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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Critique Corner 
Thread started 18 Jun 2014 (Wednesday) 13:26
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New Photographer

3 posts
Joined Jun 2014
Jun 18, 2014 13:26 |  #1

I have always loved taking pictures of anything I could but recently got into photography. I am attaching one of my pictures, could anyone offer some pointers?

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Jun 18, 2014 13:35 |  #2

Welcome to POTN. The pointer I could give is this, think about what you want to show and why you want to show it. The above photo is well exposed and sharp photo of the berries. Its also pretty boring. I dont mean to be mean when I say that, its just that you've done little through composition or focus to make it look any different than if you were standing in the garden looking at it. Maybe a different angle, zooming in more, or cropping it differently you can find a unique angle to show something in a different way. I understand you were probably looking for more simple tips, but if start looking at subjects with an idea to showing something a bit different you will be miles ahead of most beginners.

3 posts
Joined Jun 2014
Jun 18, 2014 13:42 |  #3

Thanks. This was literally the 1st picture I took and I'm trying to learn the camera as well as how to show a certain aspect. But thanks, I will keep those in mind.

Cream of the Crop
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Jun 18, 2014 19:48 |  #4

Welcome, your first image is well focused and exposed. You've isolated the subject (the berries?) quite well and the depth of field is also helping with the isolation. As gonzogolf has said, decide what you want your picture to be and then find the best way to accomplish that with light, angles, background, etc. Also look at composition - google the rule of thirds for some ideas. It's a good start.

In this particular forum I would also suggest that you leave the exif data on the image as it may help with suggestions for improvement.

Perspiring photographer.
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Jun 18, 2014 20:13 |  #5

Welcome to POTN....where are at in your photography? I am curious why you did not use your skills on a more exciting subject I guess. Or were you still testing your abilities to isolate subjects with depth of field. If that was the case... you did quite well. Nice picture if you are into berries....

Ann Robinson:)
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3 posts
Joined Jun 2014
Jun 19, 2014 08:08 as a reply to  @ karobinson's post |  #6

I got my first "real" camera Saturday which is a Canon Rebel T3. Before that I have only had the cheapo $50 cameras. I took this Sunday trying to learn the setting & just trying to isolate a specific item with the camera. I was taking pictures of everything from my animals to the berries, this one was my favorite. I realize it's not as advanced as some of the pictures I have seen on here but I want to learn and i do intend on practicing and finding more interesting things to photograph. I appreciate any feedback & tips I can get. I will google the rule of thirds, Thanks for the feedback

Senior Member
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Jun 19, 2014 08:55 |  #7

take pics, take lots of pics, and enjoy it!

too many people try to be 'professionals'... just be you and have fun takin pics!

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Cream of the Crop
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Jun 19, 2014 09:51 |  #8

rtolliver wrote in post #16979698 (external link)
Thanks. This was literally the 1st picture I took...

Well, it's better than the first one that I took! ; D
When you are framing a shot in your viewfinder, pay special attention to what the background looks like, because it's about half of your image, right? Use the "Depth of field" preview (external link) button, or take a quick shot & Chimp it.

Virtual Camera (external link)
Notice the background changes when you use his "Shutter and Aperture" settings!
Also​amera-simulator/ (external link)

DOFMaster Depth of Field Calculator (external link) with apps for iphone, ipod, palm, android, windoze...

And you might try visiting the best camera specific source we all have: CAMERA LESSONS by Canon: = Enjoy! Digital SLR camera = (external link)

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36 posts
Joined Jun 2014
Jun 21, 2014 19:02 |  #9

Don't use flash for this kind of photography and it would be great if it was taken at sunset or all in the shade. :)

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