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Thread started 07 Jan 2014 (Tuesday) 08:51
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Not Happy With SterlingTek Batteries

Hoosier ­ Writer
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Joined Sep 2010
Location: Martinsville, IN
Jan 07, 2014 08:51 |  #1

I have seen a great deal of good reviews on SterlingTek batteries so when I decided to buy more batteries they seemed a no-brainer. However, I always question reviews of new gear that hasn't been through the mill and now I have been vindicated. Two years ago I purchased two SterlingTek batteries for my Rebel, which my daughter took to college last year for photography classes. She complained that the batteries would not hold a charge. I assumed she wasn't doing something right.
Not long after I bought the batteries for the Rebel, I bought two SterlingTek BP-511A style batteries for my 40D. They worked great until I went to use them a month ago on a trip. Neither would take a charge! Luckily the original Canon battery that came new with the 40D still worked fine and held a charge.
I don't use my gear all the time but I did expect the batteries to last as long as the old Canon brand battery. Perhaps not using them shortened the life but then why is the even older Canon battery still chugging along?
I guess I will pony up the cash to get a real McCoy next time.

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2,106 posts
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Joined Apr 2011
Location: New York
Jan 07, 2014 09:06 |  #2

Could be a defect? There's times where I don't touch my camera and it still held its charge and didn't drain completely.

If its defective within the year, SterlingTek will replace it without question.

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Cream of the Crop
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Joined Jul 2004
Location: Gilligan's Island
Jan 07, 2014 09:13 |  #3

Give Wasabi a try. These are made in China but premium cells are from Japan.

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Jan 07, 2014 09:42 |  #4

I'm a big fan of both STK and Wasabi batteries. Neither have failed me, and I have over a dozen of each (for various cameras).

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Cream of the Crop
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Joined Aug 2009
Jan 07, 2014 10:42 |  #5

They may have gotten some bad batches. I also bought a pair of BP-511As from SterlingTek around that time and just before they hit a year old, they stopped holding a charge. They replaced them without any hassle and the replacements were still working when I sold them with the camera at least 18 months later.

1,312 posts
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Joined Aug 2010
Location: San Antonio Texas
Jan 07, 2014 10:54 |  #6

I have not had a problem with my STK batteries FWIW

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Hoosier ­ Writer
102 posts
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Joined Sep 2010
Location: Martinsville, IN
Jan 07, 2014 11:27 |  #7

1KIND wrote in post #16585086 (external link)
Could be a defect? There's times where I don't touch my camera and it still held its charge and didn't drain completely.

I doubt it. The batteries for my Rebel and 40D are different and were bought several months apart.

Trout ­ Bum
Senior Member
462 posts
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Joined Dec 2007
Location: Idaho, USA
Jan 07, 2014 20:43 as a reply to  @ Hoosier Writer's post |  #8

I bought a handful (LP-E6) of SterlingTeks for a once-in-a-lifetime trip. One did not work at all, out of the box, the rest were fine and performed adequately. Not long after, they would not hold a charge, although they registered 100% in the camera menu.

Unfortunately, as you would find by researching similar threads here, there is no consensus on battery brands. People will call you an idiot for paying for Canon batteries and say they do not perform as well as $10 ones from China, and others will relate tales like yours (and mine). It seems some third party brands will perform adequately for the cost, but may not last as long as originals. The next poster will prove me wrong, so whatever you decide will be the correct choice! :D

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01010100 01010011
35,659 posts
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Joined May 2002
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Jan 07, 2014 20:53 |  #9

Some chargers will report completely empty batteries as bad, and won't charge them. There is a trick to resuscitating them, and that involves running a direct battery charge (like 9-12v) across the cell to ramp up the voltage enough to get the chargers to recognize and charge them. I wonder if that is what happened here.

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Cream of the Crop
7,286 posts
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Joined Dec 2010
Location: East Central IL
Jan 07, 2014 21:08 |  #10

My SterlingTeks worked great with my 7D but wouldn't register with the 6D. After tried them in the 6D they wouldn't charge. The charger just kept flashing orange very quickly. I read that when they do that to remove the battery from the charger for a few seconds and try it again. Repeat for a few times if it doesn't work right away. I did and after a try or two they both charged fine. They've been fine since, but I only use them in the 7D now.

Mark J.

Senior Member
464 posts
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Joined Jun 2007
Location: Boston, MA
Jan 08, 2014 09:33 |  #11

In my past experience with Sterlingtek BP511's, I would have to mount and dismount them a few times in the charger before they actually started charging (they would initially tell the charger they were full). This was especially the case if the charger was already plugged into the wall before I put in the battery. Didn't seem to happen as frequently if I put them in the charger before plugging it into the wall. Definitely odd behavior, but they 4 out of the 5 I owned held charges just fine for several years.

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a mere speck
6,828 posts
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Joined May 2011
Location: Gainesville, Florida
Jan 08, 2014 12:13 |  #12

I've had better luck with my Sterlingtek batteries for both my G12 and my 60D than I did with the originals.

My 60D OEM battery is already showing 2 bars after a recharge while the Sterlingtek batteries are all showing the max. This could just be dumb luck but I've been very happy with the Sterlingteks.

As has been suggested, people's experiences have been all over the map when it comes to batteries, both Canon and other brands. If I hadn't seen such rapid degradation of my Canon batteries, I may have continued to purchase them.

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Not Happy With SterlingTek Batteries
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