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Thread started 05 Mar 2013 (Tuesday) 19:10
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Get a refund but keep the item through Amazon?

Josh ­ V
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Joined Jan 2008
Location: Southern California
Mar 05, 2013 19:10 |  #1

So I was going to return a Umbrella that I ordered last week through Amazon. I didn't want the umbrella because it didn't have the detachable Black back to use as a shoot through. It could only be used to reflect light.

Anyway, I went through the process of of retuning the item online when a pop up appeared and said "as a valued customer you can keep the item and we will still send you a refund"

I've never seen anything like this anywhere in my life. Not complaining at all but just wondering what gives? Anyone else ever get this? I think my faith in customer service might be restored!

Oh well, an extra $20 bucks for me! Drinks for everyone! (OK maybe just one other person)

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Joined Jun 2012
Location: Lexington Ky
Mar 05, 2013 19:19 |  #2

Never heard of anything like that happening with a company as large as Amazon. But heck that's awesome of them. Maybe it saves them money if they don't have to spend time/resources restocking the merchandise or they may have just been getting rid of that specific product when it got returned.

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Cream of the Crop
7,468 posts
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Joined Apr 2006
Location: LA
Mar 05, 2013 19:32 |  #3

That is because another customer pays your part.

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1,179 posts
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Joined May 2010
Location: TEXAS
Mar 05, 2013 19:48 |  #4

more expensive to restock, relist as 'used' for less money, than it is to just refund your money. simple maths.

should make you wonder what the margin was on the item in the first place.

1,032 posts
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Joined Feb 2012
Location: Safety Harbor Fl
Mar 05, 2013 21:58 |  #5

Not with Amazon but I ordered on line a spindle of 100 ink jet printable DVDs. when they arrived I got laser printable disks. I called the Co and said I must have hit the wrong button if I send them back would you send the right one's. I was told keep them and we will ship the correct one's out today, they did.

Cream of the Crop
26,868 posts
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Joined Feb 2003
Location: Eastern PA, USA
Mar 06, 2013 12:31 |  #6

That happened to my daughter the other day. She wanted to return a book to Amazon (it was still in the box unopened). They refunded her the money but told her to keep the book.


2,100 posts
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Joined May 2012
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Mar 15, 2013 12:17 |  #7

Because on certain things amazon pays for the return shipping. (if the item had something wrong with it)

I've had to file two A-Z claims through Amazon. The first was with a video game I bought and it was listed as like new condition with all media. The instructions were missing, the case was cracked, and the disk had lots of fine scratches. I e-mail the seller and he launches into a tirade swearing at me in the e-mail reply. I contact Amazon and the booted him as a seller, refunded my $$ and told me to keep the game.

Most recently I ordered a Lowepro pack from a seller and it didn't have the waist belt. After getting nowhere with the seller I filed a claim. Got a refund and was asked to ship back, but Amazon wanted to knwo the return shipping charges so they could credit me for that too. I would imagine if the item was cheap enough they would just say keep it.

104 posts
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Joined Apr 2010
Location: Wichita Falls, TX
Mar 18, 2013 00:59 |  #8

Has happened to me a few times, with Amazon and most recently with B&H Photo. As others have stated, sometimes the cost to return/restock an item outweighs what the item is worth.

1,027 posts
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Joined Jul 2011
Location: Memphis
Mar 19, 2013 14:47 |  #9

Similar thing happened to be a couple years ago. I ordered a webcam that was 40-50 bucks I guess. I waited a week (had prime) and it hadn't gotten here, no tracking etc it just said at the facility. I emailed Amazon and asked what was up they said they had no idea it must have gotten lost. They sent another that got there in two days. About 3 weeks after that the first one showed up at my door. I emailed Amazon and they told me just to keep it.

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Get a refund but keep the item through Amazon?
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