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FORUMS Photo Sharing & Visual Enjoyment Weddings & Other Family Events 
Thread started 24 Jul 2012 (Tuesday) 00:41
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My first wedding

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Jul 25, 2012 17:32 |  #16

Lovely ring shot. Nice colors. Simply be willing to crop to improve presentation. In camera crop is ideal, not always real.

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Jul 26, 2012 01:08 |  #17

I think the watermark is just fine. It's nice and doesn't distract from the images. Great shots, but for #6, I think a little teeth whitening wouldn't hurt.

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Jul 26, 2012 04:58 |  #18

LONDON808 wrote in post #14760706 (external link)
somewhere behind that huge watermark is some photos

Are you seriously commenting on a neatly designed watermark that does not overpower or distract from the shot in any way when you have this sat in your flickr. …7499735828/in/p​hotostream (external link)

Anyway idiots aside.

These photos are superb for your first wedding, I checked out your site and looked through the whole wedding - very consistent and awesomely documented. My only critique would be the image 7 above I don't feel fits with the rest of your photos.

My reasoning behind this, your work has a very natural and controlled feel about it. Plus you make use of DOF correctly, not too shallow and not too wide - I feel number 7 just has too many distracting elements, and the posed nature of it doesn't fit.

For inspiration to see some AWESOME work, friend of mine David Robertson manages to nail group shots every time. Have a look through his weddings and see how consistent he is with his style, you could lay any two images of his wedding together and they would fit perfectly side by side. http://www.davidrobert​ (external link)

If i was to combat that shot I would of actually shot it at f2-f4 since they are all on the same plan of focus. Maybe even done a panoramic stitch (not brenizer).

Critique aside I actually cant fault your work, in fact I'm very jealous of your shots! The ring shot is seriously epic. Look forward to seeing more!

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Jul 26, 2012 16:36 |  #19

#1 and #8 are great!!

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Jul 27, 2012 08:50 |  #20

#1 - Awesome shot! 10/10
#2 - Good shot. I would have cropped the dresses in a little more though. 8/10
#3 - nice pose. I would have pulled back to get more of the dress and possibly more of the couch in the frame. 8/10
#4 - Bride is blocked and the grooms face is hardly showing. Too much going on in the background too. 3/10
#5 - Pretty good. I would have pulled back a bit as you cut out half of that groomsman on the right. 7.5/10
#6 - Nice composition and I agree it's a bit blown out. Still deserves a 8.5/10
#7 - Fun image. Maybe a little wider shot but still a great shot! 8/10
#8 - Beautiful shot! 10/10

I see nothing obtrusive with the watermark either...

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Jul 27, 2012 09:09 |  #21

overall -- a decent work for the first wedding

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Aug 05, 2012 09:29 |  #22

Thanks gang for the useful and thoughtful comments. About the watermark thing, the original watermark was way big. It almost filled the whole image with it. I didn't realized this till I posted the images on this forum. I went back and made some changes. Still a work in progress in my zenfolio site.

For the images:
1 - awesome shot for sure. Took awhile to get this shot down. I was using my 24-70 lens at first, then realized that I was using the wrong lens. Whoops!
2 - The dress shot was somewhat difficult to do with the flash. The bridesmaids dress was too reflective and glittery. Good thing I got a shot without flash on.
3 - I wanted to have a shot of the bride kinda sitting down on the couch. Didn't really know exactly how to pose or shot this one. Still need to work on my pose and cropping.
4 - I wasn't too sure about this shot either, but I kinda like the idea the pan shot of this one. Even though the bride face wasn't fully showing, I kinda like the idea of them being in the spotlight getting chased by paparazzi type of thing. Definitely need to work on the timing of this type of shot.
5 - I was taking this shot at different focal length. I like the close up shot of this, because it doesn't show any audience sitting and blocking the shot. But not everyone will agree with me so luckily I had a wider shot of this in the probably password protected client section at my site.
6 - I've been told before that some of my shot were blown out, but it look ok on my monitor. Still show details on the whites.
7 - I like the idea of this shot, I've seen it somewhere before. I just didn't know how to get this one done right. Maybe next time.
8 - Love this one.

Well, looks like I'm going to take some time off from photography and work on my health a bit. Gotta get in shape again. Hopefully I will be back with some better shots next time.

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Aug 05, 2012 11:32 |  #23

I think a nice job for a first wedding overall. The thing that jumped out at me at first glance is the bridal party shot is really tight. If someone wants a 8x10 of that shot perchance, you're going to pretty much lose two entire people, so be careful on that one. Otherwise, I think not bad at all. Great ring shot.

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My first wedding
FORUMS Photo Sharing & Visual Enjoyment Weddings & Other Family Events 
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