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FORUMS Photo Sharing & Visual Enjoyment People 
Thread started 15 Jun 2015 (Monday) 06:49
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My First Photo Model

Mostly Lurking
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Location: Vrsac, Serbia
Jun 15, 2015 06:49 |  #1

Well, she is not professional photo model, nether Im professional photographer. This is first time that I have spent some time taking pictures of a person so I hope that you can give me few tips in order to improve my photos. For shooting those, I have set my camera to fine (jpg, not raw) and I have used auto focus with selection on her all the time.

My camera is Sony a6000.

IMAGE LINK:​/s11jm3ezcpg/  (external link) by emilex (external link) from Fliiby

IMAGE LINK:​/1x7cvz6u46w/  (external link) by emilex (external link) from Fliiby

Hope that you like them. Of course, I would like to hear what you have to say. I would really like to learn more in order to improve my skills.

Thank you all for your response,

This is my brand new signature :)

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... spilled over a little on the panties
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Jun 15, 2015 10:07 |  #2

First one is a little odd.

Second is a bit close for me and the van in the background is a killer.

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Post edited over 3 years ago by Micro5797.
Jun 15, 2015 11:24 |  #3

With portrait photography, there is a lot to learn and be aware of at all times.
You have to deal with posing, expression, how high or low the camera is to the person. You have to look for a clean uncluttered background. Avoiding direct sunlight, perhaps having the sun to the persons back. The list goes on and on.

It looks like you are off to a good start. It looks as though you were shooting on an over cast day. A+ this keeps you from getting harsh shadows or bright streaks of light over the persons face.
Other good times to shoot if it is not over cast is to look for an area in shadow to place the person. You can also shoot at sunset or sun rise with the persons back to the sun and you stand in their shadow. At this point it helps to use a reflector or flash to brighten them up. Be sure to meter for the person, not the back ground.

#1 The crop, or framing of the camera is not that bad. It is okay to not have eyes in the image at times. The problem with this image is, what is the story that you are trying to portray?
This crop/framing works with a bride who is showing off her bouquet, or a man putting on his tie or cufflinks.
Things that may help this image. Shoot tighter, this will help remove distractions. The distractions being the door and light switch. You did a good job trying to use the solid grey wall for a background!

#2 You are slightly above eye level and keeping her off center A+.
Her closest eye is in focus A+.
As Saea501 pointed out, you need to look for a clean background. There are many ways to help clean up the background of an image.
You can get the person further from the background. This will allow the background to be out of focus (oof) and be less distracting. (you can also get closer to the background to remove distracting elements)
You can often, while looking through the viewfinder/lcd before taking the image, look around the person for distracting elements such as a tree coming out of their head or a sign post.
Depending on your lens, you can open the aperture to a wider F/stop causing the background to go oof. Normally the more telephoto zoom that you can get on the lens, the more oof the background will be.

How to improve in general.
You came to the right place. Keep looking daily at pictures that people post. Look at the lighting, the pose and the background. What is in focus and what falls out of focus.
I recommend a site called They have a lot of videos on how to do about anything photography. It is free while they stream it and later you can buy the course to go back and review.
A few of the people that i have learned the most from on CL are Lindsay Adler, Roberto Valenzuela, and Sue Bryce.
You can also find some good info via Youtube.

If books are more your thing, i would look into Roberto Valenzuela's books Picture perfect practice and picture perfect pose. He has a third book coming out in Feb 2016 Picture perfect lighting.
Welcome to POTN and i look forward to seeing more of your images in the future.

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Cream of the Crop
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Jun 15, 2015 12:18 |  #4

First one is a very odd crop. The second one.. watch your background.

Keep at it.

www.steelcityphotograp​ (external link)

Cream of the Crop
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Joined Mar 2011
Location: Dallas TX
Jun 15, 2015 15:41 |  #5

You have a photogenic and willing model. That is a very fortunate occurrence for you. Keep at it, you'll both get better!

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Jun 21, 2015 21:18 |  #6

Pretty girl but I think the angle and closeness in the second photo isn't really flattering to her.

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Joined Aug 2010
Jun 22, 2015 17:11 |  #7

#1 looks like a crop you might find in a fashion shoot. Is that what you were after? These kinds of framings are to emphasize the clothing/jewelry/etc. But not about the person.

#2 I agree this is a little too close. When you get very close to someone, the difference in distance from the nearest part of the face to the farthest can be large. As a result it can make a face seem out of proportion. If you have a large nose like mine... this can be a real problem! Generally, it is not a flattering look. Try for focal length around 50-80mm.

As mentioned above, watch your backgrounds. Keep them clean and out of focus by using a large aperture (small F#).

Keep working at it!

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Mostly Lurking
15 posts
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Joined Apr 2015
Location: Vrsac, Serbia
Jun 23, 2015 15:27 |  #8

To be honest with you, my first impression when I have seen replies here on thread was "WOW". I really spent some time reading through your posts and I want to thank each one of you for your time and effort to explain me what Im doing wrong with my photographs.

Micro5797 - thank you soooo much for tons of information's in your posts. I was shooting her getting ready for her prom and since she was late (who would tell :D ) all photos were shoot on the go. To be honest I was not paying to much attention to background, distance or anything particular. I just wanted to make few nice photos for her.

Now when you mentioned distance, eye level, background, focus, wider F stop... I see that I really have much to learn :D

saea501 - thank you for your reply

scorpio-e - thanks, I see that I need to pay more attention on cropping and background

BrickR - yes, she is really beautiful little lady :) I hope that I will improve my skills :)

Pitter and nes_matt - thank you both at your replies. I really need to pay more attention for distance.

Im really speechless :) Thank you all once again for your time and effort!

This is my brand new signature :)

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My First Photo Model
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