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FORUMS Post Processing, Marketing & Presenting Photos The Business of Photography 
Thread started 27 Sep 2014 (Saturday) 17:37
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Can you email me that photo?

Cream of the Crop
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Oct 07, 2014 13:58 |  #76

benji25 wrote in post #17196691 (external link)
A little harder now that you can see the image instantly as opposed to waiting days to develop it.

Not necessarily. What looks good on the camera LCD may still be fuzzy and out-of-focus.

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Oct 07, 2014 14:11 |  #77

GeoKras1989 wrote in post #17194666 (external link)
Straight up: I am an amateur and have never sold any of my photos.

I can't help but wonder how many of the folks on this excursion expected free services from the doctor, dentist, lawyer, plumber, or auto-mechanic on this safari, just because they went on the same vacation. I'm going to assume that this was a group of Americans. Getting something for nothing has become a nation past-time here.

If those free services were as minor and only took a minute (like taking a photo of a hippo) then I would hope they would perform them.

For example, if on the trip I slipped and thought I broken my arm, I hope the doctor I am on the trip with could at least feel my arm and be like "yes you need to go to the hospital". (Not to mention they are obligated to help in an emergency if there was one)

Lawyer - don't see how his services would related to the experience of the trip.

Plumber - don't see how his services would relate either.

Mechanic - As I said before if we were driving and a gasket came loose and all it would take would be for the mechanic to tighten it with a screw driver, I hope he would so we could keep going with our trip.

It isn't like they are asking for a 30x 60 print or all of the photos from the trip. I am sure they want a cool background for their computer or something. I honestly don't see how that is such a big deal to many of you. Just tell them it's for personal use only and not to be printed, distributed etc.

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Oct 08, 2014 15:09 |  #78

I ran into a similar situation years ago when y son was playing CYO basketball. I would go down to the gym early and set up three flashes controlled by pocket wizards and use my DSLR with F2.8 lens and move around and get a variety of shots of all the players on the team.

One mother was always there shooting with an entry level DSLR, in auto exposure mode, and a kit lens with the pop up flash and would constantly tell me how good her pictures were. I was like OK good for you.

Several parents asked to see my images, so I made a private gallery on my Smugmug site for the team and season and would post each game after going through the images.

I "protected" them on Smugmug and didn't watermark them.

I gave each parent of every player the website and the password. Just about all of the complained to me that they couldn't "save" the photos fro Smugmug.

I explained to them that is how I have my account set up. That I get to the gym early, set up three flashes, stands, etc. They all got insulted, "What's the big deal, they are just digital pictures, send them to me."

Now I had known a lot of the parents for years as our kids were friends.

I even set up Smugmug that they could print the images through Smugmug for .29 cents. I wasn't looking to make a profit. Just give everyone the opportunity to have some nice prints of their boys playing ball.

It went over like a lead balloon. One mother cursed me out because if I "would just send her the files she could goo to Walgreens and only pay .19 cents a picture."

People don't look at digital the same way as film. People would always ask if you could get them a set of pictures and they would pay you for the developing when it was film. They would never ask you for your negatives.

Now it's just a digital file, it's not a picture, what's the big deal.

Lost a few friends that season needless to say.

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Can you email me that photo?
FORUMS Post Processing, Marketing & Presenting Photos The Business of Photography 
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