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FORUMS Photo Sharing & Visual Enjoyment Wildlife 
Thread started 24 Nov 2014 (Monday) 08:57
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FINALLY! Got our Bobcat

JM ­ Photos
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Post edited over 4 years ago by JM Photos.
Dec 05, 2014 22:57 |  #16

Didereaux wrote in post #17315210 (external link)
Soft? LOL yeah a 400mm hand held in very low light might introduce some blurriness even with Image stabalization. Oh yeah, and the animal is moving to bootrr. I take it you don't do much much wildlife photography outside of zoos?

Wow, I don't think I've seen such a defensive response. Just pointing out what I noticed in the shots, AFTER saying something nice about it too. And you're right, I don't do much wildlife shooting outside of zoos as I live in the city and have a full time job. Cheers.
PS, if you don't want constructive criticism and are only expecting praise comments, this forum is not the place. If an image is soft, don't expect people to ignore that. I did not intent my response to be offensive, so if it came across that way, I apologize. Insulting me back isn't the way to go about things though.

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Dec 10, 2014 22:45 |  #17

Great images, they are soft but very cool.

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Dec 10, 2014 23:15 |  #18

Very nice

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Dec 10, 2014 23:31 |  #19

Very cool captures!


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Dec 11, 2014 06:43 as a reply to  @ JM Photos's post |  #20

Wasn't trying to insult(you will know it when I do :twisted: ) Now as for critique: I am ALWAYS grateful for good critiques. But a critique without thoroughly analyzing the shot, the equipment, the scenario, etc is not useful. In my response I listed those circumstances which to me seemed implicit with the shot. This is something I always try to keep in mind whenever I see 'problem' in a pic that someone has posted. Of course a poorly composed shot is rarely mitigated by outside influences...of that I am all to often guilty. ;-)a

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FINALLY! Got our Bobcat
FORUMS Photo Sharing & Visual Enjoyment Wildlife 
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