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Thread started 20 Oct 2012 (Saturday) 08:45
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Changing lenses during the shots or a walk-around

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Oct 21, 2012 05:36 |  #16

Lester Wareham wrote in post #15147217 (external link)
Not a lot of point of having an interchangeable lens system if you don't use it.


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Oct 21, 2012 06:21 |  #17

ed rader wrote in post #15147841 (external link)
i change lenses whenever, wherever. probably dozens of times in a day when shooting landscapes. it cause me no stress. if i cared about changing lenses i would not own a DSLR.

And this!

Otherwise why buy different lenses? Change out to what you need, when it is needed.

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Oct 21, 2012 09:16 |  #18

Sling bag makes changes a little cleaner and safer. But I still clinch a little when I do. I usually carry two bodies and have a wider and longer option on each - still do have to change though.

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Oct 21, 2012 11:29 |  #19

Dust going into the camera will not land on the sensor...the shutter blades fully protect the sensor when a photo is not being taken (unless you have the camera in sensor cleaning mode, when the shutter blades are kept open). If dust does manage to go inside the camera, it may later go onto the sensor, but not likely as most of the time the sensor is covered by the shutter blades.

Over three decades ago, when photographers had no quality zooms to consider, everyone changed lenses with far, far greater frequency than most folks do today! You learn to remove a lens, nest it into a nice safe spot in the camera bag, then pull out another lens and mount it.

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Oct 21, 2012 20:57 |  #20

vaflower wrote in post #15146353 (external link)
How often do you do it ? and How much do you hate it ?

I always feel like I might drop a lens or two during the changes, moreover the dust will often easily get into the sensor. How do you cope with these issues ?

I almost always shoot with a pair of cameras which reduces/eliminates the need to switch lenses and the danger of dropping or otherwise damaging a lens. I don't miss shots. When others need to change lenses, I simply switch cameras.

The second camera is an insurance policy against missing photo opportunities due to a broken camera. The second camera saved a trip, photographically, when I fell on a slippery Alaskan slope and broke one of my cameras.

My most often used lens duo is the 17-55mm f/2.8 IS and 70-200mm f/4L IS lenses on 40D and 7D cameras.

The weight is not overwhelming. In fact the 70-200mm f/4L IS AND a second 1.6x camera weighs about the same as a 70-200mm f/2.8L (series) lens alone.

My image quality and autofocus is great. I have a focal range from 17-200mm by just selecting the camera with the lens I need. I don't miss the 55-70m gap.

I have a constant f/2.8 aperture in my mid-range focal lengths and a constant f/4 aperture in my telephoto. I have IS in all focal lengths!

I carry the two cameras/lenses on an OPTECH Dual Harness which makes using and carrying the cameras a breeze.

BTW: The extra cost of my two camera set up is not prohibitive since the 40D (a very viable camera) is fairly inexpansive,

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Oct 21, 2012 21:45 as a reply to  @ RPCrowe's post |  #21

I like to wear a vest (like the POTN vest) when shooting multiple lens.
- hang camera from neck strap (if it's not there already)
- turn off camera
- reach into pocket A and get the lens front cap and put it on
- in same pocket get the back lens cap into left hand
- bracing the back of the camera against your chest, use left finger to push release button and right hand to remove lens
- immediately put on back lens cap and put lens into pocket A
- take second lens out of pocket B, take off rear cap and put into pocket B
- put 2nd lens on camera, take off front lens cap and put into pocket B
- turn camera on

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Oct 22, 2012 08:03 as a reply to  @ bubbygator's post |  #22

I always change Len with the body facing downward.

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Oct 22, 2012 09:19 |  #23

vaflower wrote in post #15146353 (external link)
How often do you do it ? ..

Depends. I use only prime lenses. And I own many old manual lenses, so I have much to test and change.

Somtimes I use one lens for an hour. On other occasions I change lenses every minute, for example for lens comparison images. The FD 85/1.2L and Helios 40-2 are big and heavy lenses for such a comparison.

Even worst with my new modified bokeh variation lens. There the spherical correction control alters the focal length of the prime lens. And I need to balance this with different extension tubes. For comparison images I use the same lens, but no or one, or several of the extension tubes.

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Oct 22, 2012 10:04 |  #24

I change lenses all the time when outside there's nothing scary about it.

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Changing lenses during the shots or a walk-around
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