 16, 2012 15:02 |  #20

That'll be the correct choice for me. Time to start investing funds into lighting! July marked my first year into photography and i'm willing to learn more now. :). Thanks everyone!

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Unlocked the hidden 117 point AF
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Jul 17, 2012 02:47 |  #21

BryantFC wrote in post #14725018 (external link)
That'll be the correct choice for me. Time to start investing funds into lighting! July marked my first year into photography and i'm willing to learn more now. :). Thanks everyone!

what!Your producing amazing standard of work after 1 year? Now i'm depressed at my work :(

KC - The Circle of PoTN - Member of the UCPC
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Jul 17, 2012 03:16 |  #22
bannedPermanent ban

Invest in some lighting and see if the results satisfy you first :)

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Jul 17, 2012 07:54 |  #23

All I can say is yearned for the d800 as well. I ended up getting one and returning it. Here are my observations/opinions (ymmv):

Ergonomics are horrible. My hand would cramp after 20 minutes of shooting.

Outstanding detail. Noise was a little worse than the 5d3. However, even if it resolves a bacteria on someone's ear will I notice that in normal viewing and prints? For me the added detail was not readily apparent when viewing normally. The exception was when I cropped significantly.

Dynamic range wasn't noticeable better since I am usually at ISO 400 or higher. When I was at ISO 100, it was better but wasn't as dramatic as I expected.

I could lift shadows without as much of a noise penalty. However, without going crazy I find that I am able to lift 5d3 shadows without noise being a problem.

It is a turtle in full resolution. In DX mode it improves abviously but then I am giving up a big benefit to having a d800 - 36mp.

I have a core i7 2.8Ghz with 16GB of ram and there was a noticeable difference in processing speed.

These are my opinions and observations. YMMV and I am sure others feel differently. For me, the 5d3 I want to pick up and shoot. I avoided the d800 very quickly after getting it.


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Jul 17, 2012 08:45 |  #24

I really didn't read this thread, but...

If you "yearn" for the d800 then sell your gear and get one.

I've seen several posts in the same direction. Why post? Who cares what others think?
At this level of the game you should surely be able to judge and think for yourselves.

Go get a d800 and stop yearning already! ;)

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Jul 17, 2012 11:21 |  #25

I'm not sure what the extra resolution is going to do for you if you don't actually print. Cropping is probably easier with that kind of resolution, but the 5D2 used to be the standard when it came to FF resolution and many people were fine with it, myself included. I used to do all sorts of cropping that my friend on his D3s couldn't do. Now that Nikon has a 36mp camera, people seem to think that their photos will be better by having more resolution.

Why don't you do this, rent a D800 for the weekend, take your usual modeling photos with both camera, perform the same post processing, and post them for all of us to judge. We will let you know if you're a better photographer because of it. :)

My friend who owns a D4 and just recently got a D800 keeps bragging about his dynamic range and how amazing he can pull detail out of the shadows and highlights. That's all great if you don't have control over lighting and you constantly salvage shots rather than knowing how to properly expose your scene. He's an amateur with tons of money to blow, but I have yet to see a photo from him that is better than the 5D2 that the dumped to switch over to Nikon. They're all ok sharpness wise, but bland because he lacks the eye for good composition and doesn't know how to post process well. All he does is pixel peep and pull out shadows because he can.

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Cream of the Crop
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Jul 17, 2012 11:42 |  #26

i'd suggest finding a friend who will let you try one. i have a friend who lives in Canada, and she's let me use her D3s last year (i really didn't like that camera, ergonomics were all wrong for my small hands) and a couple of months she stopped off in Hawaii for a few days and let me play with her D800. I asked her to bring her 14-24mm lens for it and she did.
Likes - DR was very good, I'm a 100 ISO shooter. It's noticeable. Detail, IQ, whatever you want to call it is stunning.
Dislikes - ergonomics weren't great. much better than her D3s, but it sure doesn't feel like a Canon. Given the results it can produce, I think this is something I could get over.

If you don't have any friends with deep pockets, rent one and be sure to rent one of the better lenses, this camera needs good glass.

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Jul 17, 2012 12:55 as a reply to  @ rick_reno's post |  #27

I have been tempted by the beauty of the D800, but I ask myself, what will the D800 do for me that my current set-up can't? The answer? Absolutely nothing. I shoot primarily landscape/cityscape work, and there is not a thing my lenses and/or body can't do for the subjects I photograph.

If you were starting from scratch, I would say go for the D800, but your 5DIII and lens lineup seems to have you pretty much covered for what you shoot. But ultimately, it's up to you. I wouldn't blame you if you switched. :)

Guess What! I'm Pregnant!
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Jul 17, 2012 13:42 |  #28

I like the D800 for different reasons, but wont be switching. The file sizes are scary as hell, and I have a few newer systems. Most of my prints are 8x10's, so I shoot sRAW2 most of the time. Processing sRaw2 vs Raw is a major difference in performance, and going from RAW to D800 raw would be a nightmare. Increasing size 3 to 7 times!

According to this chart: http://www.photokaboom​.com …size_viewing_di​stance.htm (external link)

I only need 3 megapixels for most of my 8x10 prints.

I havent printed larger, but I will be printing a 20" group shot in the near future, and looks like it will be a breeze doing it with the 5D2. So ask yourself, is it gear lust or do you think it would be beneficial to have the D800?

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I have my dream Canon set up, but I still yearn for a D800..
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