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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Weddings & Other Family Events Talk 
Thread started 15 Dec 2014 (Monday) 12:56
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Copyright Release Form

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Dec 15, 2014 12:56 |  #1

So i shot my cousins wedding this summer. Really laid back wedding/situation...we​'re family. Covered the day and then just gave her a USB with the processed photos and that was it. Told her if she needed help with printing or anything to let me know. Well i got a call from her the other day and she was at Walmart( not an ideal printing solution i know but it was last minute and it was convenient for them) and she said they wouldn't print her photos for her because they looked "professionally" done and that she needed a copyright release form filled out by me in order for them to print the photos for her. Kinda felt good hearing that, "professionally" done haha but has anyone else ran into this problem/situation? At first it seemed kind of annoying but i kinda respect Walmart a little more for this. Do any of you guys give photos back with a release form or what?

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Dec 15, 2014 13:05 |  #2

You dont want a copyright release, just grsnt printing rights. I've run into this before and ive found that this works. Just dummy up a letterhead in microsoft word with your name and contact info. Then write. I attest that I am the creator and copyright holder of the photos of (subject names) on (date) and I hearby grant unrestricted printing rights to (name) or their designated agent. If any photofinisher has any concerns please contact me at (phone number).

The faux legalese puts them at ease.

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Dec 15, 2014 13:12 |  #3

Whenever I shoot and burn images to CD/DVD for close friends or family, I include on the disk a simple 'authorization.txt' file with words to the effect of:

"The (name) family or bearer of this disk is authorized to make prints of any images on this disk for non-commercial purposes. Copyright (my name) © (month, year), (phone)"

All images have my name within the EXIF data.

Never has been an issue, and I have been doing this for over a decade.

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Dec 15, 2014 13:16 |  #4

My mother ran into this problem as have we before. Her at Walmart, me at a Walgreens. With the one my mother wanted to print we needed to get a release from the photographer to print, once we showed that they were good. With the Walgreens one I merely helped the person check the exif and pointed to my drivers license to prove I was the one who had taken the pictures myself...

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Dec 30, 2014 11:14 |  #5

Agree with Wilt - this ensures that the person receiving the files has the right to PRINT them. Ensure that you have the copyright info updated in your camera and it will automatically be included in the EXIF data for each photo.

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Dec 30, 2014 11:25 |  #6

I gave a friend a series of street/abstracts as digital copies a while back and he had the same issue. However all he had to do was copy me in to the email he got from the printer and I replied in the email that I had granted single use ( i.e. one print of each image ).

I was happy that the printer actually did this ( I totally forgot to include a document to cover it ) and after seeing the prints have sent some business his way too.

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Copyright Release Form
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