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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Architecture, Real-Estate & Buildings Talk 
Thread started 05 Nov 2015 (Thursday) 14:24
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Photography Project at Performing Arts Venue

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Nov 05, 2015 14:24 |  #1

Hey guys....question. I'm curious as to what you would charge (ballpark) for the following scenario...I'm not asking you what you think I should charge, but what you would do in this situation.

A very well known performing arts venue in your city e-mails you and mentions they follow your work on Instagram and are a fan of what you do, and they want you to complete a photography project for the venue. So I already know my particular shooting style is what they're looking for.

It requires:

- 100 to 200 finalized high-res shots (including complete post-processing) of the interior and exterior of the venue, everything from outdoors and waiting areas, roof shots, to lobby shots, reception areas, backstage, onstage and throughout the seating areas. They require both golden hour and night time shots of the exteriors from every angle.

- full license to do whatever they like with the photos

- they mention they want very classy, super slick, "glossy" glamorous shots...and this venue is beautiful, so that's not an unreasonable request. In other words, they want high-quality work.

- 20 minutes of high-resolution aerial footage provided by a drone, completely edited and divided into short clips for their usage; I would have to subcontract the drone operator and get raw footage, then edit it myself.

- 2 week timeframe, but because of performances, I'd have to schedule 4 to 5 sessions in the evenings and nights to get the job complete

The idea here is to find out how far off-base I was in my estimate. What would you send them? Thanks in advance guys!

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Scott ­ Spellman
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Nov 09, 2015 11:37 |  #2

I find the best way to price complicated commercial jobs with all rights included is to price the job by the hour multiplied by your rate. First make an estimate of of the hours required to execute the job- photography, post processing, etc. with the information provided by the client. Then set your hourly rate that includes all rights. Add any expenses to get the initial estimate. Explain to the client that you will bill based on the actual time incurred, so you will work will closely with the client to plan and execute the project efficiently. This also give the client some control over the budget by reducing time., but not your hourly rate.

My hourly rate is $200-300.

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Post edited over 3 years ago by mikeassk. (3 edits in all)
Dec 09, 2015 21:22 |  #3

I would try and bid somewhere between of 10,000-20,000$ for that work and licensing.

I believe that a seasoned architectural photographer may blow well into the 100,000$ mark for that many photos alone, let alone video work.

However, the vast 100-200 need and gap shows to me that we are talking about high-end snap shots. A single professionally done commercial architectural photo takes 1-2 hours on site.

As far as Licensing and hourly rate goes, I honestly have not the slightest idea how the the previous poster could possibly get them intertwined. Licensing is so removed from "an a hourly rate" they are like different planets.

Also in general Hourly rates don't really work well for photographers at all. Perhaps maybe in the event world where you are covering a party or a business meeting/event then having a fixed rate by the hour may be a simple way to price. If you look at most all other types of photography hourly rates make no sense because what happens when your skill set gets better and more efficient? What happens when you find a great assistant that moves faster and works well with you? Why should your growing expertise suffer as you progress?

Most commercial photographers bill some combination of this-

Creative fee by day- Ranging from 1$-100,000$+ (includes the photographers brain)
Licensing Fees - Sliding scale from 3%-20% based on the total buy out. Sony million dollar marketing campaign=3%, Jacks home town burgers spending 2500$ on flyers= 20%
Production costs - (assistant/ gas / parking/ rentals/ a billion other things)


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Apr 15, 2016 18:46 |  #4

Conservative Price Estimate...

Day Rate/Creative Fee: $2,500
$250 - $1,000 per day

Image Licensing: $20,000
$150 - $250 per photo

Production Costs: $2,500
Entirely dependent on what you own and who you know

TOTAL: $25,000

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Photography Project at Performing Arts Venue
FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Architecture, Real-Estate & Buildings Talk 
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