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Thread started 06 Dec 2013 (Friday) 14:43
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Will this wireless remote start/stop recording video on a 70D

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Dec 06, 2013 14:43 |  #1

Will this: …keywords=canon+​70d+remote (external link)

Start/Stop video recording on a Canon 70D? And does anyone know of one that will if this doesnt? I would prefer not to use the Canon DSLR phone app to do this

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Shane ­ W
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Location: Traverse City, Michigan
Dec 07, 2013 07:06 |  #2

Canon also prefers that you do not use the remote app with the 70D in video mode. WiFi on cam is disabled when you flip the switch to video! I believe the item you posted a link to will work but it has to be pointed at the front of camera so the IR receiver can see it.

Shane W

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Dec 07, 2013 07:47 |  #3

I've owned one and used it on my T3i and it does not work on video. And if the 70D (which I also have) have the same configuration and start/stop internals as the T3i, which most likely will, the remote shutter will only work on the photo function and Shane is correct you need to have line-of-sight to fire off the shutter. It is better to use the app for remote shutter. So don't waste your $$.

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Dec 07, 2013 21:45 |  #4

Yes, that remote will start/stop video on your 70D. All Canon DSLR's with video use the same IR remote function to start/stop video. The Drive mode must be set to self-timer(10sec or 2sec), and then must press the "2S" button on the IR remote. The "S" button will only take a still or take a still during video. Genuine Canon RC-5's (and clones) will only have the 2 second delay button, while all the others have both the S and 2S buttons. (the RC-6 only has one button but there is a switch on the back for S or S2)

Just search out RC-1, RC-4, RC-5, or RC-6 and you will find many different varieties.

$2.00 is all you need to spend. I use one like this for my 5D3, and SL1: …_from=R40&_nkw=​canon+RC-4 (external link)


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Dec 07, 2013 22:19 as a reply to  @ msowsun's post |  #5

Remote (external link)

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Joined Jan 2014
Jan 29, 2014 09:25 |  #6

simply use an IR Extender and place it wherever you need it and point the remote at it or just tape it to the IR extender sender unit.

use a USB battery pack to power the extender they are about $50 for a decent one and can charge your phone at the same time. I use the Energizer xp 18000 with a DC adapter for charging canon batteries to charge my batteries anywhere without power.


Mostly Lurking
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Sep 24, 2014 06:42 as a reply to  @ mitch-ogb's post |  #7

i'm new with the 70d (i used before a d7000 nikon but in video it's not the perfect dslr to go)

now i own this dslr and i recently bought a giga t pro II hahmel
this is a very complex remote control

once i set it up then i did every thing you said before that is to say to set The Drive mode must to self-timer(10sec or 2sec), then i set the mode to video ( the littke button on the right and then when i hit the start button nothing happen

when i set it to photo it takes the photo but for the video it doesn"t work

maybe i should buy the RC-6 but i don't think it will work either

any suggestions will be much appreciated

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Will this wireless remote start/stop recording video on a 70D
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