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Thread started 09 Sep 2014 (Tuesday) 07:58
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What's your favourite 35mm Film stock?

Two ­ Hot ­ Shoes
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Sep 09, 2014 07:58 |  #1

I used to shoot with Kodak Gold & Ektar 100 a lot, yesterday I was rummaging through an old camera bag and found a unexposed role of Gold 100, guess it's been sitting in there for about 10 years. Naturally I popped it in a film camera and am shooting away (camera got a new battery too). Really loving it although I keep looking at the back of the camera after the shot. Ha!

Two questions:

1. Do you think the film will expose well?
2. What's your favourite 35mm Film stock?


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Cream of the Crop
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Sep 09, 2014 08:49 |  #2

Ten years might be OK. It depends on how it was stored in the bag. The color changes magenta to green as it ages. (Or the other way around -can't remember).

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Out buying Wheaties
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Sep 09, 2014 09:03 as a reply to  @ PhotosGuy's post |  #3

1. I would expose it like ISO50.

2. None for favourite. Film is the sensor. Why limit yourself to the digital cameras concept where you have to deal with single sensor, where you could change the ISO, but can't change the "character".


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Sep 09, 2014 09:11 |  #4

how to rate depends on how it was stored and film speed.
if it's been sitting in a shelf I would over-expose it by 1 or 2 stops, no need to compensate as much if fridge/freezer stored.
the faster the film, the more you'll have to compensate it.

going through a roll of expired Supra 400 and rated it to 100 then might push it one more stop in processing.

favorite 35mm film stock?
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Sep 09, 2014 18:58 |  #5

Probably a weird one... Delta 3200. It is my absolute favorite for street photography.

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Sep 09, 2014 19:06 as a reply to  @ MattPharmD's post |  #6

i havent shot film in close to 25 years (i took quite a break from photography back in the day) but i mostly used Ektachrome 100/400, VP-S III and MILES of Tri-X pan...

the VP-S was a little flat but i always though the colors were very creamy. maybe part of that was the 160 ASA speed...

the 'chrome was very acceptable when exposed properly. maybe it was just our processing (Air Force) but i liked everything about 1/3 under. we had a brown "wood grain" processor (machine) with a tray across the top front where the loaded film reels went. then you selected a plug in board for whatever film you were processing. we had the same thing when i worked for Gannett (if anyone can think of the name of the machine)...

Tri-X was just a little bit grainy back then but it was all journalism and newspaper reproduction so we used it...

we used Pan-X in 120 for officer portraits in case anyone is curious :D

I'm a chimper. There I said it...
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Sep 09, 2014 19:32 |  #7

Tri-x now

In the day Kodachrome 25 professional 135, Kodachrome 64 120, Tri-x 320 professional sheet film.

Cream of the Crop
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Sep 09, 2014 19:34 |  #8

Depends, for street Black and white I like Tri X 400, for portraits Tmax 400.

Color I like porta 160 for portaits and cheap fuji color 200 for street.

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Senior Member
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Sep 09, 2014 20:54 |  #9

I used Fuji 160 ISO, can't remember the actual name

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Cream of the Crop
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Sep 09, 2014 21:37 |  #10

Overall, I'd say that Kodak Tri-X was my most-used film and I processed it with Microdol-X, normally diluted 1:3 with water.

Skip Douglas
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Cream of the Crop
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Sep 10, 2014 04:25 |  #11

Colour was probably Kodachrome 25 then 64. If I needed more speed then Ektachrome. I did also like Fujichrome as well. Although it was E6 I seem to remember it came process paid, so was expensive compared to the Kodak, especially as I was developing it at home. For monochrome I really liked Ilford FP4 for nice conditions, but also shot a lot of HP5 when ASA400 was needed. I mostly used Patterson branded developer (Acutol I think?) as well as using May & Baker products. There was a May & Baker factory near where I lived, and if I had not joined the RAF I was considering applying for a Lab technicians apprenticeship there.


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What's your favourite 35mm Film stock?
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