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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Critique Corner 
Thread started 29 Mar 2014 (Saturday) 14:48
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First shot at food photography

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Apr 04, 2014 22:43 |  #16

Tough crowd

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Apr 05, 2014 00:17 |  #17
bannedPermanent ban

I actually liked most of the shots, just make the images warmer on white balance. I really didn't like #5 at all. The picture is of a hand, not the food. And it's an ugly hand too with discolored skin and dimples and too many pores.

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Apr 05, 2014 05:01 |  #18

I thought they were OK, but I'm not technical enough to give proper C&C like the others here, but I agree with the others on the hand shot. Maybe there is a reason I don't see pics (that I have noticed) of people actually making the food in food photography in magazines etc!
I'm not going to be critical of the hand itself as I have 45 year old mechanic hands that make those look like a newborns, but that photo really didn't increase my urge for sweets I have to be honest!

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Apr 05, 2014 06:09 |  #19

tmoore323 wrote in post #16807642 (external link)
Kinda liked number 4, so played with it a bit:

The food looks delicious, and the update is an improvement on lighting, but many of the other already stated comments still apply. Since this is a friend who I assume plans on cooking again I would see if you can set up another photo shoot.

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Apr 05, 2014 10:36 as a reply to  @ JasonMK's post |  #20

Hey guys, thanks for all the c&c, info and ugly hand discussion.
Sorry it took me so long to reply.
I actually agree with most of your comments.
As it was indeed a "side-project" for a friend, I didnt have time set up properly and she did all the preparations (table, symmetry, etc) and I didnt have time to fix it.
I thank you all for you feedback, will definitely use it in my next photoshot.
One thing Im not gonna tell her about is your opinion on her hands... :P
Thanks again.

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Apr 05, 2014 15:10 |  #21

tmoore323 wrote in post #16810933 (external link)
Tough crowd

This isn't the "compliment my photos" forum; this is the critique forum, where we give whatever advice and pointers we can, in order to help OP improve.

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First shot at food photography
FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Critique Corner 
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