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FORUMS General Gear Talk Flash and Studio Lighting 
Thread started 20 Dec 2014 (Saturday) 22:33
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SO frustrated with my PW mini+flex(s) !@#$

Cream of the Crop
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Dec 24, 2014 18:33 |  #31

Mine work great. Why do you have to shut them down and power them back up again? I often times use my 2 Minis to control lights from 2 different cameras and don't have any problems switching between them. I've also rarely had to replace the battery in the Mini so maybe you have a bum one?

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dumb remark memorialized
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Dec 24, 2014 18:36 |  #32

I keep reading statements here that its canon's fault. But the 580exII predates the PW ETTL capable triggers, so how can canon be responsible for PWs failure to make a product that works reliably with canon's flagship flash?

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Dec 24, 2014 21:14 |  #33

elv wrote in post #17348896 (external link)
The Phottix Indra (external link) available soon (and Odin II (external link)) may be another good alternative to the B1. Still not cheap but around half the price.

You can achieve sync above max sync speed (up to 1/8000) as well as have control of the flash power of your AB's if you use a Radio Popper PX transmitter with a Master Speedlite set to HSS and a Radio Popper JRx Studio receiver with your AB's. Kind of a Mickey Mouse setup but it does work.

As Elvis mentioned the Phottix Indra provides all the Speedlite features such as HSS in a studio flash. The Odin II will also provide integration for those of us who want to use Speedlites with studio strobes. If Phottix creates a new more powerful Mitros flash and includes some features I have been hounding them about into their Odin II system then I will dump both my 600EX-RTs and AB strobes in favor of a complete Phottix system.



Phil ­ V
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Dec 25, 2014 05:08 |  #34

Alveric wrote in post #17349590 (external link)
There's usually more than meets the eye behind a number of issues. It's not that the technology or technical workaround isn't there or that a particular manufacturer wants to suck: a lot of the times it's a legal roadblock that prevents technological implementations or pathways.
Take Zeiss lenses for example: there's the roadblock that only Japanese lens makers can produce AF lenses for Canon and Nikon cameras; as a result, Tamron and Sigma can produce such lenses, but Zeiss cannot, even though Zeiss lenses are far superior than the average to pedestrian products from Tamron and Sigma.

PW (and other manufacturers) have to be reverse engineering Canon's, Nikon's, &c.'s technologies. I don't think Canon shares its blueprints with PW and others, especially now when they've come up with their own radio system: Canon, like most other manufacturers, wants people to buy from them alone. Third parties have to be working around Canon's mutism regarding their technologies in order to develop their radio triggering system. The issues with the 580 flashes are mostly Canon's fault (heh, they might even have done that on purpose or, if it was accidental, might have chosen to do nothing about it, so as to discourage people from buying PW's; not saying it was so, but it's a possibility).

There's lots of irrelevance here, followed by some just plain wrong.

The Canon 580ex predates the PW flex system, the licensing of all European wireless products was fixed well before their design too. Pocketwizards chose to stick with their preferred bandwidth knowing that they were heading into a place it might not be the best option.

They weighed up the convenience of being able to use the flex alongside their legacy products against the possible interference problems. Some people believe the gamble was justified and are happy with their PW's, others have been stymied by the problems. Those that don't suffer the problems feel those that do are just being drama queens (bless em).

To blame Canon is just hilarious, if I go to put some new tyres on the car tomorrow, and it handles like a pile of ****, the tyre manufacturer can't blame Ford for making the car bad, they're designing tyres for the car, not the other way round. If my Sigma lenses don't work well with my camera, it's not Canons fault, they're the product Sigma are making lenses to work with.

PW made the wrong choice, and lost a significant advantage in a market which was growing exponentially.

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Dec 28, 2014 00:46 |  #35

Just an observation that every discussion on PocketWizards here typically overlooks all the Nikon shooters using PWs around the world. Like many Canon users, I had to sort out issues with PWs and 580EX's and kept shooting. Criticisms are justified when you have invested in a brand, but should not be made in a vacuum. The 580EX II has been discontinued for two years now and should put some of this into perspective. Technology runs its course and then there is something new. Saying a company failed after 20 years of success is a glass destined to be half empty.

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SO frustrated with my PW mini+flex(s) !@#$
FORUMS General Gear Talk Flash and Studio Lighting 
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