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FORUMS General Gear Talk Changing Camera Brands 
Thread started 11 Aug 2015 (Tuesday) 14:24
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How Many Times Have You Switched?

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Aug 14, 2015 13:38 |  #16

Somewhat related, I recently "switched" (or added) to a new-to-me camera bag brand as well. For years I have used Lowepro shoulder bags. I owned two or three other brands (Tamrac, Tenba, etc.), but my main bags have always been Lowepro.

However, ever since I purchased my little T3i with a couple of kit lenses I am now on my third Canon brand shoulder bag. Ironically I couldn't find a Lowepro shoulder bag in the right size for my latest setup, so I ended up experimenting with Canon bags.

While I had a somewhat similar issue regarding finding the right size bag when I experimented with m4/3, I was able to use one of my Lowepro bags (Adventura 170 I think). This time around I have had a tougher time finding a right sized shoulder bag. Also, I noticed these Canon bags seem to be well constructed for the price. I never considered purchasing a Canon bag in the past because I never owned a Canon camera prior to this T3i. :)

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Aug 27, 2015 01:43 |  #17

Been with Canon all 10 years Ive been shooting. Bought a Panasonic LX100 and now the Panasonic GX8 and some fantastic Olympus lenses that are 1/4 of the size and 1/4 the price of most L glass yet they perform very similarly. Thinking about a switch to Panasonic.

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Aug 27, 2015 21:04 |  #18

Canon film -> Sony digital P&S -> Canon DSLR (7+ years) -> Sony mirrorless.

The way Canon handles their mirrorless, I am likely to stick with Sony for a while.

Ex-Canon shooter. Now Sony Nex.
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Post edited over 3 years ago by xpfloyd.
Aug 29, 2015 03:56 |  #19

Started shooting in 2011 with canon. In 2014 switched fully to fuji and didn't like the sensor. Then switched fully to sony and there wasn't enough lenses then came back to canon. I'm now mid switch back to sony. I feel now there's enough lenses and ever since I sold my first sony I've been missing the smaller form factor. If the 5DIII was a third smaller it would be perfect for me. The weight doesnt bother me its more the bulk. I'm hopeful/confident that this time its final.

Switching brands is a costly habit

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Aug 29, 2015 12:50 |  #20

I started with a D40, Nikon. Shot with that a while then switched to a rebel xti and was introduced to Canon and have been with them since. Upgraded to a 7D then to a 5d Mark II. In process of getting a 6D.

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Aug 29, 2015 22:11 |  #21

I switched from Canon to Fuji for a little while which for me, was mostly an expensive mistake. The Fuji did have a bit of a fun factor being so small, but the IQ was always lacking to me. The appeal to Fuji was mostly the small size and light weight, but that's why I went with a 6d when I went back to Canon, and it honestly has not been a problem. Not going to lie, the Sony A7rII is really tempting to me, and I lurk in the Sony threads pretty often. But right now, I would rather spend money going to places to shoot, than spend it changing camera systems.

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Location: San Jose, CA
Sep 08, 2015 03:33 |  #22

I have no preference to any brand really. But I've swapped once from Nikon to Canon as to share lenses with another photographer I work with.

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Sep 08, 2015 04:15 |  #23

started with canon ae 1 (still have it). Then when digital came the late 90's purchased a "KODAK" sensor camera. Upgraded to a Canon 620 powershot and Panasonic gs400 camcorder/camera and then in 2006 or 7 went with the 30d. Last April purchased my first FF camera 5d mark iii. Will be hard pressed to change at this point and time.

It amazes me how quickly some people "jump" from one brand to another. I sometimes think it might be due in part to the age group....younger people (millenniums) seem to be more impatient and have knee-jerk reactions and display the "gotta have now" characteristic. See this in more things other than photography equipment.

Just my 2 cents...

Remember, what is common knowledge to some is a revelation to others.

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Sep 09, 2015 13:45 |  #24

Was taken in by the Fuji x system and for certain times the XT1 worked and I was very happy.
However when it came to wildlife or sports or even slow moving grandchildren the viewfinder lag and poor auto focus made up my mind.
I still have the XT1 and it is great for hikes and the land scape shots.
But I am glad I did not sell my canon dslr gear.

David ­ Arbogast
Cream of the Crop
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Sep 11, 2015 14:41 |  #25

No switching here; have always used Canon cameras. But, I have tried out Nikon twice as well as the Sony a7 platform. Of that the a7 series now has established itself as essential gear for me, though I don't use them as systems of their own. Rather my Sony cameras serve as accessories to my Canon-mount lenses.

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Sep 11, 2015 15:21 |  #26

Shot a Nikon in college, the student newspaper's camera. Couldn't afford one for myself. God an inexpensive Mamiya-sekor 35mm SLR. Switched to Canon when I wore that out. Been with Canon ever since, although I do have an Olympus point-and-shoot walk-about camera.

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Sep 11, 2015 16:40 |  #27

I went from Nikon D40 > D7000 > D600 to Canon 6D > 7Dmkii back to Nikon with the D810. Cost me a small fortune but was a fun experience none-the-less :)

Nikon Df

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Sep 11, 2015 16:48 |  #28

Been with Canon since 2005.

Not so much about brand loyalty as it is actually calculating the time, effort, and money it would take to switch.

I actually regret the number of times I've "upgraded" Canon bodies.

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Senior Member
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Sep 13, 2015 00:46 |  #29

Its been an interesting 3 weeks for me, Ive switched like 4 times! Been shooting nothing but Canon all 10 years of my career, decided I wanted a change...or so I thought. I went from the Canon 7Dii to the Fuji X-T10 to the Panasonic GX8 to the Sony A7 and now back to Canon with the 6D. There was also a used Olympus E-M10 and Panasonic GX7 in there too. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses. The micro four thirds system has excellent lenses from Panasonic and Olympus that rival any Canon L glass for 1/3 the price in most cases and the GX8 is a great camera. The Sony A7 has some great features and tech in it. I'm just more used to Canon after 10 years, excellent cameras and you really can't beat the lens lineup. It was fun.

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Sep 13, 2015 11:56 |  #30

I only consider having switched once, but here's the story: In 1975 I bought a Minolta system, which ultimately added up to 2 bodies and 4 lenses. I used it till about 2003. In the meantime (around 2001), I picked up a high-end Oly P&S because I knew I was going to move to digital eventually, and wanted to get used to the workflow. When it came time to buy a dSLR, I went with Canon because their sensor and lens system were far and away the best - and Minolta was rapidly becoming a non-player.

In retrospect, I wish I'd bought a 20D instead of a 300D, but nonetheless it got the job done and I knew what to look for in my next purchase. And I have seen no reason to switch brands in the last decade; the Canon system has an advantage over every other for the work I do.

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How Many Times Have You Switched?
FORUMS General Gear Talk Changing Camera Brands 
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