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Thread started 05 Sep 2015 (Saturday) 15:39
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T6S or 70D

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Sep 05, 2015 15:39 |  #1

Wanting to up grade and considering one or the other. Any thoughts?

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a mere speck
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Sep 05, 2015 15:55 |  #2

MilesW wrote in post #17696154 (external link)
Wanting to up grade and considering one or the other. Any thoughts?

I'm not sure where you are located, but if you are in the States, I would go to Best Buy and hold each of them in your hand. I have a 70D and it's a fine camera. I haven't held or used the T6S but it has many of the features previously only found on the XXD camera models.

You might find one feels more comfortable in your hands than the other. I would also go to the Canon site and compare the specs. I know the 70D has a max shutter speed of 1/8000 and the T6S is 1/4000. That only really matters if you are shooting in bright sunlight outdoors but my wife has come up against that limitation with her SL1 when we go birding in the Spring.

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Post edited over 4 years ago by MilesW.
Sep 05, 2015 16:24 as a reply to  @ Phoenixkh's post |  #3

I am located in The Villages in FL. Right now I have a 20D bought when they first came out.

20D Canon EFS 17-85IS, 70-2001:4 L IS, Macro 100 F2.8, Canon 50 1.4Canon ext EF 1.4X II

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Sep 05, 2015 19:16 |  #4

I faced the same dilemma a few months ago. They're very similar cameras and I felt I would be happy with either one. In the end I decided on the 70D. I can't say it was anything tangible, It just "felt better" in my hands if that makes any sense. The 70D is a little bit bigger, a little bit heavier, and it just felt more solid.

It's only been about six months but I've never regretted the choice. Good luck!


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Post edited over 4 years ago by raksphoto with reason 'Forgot the 20D had 12-bit RAW.'. (6 edits in all)
Sep 07, 2015 06:56 |  #5

If video is important to you at all, the T6s is definitely a more well-featured camera, with HDR for video and digital video zoom.

As a still camera, you would realize a bit more resolution with the T6s, but the 70D is a bit faster at 7FPS vs. 5FPS for the T6s. If you ever used your 20D in an action shooting context, you will find the 70D even more responsive -- it's nearly as fast as the 7D, which I ultimately found to be close enough to my 1D III, at far less heft. The 70D is a bit smaller, and lighter yet.

Coming from a 20D, you may find the much newer features and control layout of the 70D somewhat more familiar to you than the case for the T6s, which economizes a little in that regard. Both have WiFi, but the T6s also has NFC, which allows some additional support if you have an Android device. The WiFi feature is particularly useful -- I will often leave the 7D2 at home and take the 70D for a family or friends event. Because the WiFi means I can instantly transmit photos via my iPhone, while at the event, where everyone is already gathered, and digital contact information like email addresses are more easily obtained.

The feature sets of both these cameras are just amazing.

Loved my 20D twins for many years, but I do not miss the smaller LCD, many fewer AF points, and less IQ, esp. for dark noise. The T6s and 70D are a whole host of better things, including a huge step function in IQ and AF performance over the 20D. You will certainly find the upgrade to 14-bit RAW over 12-bit RAW files on the 20D and the otherwise finer JPEG rendering on the more modern cameras a very welcome change.

Miles, hope you have great fun with your new camera, whichever you pick!

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Sep 07, 2015 10:04 |  #6

I had the exact same dilemma. Had the 70d on my next buy list as an upgrade from my T1i when the T6s was announced. Ended up buying the T6s a couple months ago.

My thought process was that while the T6s was part of the Rebel family, it had newer technology than the 70d which has been around a few years. I can't upgrade but every 4 years or more, so buying the latest was a consideration.

Motorsports Photographer for ARCA at Flat Rock/Toledo Speedway

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Sep 09, 2015 01:58 as a reply to  @ LevelPebble's post |  #7

I looked at the T6s recently to see how it felt and if I thought I was missing anything and it felt rather similar to the 70D. Over all the 70 felt more comfortable to me but that could be because I already own the 70D. If I was looking right now and the lower fps didn't matter I'd probably get the T6s since it's got new technology in it. I've been very happy with the high ISO performance on my 70D but I'd imagine the T6s is at least a little better. the added NFC feature on the T6s I think would be handy but the Wifi feature works just fine when I've used it so it doesn't matter to me that they added that to it.

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Sep 09, 2015 18:28 |  #8

Never used either camera but they are going for about the same price.

Advantages of the 70D over the T6s:

1/8000 vs 1/4000

much better battery life

brighter bigger viewfinder

balances better with larger lenses

more direct access buttons

larger and more useful LCD on top of camera

7 fps vs 5fps

better flash sync

better RAW burst 15 vs 7


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Sep 09, 2015 19:10 |  #9


70D pretty much is the better camera overall and built better to boot. Also, MFA.

Very best,

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Sep 10, 2015 17:34 as a reply to  @ MalVeauX's post |  #10

Shallow buffer on the T6S (7 shots). Slower frame rate, no micro focus, refurb 70D is cheaper, no dramatic increase in IQ despite more resolution......etc...​.70D clearly better

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Sep 10, 2015 22:38 |  #11

I went from a 40D to 70D and given the choice you are looking at would go with the 70D -- mainly because I would want at least the 40D's FPS, which the 70D beats and the T6S doesn't. You may prioritize other features more.

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T6S or 70D
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