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FORUMS General Gear Talk Changing Camera Brands 
Thread started 13 May 2015 (Wednesday) 03:50
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Canon 5d3 to Fuji xt1

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Aug 24, 2015 23:08 |  #16

dmward wrote in post #17563103 (external link)
I used Canon 5D cameras from the first version to the Mk III and switched to Fuji.
The auto focus is different which means one should not expect it to work the way Canon AF works with 5DIII.
The key is "different". Just like my Leica focused differently than my Nikon and Hasselblad when shooting film.
There are certain situations where the Fuji auto focus will require a photographer to take care.

All-in-all, I'm happy with the Fuji and I get the job accomplished.

What do you mean by "different"? AF speed and accuracy are quantifiable things which can be compared between cameras.

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Post edited over 5 years ago by RX350.
Oct 05, 2015 18:02 |  #17

I have xt1 , don't even compere it to 5d ,
for professional use xt1 has small uncomfortable buttons , small uncomfortable body as well.
AF is slower , hunts a lot in low light and tracking sucks , switches looks good but using them will require you to look at hem most of time ,
plus you will be stuck with crop sensor , battery life is short ,single card , its good as travel or hobby body .

I am keeping this body just for fun . anything serious I use canon.


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Oct 14, 2015 10:09 |  #18

RX350 wrote in post #17734259 (external link)
I am keeping this body just for fun . anything serious I use canon.

Same like me ;-)a

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Nov 03, 2015 11:58 |  #19

aznkid248 wrote in post #17554453 (external link)
I been thinking about selling my canon 5d3 for a fuji xt1. Don't get me wrong, I love my 5d3. I just didn't realize how heavy it was with a battery grip. I am just wondering, if anyone has gone canon to fuji? And how is the experience? is it worth the transition from mirror to mirrorless.\?

Yes, I went from a 5D II to an X-T1 with the kit lens and a Nissin Flash. I've been using it consistently for about a year. It's awesome as long you understand what it is not. It is not a replacement for a semi-pro / pro DSLR. It is a lightweight camera with outstanding IQ. You will be very frustrated if you plan to change settings frequently or use it for rapidly changing light and or action. Some random observations:

- The battery life is very poor. I carry two extra ones with me.
- It is way to easy to accidentally change a setting. For example, you adjust the ISO with a dial on the left top. This was almost always change the shooting mode by accident.
- There are have been several situation where my hotshoe flash refused to fire. Trying to figure out what inane setting is making the flash not work is very frustrating.
- It is an excellent camera to walk around with. I recently toured the USS Wisconsin and it was lovely to have.
- Autofocus sometimes misses. My 5D II was more consistent in this regard.

All this said, I am adding a 7D II back to my kit. The X-T1 is superb in its element of casual use / studio use. If you need confidence that you WILL capture the shot correctly the first time, it's not the camera you want. However, I am keeping mine. It's a great cameraa.

Cream of the Crop
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Nov 13, 2015 12:12 as a reply to  @ RX350's post |  #20

Tracking sucs. I have both and I can get 8 out of 10 shots with 56mm f1.2 when in AF-C mode on XT1. Can't say same about my 85L on 5dmk3. Now AF on XT1 is not perfect. For someone moving side to side, it is harder to track as VF delay kills you.

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Nov 14, 2015 15:37 |  #21

As was previously mentioned, why not remove the grip? Another worthy alternative, depending on your favorite subjects, is to pick up a 6D for backpacking. I have 5D3 & 6D, it's the latter that accompanies me into the woods.

I really, really want a small mirrorless kit too, and have seriously looked at both Fuji and Olympus. Please let us know what you decide.

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Dec 02, 2015 15:59 |  #22

For all the things that have already said, I am mostly in agreement. I had (and still have) a 5d2 with a fait amount of L glass. I love that camera and the entire system. I had been using canon for about 10 years before i started using Fuji. For me it was a gradual transition. I needed a small cameral to put in my pocket for when i could not take my canon. I knew nothing og Fuji and bought an X10. For such a small P&S camera i was blown away by its quality and quite advanced ability to a photographer. It really was in a different class to the normal P&S. It was my entry and gateway drug. I soon started to read up and learn more about Fuji and it was not long before I bought he original X100. Wow wow wow. It was more than a surprise and gave my photography a whole new direction. The simplicity and purity was a real awakening after years of Canon a and loads of L lenses. The restriction was a freedom.The Xpro1 followed and I was even more convinced. The IQ was fantastic albeit it has its quirks. In between I used the XE1 as well and added more fuji glass. I go to the point where i was doing semi commercial shoots with both systems. Using the canon for primary and fuji as a backup. Finally after shooting a brochure for a property sale with both I found very clearly that the after using a full setup with the canon and all flash and lighting, followed by the Fuji with nothing more than a 14/2.8 and hotshoe flash, and no real setup, the fuji shots were the majority of those used i the final brochure. I later bought into the XT1. I am 100% convinced that for what i shoot there is nothing lost with the XT1. The AF and software has progressed to the point that they are really not limiting, but the strength really is the fuji glass. Where they lagged in the bodies, they truly excelled in the glass. I my opinion the fuji glass is absolutely outstanding and is reason enough for me to base my usage mainly on Fuji. The bodies will continue to evolve but the glass will always still work. I travel a lot and the beauty of having the XT1 thrown in a bag with 3 lenses that weigh less than 1/2 my canon setup and still provide equal or better images is pure delight. Even with the “kit” 18-55 it is a fantastic lens. I was really a prime shooter but picked it up as a basic travel lens. Again Wow. I am reluctant to compare it to the the 24-70L as it is very subjective, but my experience is very positive and I would dare say it is a better lens despite its 2.8-4 aperture. The IS is really well implemented and IQ nothing short of fantastic for a zoom. Finally for me the way Fuji handles DR is more advanced than the canon and this is a real big plus. I was a very late adherent to the EVF game and staunch critic, but honestly now the EVF on the XT1 has me converted. It is huge, clear, fast and wonderful in its usage. I still have and use my 5d2 and there are things like about it, but my passion has really been taken by the Fuji experience and I have given up all my old arguments about sensor size and L lenses. I am simply getting better images per percentage and enjoying my photography more with my Fuji than in the 15 years before. Those who still hold on to the idea that the fuji is still an amateur tool compared to the FF canon need to use the Fuji. It is small, neat, well built, inconspicuous and a system that is fast evolving and is excelling at what it does. I love it for everything i shoot. I challenge any critic to use the XT1 with the 23/1.4 and 14/2.8 for a week and see how they feel after.

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Canon 5d3 to Fuji xt1
FORUMS General Gear Talk Changing Camera Brands 
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