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Thread started 26 Dec 2013 (Thursday) 20:46
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Best tripod legs for $150 or less

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Dec 26, 2013 20:46 |  #1

I currently have a cheap tripod I bought years ago before I really got into photography and while it has served admirably, it's time to upgrade. My biggest gripe is that it is not tall enough. So I need legs that will work for some one 6'4". I purchased a used ball head already, so just needing legs right now.

Any recommendations?

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Dec 26, 2013 20:55 |  #2

TTUShooter wrote in post #16556107 (external link)

Any recommendations?

A bigger budget. you want strong, stable legs that are also adequately tall, you'll need to spend a wee bit more than $150, unless you can find something used. (external link)"Vacuous images for the Vapid consumer"
500px (external link)
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Dec 26, 2013 20:55 |  #3


You said legs. These are just that. No head. You'll need one of those, too.

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Dec 26, 2013 21:10 |  #4

v35skyline wrote in post #16556123 (external link)


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Dec 26, 2013 22:40 |  #5

v35skyline wrote in post #16556123 (external link)

You said legs. These are just that. No head. You'll need one of those, too.


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Dec 26, 2013 22:45 |  #6

Check this out first.​/watch?v=OiqD7v9mKPY (external link)

The reviewer is the same height as you are.

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Dec 26, 2013 22:47 |  #7

Here's a fourth vote for 055xprob.

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Cream of the Crop
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Dec 26, 2013 23:01 |  #8

You can't go wrong with Mano.

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Dec 26, 2013 23:05 |  #9

jbrackjr wrote in post #16556360 (external link)
Check this out first.​/watch?v=OiqD7v9mKPY (external link)

The reviewer is the same height as you are.

Dear TTU,

In general terms you should look at the Benro 2970 legs. Taller, cheaper, better warranty, far more features than the 055XPRO's.

However, you didn't mention why you need the height other than to say that you are 6'4". If all you need is height look at the SLIK 700DX's for $ 99.00. I've asked a number of people who own them how they like them and they all agree that while they are heavy they are also far sturdier than their 15 pound rating.

They aren't top of the line legs but anyone who argues that they aren't sturdy and don't get up high probably paid a buttload more for their tripod so have to do that, otherwise they wasted their money, right? ;)

There are more than a few Youtube videos of the SLIK 700's. Think about why you want a better tripod and think about what you want to do with your tripod and go from there.


Tim Murphy :D

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Jan 09, 2014 02:38 |  #10

I have two Slik 700DX and do NOT suggest you buy one.

My first unit is over 10 years old. It's bombproof, having survived being dropped repeatedly, dragged through the sand and mud, drenched in thunderstorms, etc. It even shrugged off a 50+ foot cliff tumble at Bryce with nothing more than a few new scrapes to show for my brain fart.

The second 700dx I bought about 5 years back, is a fragile piece of crap. While the legs tubing and frame are still very well built, the plastic sliders that lock the leg extension joints have gone to hell. TWICE, I've been gently extending a leg only to have the entire thing fall apart in my hands. The leg pulls completely out as springs and fractured plastic bits fly through the air. The first leg broke less than a month after purchasing the tripod. I hadn't dropped or otherwise abused it in any way, and I do not yank violently on the legs as I extend them. After repairing the first failure, I gave up and 'fixed' the second break by wrapping the leg with teflon tape. It's clear to me that Slik has gone the CHEAP route with the components, resulting in a fragile, unreliable, and therefore useless product.

IMO, the 700DX should be AVOIDED at all costs.

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Jan 09, 2014 03:23 |  #11 …312&sr=8-1&keywords=mk294 (external link)

I use this one and I love it. Holds my gripped 5D3 and 70-200 2.8 IS II without any issues. It is aluminum so it does have some weight to it, but it is VERY sturdy. I use it a lot for long exposures quite often. I have used it on the beach as well while waves were coming in and hitting the tripod legs.

It is very tall, I often have to stand on my tip toes when extended all the way :P. They also sell it without the 3 way head.

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Jan 09, 2014 08:31 as a reply to  @ JeremyKPhoto's post |  #12

Not quite sure if you can get these your side of the pond. I recently bought one and a Giottos MH1300-621 ball head and it supports my 7D and Sigma 150-500 with ease.

I'm just 6' and with the ball head and camera in place I can just see through the view finder without bending, but you could always raise the column slightly, if needed. …duct.html?proID​=101379512 (external link)

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Jan 09, 2014 10:06 |  #13

FarmerTed1971 wrote in post #16556365 (external link)
Here's a fourth vote for 055xprob.

Plus One = 7 Recommendations so far.

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Jan 09, 2014 10:43 |  #14

another one for the manfrotto 055x, it holds my cameras & lens up to 600mm without an issue. Mind you I have a expensive head mount, but the tripod has never failed, in windy or uneven ground conditions.

Terri Jean

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Jan 10, 2014 18:11 |  #15

I just picked up my first "Pro" tripod used from the Sell section. It's not a Manfrotto. I had been within inches of pulling the trigger on a Manfrotto. However I settled for this.. Vanguard ABEO 323 AB Tripod (external link). New they're selling for $229, however keeping an eye on the Sell section I managed to get it for $140.. That's within your $150 budget.. Glad ya' didn't see if first..

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Best tripod legs for $150 or less
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