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Thread started 01 Dec 2014 (Monday) 23:44
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Sorry to say but

this thread is locked
Senior Member
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Dec 01, 2014 23:44 |  #1

I hate this new format.... Please can we go back to the old forum.....

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Has the TF retired? Or just being utterly lazy?
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Dec 01, 2014 23:46 |  #2

Give it more time. Try stuff around. Its actually a very smart design if you try some of the features introduced with it.

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Location: middle east
Dec 02, 2014 01:06 |  #3

I have to say that my first reaction was similar - since it takes a while to get used to the new format, buttons etc...
but I like the change in the placement of the photography based discussions first and the gear after it.

Is there a thread which lists the changes - even a summary?

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Dec 02, 2014 02:49 |  #4

Not a big fan of the new changes, especially the animations when you reply to posts, why can't we just have a 'quick post' already there waiting to ave loading times.

The whole site has been over designed, needs a lot of simplifying to make it work better. Also the submit/cancel buttons have moved to an awful place, why move them when it was intuitive to keep them as they were – like EVERY other forum!

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Sleepless in Hampshire
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Dec 02, 2014 03:50 |  #5

I have to agree I don't like it either, not so much AMASS more like A mess.

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74 posts
Joined Mar 2014
Dec 02, 2014 03:56 |  #6

Not a big fan either but I'm aware of the general disdain for something new so I'll try it out for awhile and see how it develops. No other choice really.

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Location: Sydney, Australia
Dec 02, 2014 04:29 |  #7

I'm finding it very hard to like this new format too.
Was looking forward to the upgrade but sorry to say - this is A-mess indeed (as far as I have seen).
I will give it time to learn and get used to it but from what I see it's a vast step backwards.
Sorry Pekka but was there a real need to change it so drastically?

It gives me info I don't need and things I need I can't see.
How do I change the post order so that I can read from bottom (first post) to top (last post) for example?
Why is there no member post count visible, I have to search for it?
Who cares what the post # is to the forum, what is the post # in the actual thread I'm reading?

I thank you for your hard work everyone but I don't enjoy using it anymore.
I really wish it stayed the way it was.


20Da, 7D MkII, 5DII,1DX, 16-35L , 24-105L , 85L , 135L , 200L f/2.8 , 300L f/2.8 , MP-E 65

224 posts
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Joined Dec 2007
Location: Central, FL USA
Dec 02, 2014 05:56 |  #8

I don't care for it either.

Senior Member
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Joined Dec 2013
Location: Concord, NC, USA
Dec 02, 2014 06:20 |  #9

Change is always a difficult thing. I have been an active member and moderator in forums since the early-mid 90s. Changes to forum structures over the years have been amazing and usually very beneficial. My first inclination was to not like this new upgrade. There is way too much "fluff". Stuff that I don't need to enjoy my experience here on POTN.....

However, the more I use it and look around, the more I have come to realize that most everything that I like to look at is still here. The buttons are different, but I can still do the same things that I did before. As I get use to the changes, I am finding some new things that I am willing to try. I kinda like the fact that I have more "control" over my experience here. You'll get used to it! If this 54 year old man can do it, I think you can to! 8-)

C&C welcome! I'm here to learn from the best!
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Picture ­ North ­ Carolina
Gaaaaa! DOH!! Oops!
9,158 posts
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Location: North Carolina
Dec 02, 2014 06:23 |  #10

Agree. But I don't think POTN cares. In another thread about not liking the format, a mod closed the thread and linked to another.

But that other thread was 23 pages long and had almost 350 posts.

Anything posted to that thread will be lost among the flood. And IMHO is that may be what POTN wants... all complaints and discussions about the new design buried.

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1,498 posts
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Joined Jun 2008
Location: North London
Dec 02, 2014 06:26 |  #11

This is absolutely horrible. Seriously, who on earth thought this would be a good idea?

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Levina ­ de ­ Ruijter
I'm a bloody goody two-shoes!
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Joined Sep 2008
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, EU
Dec 02, 2014 06:41 |  #12

All change is difficult and so is this one. Things are done differently, buttons are in the wrong place, you can't find your familiar stuff. And so, without hesitation, you hate it. That's understandable. But how about you give yourself some time to learn where things are? Explore the new software and see what it can do. Don't dismiss it just because it's different from what you were used to. Explore, click on everything. Go to the FYEO page and read a bit. There are some user preference settings you can set there. Go to your Home Page and see what that is all about.

The new functionality is amazing. The Gear Browser, Gear reviews and how it all connects to images posted; in time POTN will offer a tremendous gear database where everything is connected and searchable. Then there are the galleries and the way your images are displayed, the light box view, the rescaling of images. And then you haven't even found any of the Easter eggs yet. Like how to have an image show its histogram...

And have you looked at SEARCH? Have you found the automated and personalised search functions yet? Did you notice how you now have a Search history so you can go back to something you looked up in the past?

To mention just a few things...

So don't dismiss it so easily. Give it time. And post as you normally would. A week from now it will be second nature. :)

Levina (not Lavina, Lavinia, Levinia, Ludwina and what not, mkay?)
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Senior Member
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Joined Jun 2012
Post edited over 4 years ago by groundloop. (3 edits in all)
Dec 02, 2014 06:53 |  #13

Levina de Ruijter wrote in post #17303942 (external link)

So don't dismiss it so easily. Give it time. And post as you normally would. A week from now it will be second nature. :)

I somewhat agree, but there are bound to be a few things that aren't as good as before. For instance (hopefully someone of importance will see this suggestion) I don't like that the only way to preview a post is to wait around until the "Preview and Save Draft" panel updates itself, it's more convenient to be able to press a "preview" button and immediately see what our post is going to look like. Also, while I haven't made a post on my slow laptop yet, I expect that the automatic updating feature of the "Preview & Save Draft" panel will be slow on a slower computer.

ALSO.... I miss being able to mouse over a thread title and seeing the first few sentences of the first post in that thread, that feature can be a real time-saver.

AND.... while I'm at it, I see that 'date posted' doesn't show up anymore. IMO that will be missed.

Senior Member
472 posts
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Joined Jul 2014
Location: Philly PA
Dec 02, 2014 06:57 |  #14

Dont like it and I wasnt even on the old format that long... It is very cumbersome, the layout is weird and seems unorganized. I dont want to have to watch tutorials to figure out how to check updates on my follwed threads and to look at all of the new threads on the forums.

103 posts
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Joined Jun 2011
Dec 02, 2014 07:15 as a reply to  @ electricme's post |  #15

I am normally fine with change as I work in IT. I too am not really a fan of this new format. The old format just had a nice feel to it. It felt warm and comfortable. This new format just seems cold and scattered to me.

Jed Oles
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Sorry to say but
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