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Thread started 02 Mar 2014 (Sunday) 23:20
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Canon DPP/MCU uses GMT on import?

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Mar 02, 2014 23:20 |  #1

Hey all, I'm using the Canon Memory Card Utility to download images from the card to my hard drive.

I have it set up to download the CR2 files and create a new folder (YYYY_MM_DD) in the Pictures folder on my machine. The files are renamed into the format YYYYMMDD_[IMG#].cr2.

Here's my conundrum: When they get renamed, they are named using time which is 8 hours ahead (GMT or UST or whatever you want to call it). Since I'm in California, that means that any picture I take after 4:00pm will be put in tomorrow's folder and named as though I took it tomorrow. When I check the exif data on those photos, however, they indicate that I took them today (the exif data knows when it was taken, but the Canon software names it ahead of time)

Some technical specs:
Camera: Canon 7D, with it's time set to local time, and the time zone set to my actual time zone.
Computer: MacBook Pro Retina (Not running Mavericks, yet...) set to the correct time and time zone.
Canon software: The stuff that came with my 7D, with updates within the last month or so.

I have tried setting my camera to the England time zone, so it's internal time zone is +0:00, but the import software still names the pictures 8 hours ahead when I did that.

Has anyone run into this issue? Is there a setting somewhere that I'm over-looking? Have I posted in the right forum? (I did a search, but I'm having a hard time knowing what search terms to use to avoid all of the "how do I download images with DPP, etc..." kinds of posts.)

Cheers, and thanks for any help you can give me.

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Mar 03, 2014 01:45 |  #2

PGAero wrote in post #16730409 (external link)

Nothing to do with your post sorry :-) .. I am not a landscape photographer. But love to try and understand different techniques. Just wondering why you shot in portrait and not landscape? Cheers

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Mar 03, 2014 02:46 |  #3

You are managing to confuse me, so no wonder your camera is confused. You say you are in California and England, both statements cannot be true.

The camera uses whatever date and time you tell it to when recording images. My 5D2 manual (page 42) tells me to go to the "spanner1" in the menu and set the date and time.


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Mar 03, 2014 12:15 |  #4

I have my camera set to California time. My 7D asks what time zone I'm in, so the time and time zone are set correctly for me.

Since the Canon software (Memory Card Utility) was importing the photos and stamping them with GMT, I tried (for one import go-round) to get around the 8 hour time difference between CA and England by just setting my camera to think that it was in England, thereby making the time difference between GMT and the camera's internal time 0 hours. The import through Canon's Memory Card Utility still off-set the actual time the photo was taken by 8 hours, so I eliminated that particular item as the source of the time-shift.

I see now (and I've edited it) that I should have used different wording when I explained this in my post above. Thanks.

You are absolutely correct that the camera uses the time and date that I tell it to. The raw files have the correct time associated with them both before and after import. The issue I'm having though, is that the Canon software, upon import, is assigning the date to the photos as though they were taken 8 hours ahead. Since the camera's time zone had no effect on how they were imported, I suspect that the Canon software has a time zone setting that I'm unaware of, or one that is non-adjustable. The computer is set, just like the camera, to local California time, and is set to the correct time zone. Somewhere in the import process, the Canon software is assigning England's date to the photos.

Nick_Reading: Landscape with the above scene doesn't lend itself quite as well (in my opinion) due to there being less interesting things in the top left and top right corners. This particular mountain makes some nice reflection shots in portrait. Of course, I took dozens of each on this particular morning. I took more landscape than portrait that morning, but once I got home and had some time to sift through, I found that I liked the balance in the portrait orientation when a reflection was involved.

http://im1.shutterfly.​com …/r%3D0/rx%3D600​/ry%3D400/

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Mar 03, 2014 12:26 |  #5

I'm not the only one...

Canon Forum (external link)

It looks like it might be in how the Canon software interfaces with the Mac OS.

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Canon DPP/MCU uses GMT on import?
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