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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre General Photography Talk 
Thread started 16 Mar 2013 (Saturday) 09:29
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The Answer to "Are Amatuers Destroying Photogrpahy"

you get what you get
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Mar 20, 2013 10:53 |  #16

iowajim wrote in post #15735186 (external link)
Spelling on occassion, but their typing is worse.

Oh? Did that extra "s" in "occasion" type itself?

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Mar 20, 2013 12:29 |  #17

OhLook wrote in post #15735856 (external link)
Oh? Did that extra "s" in "occasion" type itself?


Jim, in Iowa
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Mar 20, 2013 15:06 |  #18

iowajim wrote in post #15721040 (external link)
Heck yes, we amatuers are destroying photography! It's about time we stopped hiding this from the masses and reveal our true identity to the world!

Or maybe Canon is destroying photography! You see, they make it soooo much easier to take a good photograph that any cousin with a camera can take wedding shots that are at least equivalent to an average pro photog.

But Canon is only doing this to keep ahead of Nikon. So Capitalism is killing photography!

Needless to say, since Obama is in charge of the largest capitalistic society, Obama is killing photography.

Obama is only doing it to stay ahead of the liberal special interest groups, so alternative lifestyles are killing photography.

Since most photographers are artists, and most artists practice alternative lifestyles, photographers are killing photography!

So cut it out! Stop! We like photography! Or maybe the marketplace is ever-changing and we need to adjust or disappear, just like everyone else in the economy...

And don't send any hate mail, we all know that not more than half of all artists practice alternative lifestyles, not most... this is intended to be fun...

One of the top 5 posts EVAH on this!

BILSEN (the artist formerly known as John Galt NY)
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Cream of the Crop
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Mar 22, 2013 14:02 |  #19

LowriderS10 wrote in post #15731601 (external link)
Have you been huffing paint?

Real sniffers use glue to get high. But we are talking amateurs here on alternative living style leave.
You know why they are using green box? Because they think it is the mode for those who are high on the grass.

Sniff, Snaff, Snuff.. SNAFU!

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The Answer to "Are Amatuers Destroying Photogrpahy"
FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre General Photography Talk 
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