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Thread started 25 Jul 2014 (Friday) 16:31
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Fix the rubber on my grip?

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Jul 25, 2014 16:31 |  #1

I have a BG-E11 grip for my 5D Mark III and loved it until the small plastic piece that goes presses into the battery flap broke, preventing it from being able to be turned on. I should've superglued that piece back, but instead sent it in for repair. When I got everything back from checkup/repair, I no longer had/have a battery door (was attached to grip). Furthermore, the rubber has begun peeling off and expanding. The question being, is it possible to fix this on my own or do I need to send it to Canon? It's usable but very annoying as it is extremely loose around the shutter button and air bubbles are underneath the entire front edge of the grip. If I do need to send it to Canon, would it be covered under warranty from previous repair or would I be paying for this? If paying how much? Any info on this would be a lot more than I have now!


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Jul 25, 2014 16:55 |  #2

I would think in the very least you should complain to Canon for owing you a battery door. You had it attached when you sent it in, so you need one back. What rubber piece are you talking about? That little tab in the rear that's at the slot for the battery tray, or the whole rubber texture covering the whole grip? I suppose if it's just a corner that's starting to peel, you can try super gluing. It would have been easier if you have photographs of the grip before sending off to Canon, then the after. But it doesn't hurt to call Canon and demand a battery door/ a complimentary repair of the rubber on the grip.

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Joined Mar 2011
Jul 25, 2014 17:04 |  #3

I'm talking about the entire rubber texture covering the grip. I would like to superglue it but it has expanded to the point that the rubber will no longer fit snuggly against the grip. I didn't know if there was an easy way to fix that or not. Sounds like it's time to give Canon a call. They were very careless with the loaner as well. Guess I know not to trust them with accessories haha.

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John ­ from ­ PA
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Jul 26, 2014 06:19 |  #4

With respect to the repair of peeling rubber parts...many people recommend double backed tape which is the original product. Quite a few people recommend just plain rubber cement. But in your case, since this was a recent Canon repair, I would pursue getting a remedy from them.

I have repaired rubber components (not my 60D which is holding up well) with one of the Loctite or 3M products available in auto stores for attaching rubber seals to metal car surfaces. You need a product that when cured retains some flexibility. Gorilla glue hardens rigid, expands when curing and in time will crack. The 3M product is called 3M Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive, about $4 at an auto store. It is black. Just use care when applying (avoid excess) and hold in place with duct tape or electrical tape until cured.

This is the 3M product description.

A strong, flexible, rubbery adhesive that can withstand vibration, oil, grease, and extreme temperature variations. It can be used to bond weatherstripping to car doors, trunks, T-tops, moon roofs and sun roofs. Excellent adhesive for holding paper, cork, or rubber gaskets in place during installation.

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Jul 28, 2014 06:41 |  #5

If it is on a corner i.e. With an exposed element. I bought some double sided closed cell foam adhesive strip.
Its very thin - looks like a clear plastic bag material, sticky on both sides. It is also used for replacing bump stops on drawers that have lost their stickiness.

This could be slid in and then just pressed down.

We have a garden gate that the latch can rattle against the wood. I got a piece of closed cell foam and just stuck it on the fence. I exoected it to last about a week! 2 years later its still there. Despite the woood getting soaking wet , in direct sunshine and cintracting and expanding. That stuff is magic.

But my first port of call would be to get Canon to give me a new grip!

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Fix the rubber on my grip?
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