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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Sports Talk 
Thread started 11 Aug 2015 (Tuesday) 04:21
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Photogs who shoot for a university.

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Aug 11, 2015 04:21 |  #1

A media director at a local university got in touch with me about sports photography for their school. Will be meeting with him next week to discuss the details. I believe its shooting for all the university sports. Anyways, I was needing to know how you charge if shooting for a university? do you do a flat day rate, do you charge per picture for use on their web site or social media site? I currently shoot for a high school and charge for individual shots or posters but it's not a great money maker. Just wondering if shooting for a college is any different. Thanks for the input.

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Aug 11, 2015 18:45 |  #2

Would help to know the college division - NAIA, NCAA Div I, II, or III

I've been shooting for 10 years for a Div II. Give me some info and I'll fill you in with some details.

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Aug 11, 2015 23:24 |  #3

I have asked myself and this forum the same question without much results. I think your just going to have to figure out a price and hopefully come to an agreement on your own.

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Aug 16, 2015 10:50 as a reply to  @ lauderdalems's post |  #4

well it's a Div III University. I should be meeting with them next week sometime to figure out the particulars. Will update info as I receive it.

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Sep 06, 2015 20:49 |  #5

I shoot Divison I hockey for a University and I get $150 per night.

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Sep 07, 2015 15:56 |  #6

Definitely not a flat rate. Per event is the way to go. With a flat rate, you inevitably end up doing more for less money IMO.​m/ (external link)​tografi (external link)

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Sep 07, 2015 21:04 |  #7

^ Agreed. Depending on the school's needs, you may end up selling yourself short with a flat rate. Make a list of their needs (games/matches for each sport (do they want only a few home events, or all?), team photos, headshots, other events/ceremonies, etc) and come up with a price for each type. Certain events require a lot more preparation/time and charging by event ensures you're not gonna get taken advantage of.

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Post edited over 3 years ago by idkdc. (2 edits in all)
Sep 17, 2015 22:09 |  #8

Ask them what their budget is, not the other way around. First person to say their price loses in any negotiation. Then follow up with a strategic counter offer and fall back if needed.

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Post edited over 3 years ago by bpalermini.
Sep 17, 2015 22:55 |  #9

I shoot for two, hopefully three soon, small colleges on a regular basis and a couple more once in a while. My main schools will be two DIII and one community college.

These Presto Sports web sites many schools are using just demand that they have photos.

My deal for games is a fixed fee including them getting the edited take for any use for the athletic department. Other departments buy the use of individual photos. I also keep the right to sell the photos to parents etc. I have pages on my web site for each school with galleries for each game I shoot. They actually like this because they don't have the resources to store and distribute pictures. They also promote my sales on the athletic dept. web site.

How many games I cover varies by school and sport but I normally can get them enough for their web site use for the season in one game. Maybe I should not be so efficient for them.

When I shoot headshot or special events we negotiate prices per job.

My experience is that they have no idea on terms. They just need to have good photos for their web site. When I go to talk now I take a terms sheet as my proposal for services. I listen to them first to see what they are thinking but if they don't know I present my terms and they do not change them.

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Photogs who shoot for a university.
FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Sports Talk 
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