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Thread started 01 Jun 2013 (Saturday) 17:54
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Tripod for G series?

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Joined Nov 2011
Location: Michigan
Jun 01, 2013 17:54 |  #1

Curious as to what tripod setups folks like to use with their G series cameras here? Recently I picked up a G15 and am enjoying it immensely. I'd like to get a tripod but not sure what brands or setups to go with. Basically I hope to do some macro, landscape and wildlife photography and thus a tripod becomes a necessity. Thanks

G15/Induro AT214/Manfrotto 054

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a mere speck
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Location: Gainesville, Florida
Jun 01, 2013 18:44 |  #2

Do you have any plans to eventually get a DSLR? That would influence your choices. If not, you should be able to find a decent tripod for not that much cash.

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Colin ­ Glover
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Joined Aug 2012
Location: Southport nr Liverpool United Kingdom
Jun 01, 2013 18:49 |  #3

Something like a hama Compact traveller pro will suit you well. The legs are independant, the ball head is reversible for macro work, it's got foam padding on the upper leg sections and virtually everything. Including the head is metal, leg catches are plastic. With a 4KG load it can easilly take a G15 and speedlite. Best of all, it's UK price on Amazon is about £38.00 ($60.00) or £33.00 on Play.

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Location: Marquette, MI, USA
Jun 01, 2013 19:04 as a reply to  @ Colin Glover's post |  #4

I recently added one of these small travel tripods. I use it with my G9, G11, and NX100. It's very light, compact, has flexible options, but does not raise as high up as a full sized tripod. It's made by Slik, which is a brand I've used for about 40 years. I've got their Slik Master Classic, but it's heavier and costs a lot more. It also does not work for me as a light travel or hiking tripod due to it's weight and lack of flexibility in set ups. However, it is rock solid and does what it is supposed to do well.

http://www.bhphotovide​ …06_Sprint_Mini_​II_GM.html (external link)

http://www.bhphotovide​ …aster_Classic_T​ripod.html (external link)


Judder ­ Man
Senior Member
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Joined Oct 2007
Location: Cumbria + Wigan
Jun 02, 2013 01:29 |  #5

One of the Benro Travel Angels are pretty compact, I usually trek around with the G1x more or less fixed to the tripod.

Canon 5D mk3, 50mm 1.4, 17-40L, 70-200L, 100-400L, Canon 100L macro, Canon 2 x G1X, Speedliite 430 EX all supported by Gitzo and Benro.
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An Image in Time is a Stepping Stone to Eternity

Senior Member
401 posts
Joined Oct 2010
Location: Michigan
Jun 02, 2013 06:09 |  #6

Slik Pro 700DX with Cullmann MB6 head. I don't mess around. That or I bought a DSLR tripod setup before I got the G12. Really need to find something lighter.

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1,997 posts
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Joined Dec 2010
Location: Northeast , USA
Jun 02, 2013 07:01 as a reply to  @ jt354's post |  #7

Joby gorilla.​apod (external link)

4,409 posts
Gallery: 9 photos
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Joined Apr 2007
Location: NJ
Jun 03, 2013 00:31 |  #8

When I go really light I take the big gorillapod, the one for a dslr.
It has longer legs to wrap around posts, etc.
When all I had was the G I used a basic Slik tripod, feather light aluminum.
Now I just have the carbonfiber listed below and the gorilla.

Comments, Questions, Observations Welcome
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"Art always shows itself by doing much with few and simple things." Arthur Wesley Dow

9 posts
Joined Nov 2011
Location: Michigan
Jun 03, 2013 16:16 |  #9

Thanks for the replies, you've provided helpful information. Once upon a time, I had a 60D and a few lens. Had to sell to pay some unexpected expenses, and havent replaced the camera.

I think a combination of the Induro AT213 and Joby X ball head will work.

G15/Induro AT214/Manfrotto 054

49 posts
Joined Jun 2012
Jun 29, 2013 23:36 |  #10

Joby Gorilla for that camera

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Tripod for G series?
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