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FORUMS General Gear Talk Changing Camera Brands 
Thread started 03 Jan 2015 (Saturday) 14:42
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Nikon D750 - Stay with Canon - or other wise?

In disbelief of how amazing I am
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Jan 06, 2015 07:50 |  #16

I just sold my 6d and all canon gear and picked up a 750. Havent been able to replicate the flare issue so far and overall love the camera

Nikon D750, Nikon 50 f1.8, Tokina 16-28 f2.8, Tamron 150-600 (external link)

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Cream of the Crop
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Jan 06, 2015 07:55 |  #17

jsecordphoto wrote in post #17368682 (external link)
I just sold my 6d and all canon gear and picked up a 750. Havent been able to replicate the flare issue so far and overall love the camera

I haven't noticed the flare thing either. Nikon is aware of it and acknowledges it, so there should be a fix at some point.

Paul​/photos/petshots/ (external link)
Body - Nikon D750
Lenses - Nikon 20 f1.8 / Nikon 16-35 f4 / Sigma 105 OS Macro / Sigma 24-105 f4 Art / Tamron 70-200 2.8 Di VC / Sigma 150-600 "S"

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Jan 07, 2015 08:42 |  #18

The D750 is going to be a big improvement over the 6D in autofocus accuracy, dynamic range and perhaps noise and IQ. It also lets you link spot metering to other focus points besides the center one, a feature I use a lot. Having said that, the 6D is long in the tooth and should be upgraded soon. I would think Canon might put the excellent autofocus system of the 7D II in the upgrade and waiting for the 6D II might be the easier upgrade path for you.

I use a Kodak Brownie

pinolero ­ newbie
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Jan 07, 2015 09:47 |  #19

Lots of great input here, thanks all for your feedback.

A few responses to some posters. Yes, I'm aware of the 60D and 70D being able to trigger flash. I actually have a rf 602 and recently got the YN 560 TX and have the YN 560 III's. So I not only trigger those, but can change their power output.

My wife wouldn't be served by a 270ex, as the effort is in simply having an extra item to attach versus simply pulling out the camera and shooting. (for my purposes I wouldn't bother with a 270 as it is no where as useful as a 430ex ii).

I actually think I'm going to stick with the 24-205 and 135L for my full frame, and then sell the Sigma 50. As sharp as it is, and as much as I would like to use primes more. For what I shoot - my kids, the zoom is more useful.

I think I will actually upgrade my 5D to a 6D.

The D750 does have allure, most on here talked me off the ledge (which is having to sell anything - a hassle, but wouldn't really lose money).

Of course the last post is going the other way. LA LA LA LA LA (covering ears), I can't hear you.....:-)

Gear List

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Jan 07, 2015 10:07 as a reply to  @ post 17368537 |  #20

Turns out that the "flare" issue is not a design problem but a manufacturing tolerance issue. Check out this article for a good investigation which includes looking at other brands/models: …o-about-them-its-not-lens (external link)

IMO, there is no need for a D760 any time soon. My D750 does not have the problem and I have tried several times to reproduce it.


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Post edited over 4 years ago by scotchtape. (2 edits in all)
Jan 13, 2015 12:22 |  #21

I am more of a landscaper though, so D750 is a better fit for me, I just picked one up after selling my 5D3 and 6D. I found mine has the flare issue - literally took 30 seconds using live view and a ceiling light. It is a big deal to me as I shoot a lot of urban stuff. Think street lights and motion timelapse... need to send mine in at end of Jan for sure.

Compared to Canon 6D/5Dx
+ Better low ISO DR (Canon shadows were killing me, so noisy/banded if boosted)
+ Crazy clean amp noise (even better than 6D for astrophotography!)
+ Better video - sharper, and color is good!

= AF as good as 6D lowlight + 5D3 but minus outside cross points. 5D3 still a bit more capable, but they're already both very good!
= AWB finally working better. Still getting the dreaded Nikon green/yellows but MUCH less than previous bodies (from what I've read and seen online).
I was expecting much worse, but am pleasantly surprised. Plus you can tweak the AWB too :)

- AF Fine Tune only stores one point vs Canon's two (zoom/tele end of zooms)

For "regular" photography, I really prefer the noise pattern on the D750 compared to the 5D3 and 6D. The shadows are really bad on the Canon side.
You can make any camera look ugly by boosting too far, but those Sony sensors just go so much farther.

For the "best" IQ I'd go with the current Nikons, but if you have other restrictions and considering your use, the 5D3 or 6D aren't bad.
Keep in mind the 6D video does have moire and aliasing. It's basically the same video as a T3i from a few years back.
Your current gear vs newer: missing high ISO performance and more MP, as well as "better" AF.
But if you're shooting in good light and nothing fast then... you're missing mainly the DR and color depth from newer cameras.
The thing is, for portraits it's less noticeable, especially if your portraits are more "snapshots" than portraits (that's me...)

I do think the D750 is a beast of a camera and the price is legit for what you get (well I got mine on sale, about $2K USD, NOT grey market :)

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Feb 12, 2015 12:38 |  #22

I would say stay with Canon. You could sell your 5D and spend a little bit more and get a 6D. The 6D is one of the best values in Cameras right now. 6D vs d750, I still prefer the way 6d's images look straight out of camera and for most everything else the 6D is more than capable all for much less (used prices). Also the 70D that you have is perfect for action camera, you would be ready for any shooting with a 6D+70D.

Canon 6D. Canon T5i. Canon 24-105 f4L. Canon 70-200 f4L IS. Sigma 17-50 2.8. Tamron 28-75 2.8. Canon 18-55 STM.

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Feb 13, 2015 11:29 |  #23

Read this post before you make up your mind: …showthread.php?​p=14697158


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Nikon D750 - Stay with Canon - or other wise?
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