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Thread started 28 Oct 2012 (Sunday) 02:00
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Anyone else here not have a 50mm lens in their kit bag?

Cream of the Crop
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Oct 28, 2012 12:23 |  #31

If I were shooting with full frame only, I wouldn't need a 50mm lens in my bag.

In fact, for many years while shooting film, I didn't own one... Or when I did (a lot of cameras came with one), didn't bother taking it out much.

50mm angle of view on a FF/film camera just doesn't do a lot for me. It's a personal preference, I like to use slightly wider and slightly longer lenses instead... 35mm and 40mm, 85 and 90mm, depending upon system... and really didn't need the lens in between these.

Now with crop cameras it's different. I find the 50mm very useful as a short tele and just wouldn't want to be without it. I've compromised on a 28mm as my "normal" lens, which is only slightly wide on a crop camrea, but has served pretty well. If a 24/2 USM existed, I'd probably use that instead. I don't care much for 30mm, 35mm or 40mm on a crop camera.

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Oct 28, 2012 13:22 |  #32

Most here seem to dislike the 50 on crop however seem to like 28 and 30 mm... This is essentially a 50mm. 50 mm isn't for everyone.

I have had a 50 mm since I got my first dslr and I have no intention of letting it go.

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Cream of the Crop
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Oct 28, 2012 13:33 |  #33

jerbear00 wrote in post #15178879 (external link)
This is essentially a 50mm.

What in the world did you mean by that comment? It doesn't make sense.

Skip Douglas
A few cameras and over 50 years behind them .....
..... but still learning all the time.

Senior Member
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Oct 28, 2012 13:51 |  #34

SkipD wrote in post #15178919 (external link)
What in the world did you mean by that comment? It doesn't make sense.

I believe he's saying that a 28mm - 30mm on a crop is essentially shooting with a 50mm on full frame. ( 28 - 30 x 1.6 crop = 44.8 - 48 )

500px (external link)

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Oct 28, 2012 13:58 as a reply to  @ JustinPoe's post |  #35

I have one, love using it. Some of the best shots I have taken wouldn't have been possible without it. A fast prime is a must have for indoors.

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Oct 28, 2012 14:02 |  #36

I use my zuiko 50 f/1.4 more than my 35l lately. I have my phases with 50mm primes.

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Oct 28, 2012 15:33 as a reply to  @ Cesium's post |  #37

I grew up with a 50mm attached to my Minolta SRT 202 and I still feel very comfortable using my EF 50mm 1.4 on my 5D classic.

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Senior Member
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Oct 28, 2012 15:56 as a reply to  @ bilp998's post |  #38

I've had a nifty fifty and the sigma 50. Enjoyed both, but sold both and don't have any immediate plans of re-purchasing one.

5DII | 35 f/1.4L | 85 f/1.8 | 430EX II

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Oct 28, 2012 17:14 as a reply to  @ bigland's post |  #39

Last time I owned a 50mm prime lens was when shooting film.

I do have a 24-70 so it made me wonder how often I end up shooting at 50mm. Since I do not look at what it is set at once I frame the shot, I decided to go back in Lightroom to see what percentage actually are at that focal length. With over 53,000 pictures 1% of them came out exactly 50mm. Since it is a zoom, even looking at 45mm - 55mm pictures the total is still less then 6%.

So I guess for my preferred style, a 50mm lens is not critical. Of course others will certainly disagree or say if I had one I would have better pictures. :-)

Interesting question...thanks for posting.

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Oct 28, 2012 19:30 |  #40

I've kept my 50mm f1.8 with metal mount simply because it looks almost new despite it's UA date code and it only cost me 10 bucks but it has never been mounted on my cameras :D I may will start using it if I decide to get the EOS-M simply because of it's small size

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DA (external link)

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Location: Montreal, Quebec
Oct 28, 2012 20:32 |  #41

I own the very wonderful Canon 60 mm macro and have never felt the need for an additional prime in the 50 mm range. If I didn't have the 60, it might be a different story. Although I'd miss the macro capability.

Gear: Canon R10, Canon RFS 18-150, Canon RF 100-400

Senior Member
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Oct 29, 2012 09:50 |  #42

Some people "get" 50mm better than 35 or 85 (on a FF). It just sometimes comes more naturally. Also, some people can make do with a 50 instead of switching between a 35 and 85. That saves cost and eliminates lens swapping, so it could have multiple benefits.

You could try a cheap 50 1.8 to see how you like it. If it's not for you, sell it. If it is, perhaps you might replace your 35L and 85L with a 50L and be even happier. Hard to tell without each individual trying it.

Sony A6000 | 18-55 | 16-50 | 50 f1.8

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Oct 29, 2012 11:51 |  #43

Put an extension tube on your 50mm f/1.4 and make yourself some nice art for you walls:



msbphoto.comexternal link

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Location: Lemoore, California
Oct 29, 2012 12:05 |  #44

I've got a 50 1.8 and I'm hit or miss on it with my crop body. I feel like it's somtimes to tight for what I need, but I realy like how fast it is. I picked it up (like most folks) because it was inexpensive and I honestly haven't regretted it. I just find that it's tough to get shots of people with it sometimes.

This is making me want to get out right now that the weather is nice and get some portraits with my nifty fifty....

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Cream of the Crop
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Oct 29, 2012 12:20 |  #45

I've got a 50mm lens stored away... not sure when I'll be using it again but because it's an heirloom I can't get rid of it

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Anyone else here not have a 50mm lens in their kit bag?
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